Volume 12, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Page 1-855

Educational Guidance and its Role in Activating Social discipline for Students of Basic Education College.

Safana Ahmad Dawood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 1-30

The current aims to define the educational guidanceand its role in activating research discipline for the students at the college of basic education through a field study on a sample of (200) students of the College of Base Education in the fourth class. To mention but few of the results reached is the efficiency and the role of educational guidance in the process of social discipline for the students at the College of Basic education.

The Effect of a Counseling Program on Reducing the Level of Depression among Depressed Students

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 31-68

The research aims to identify a guidance program on reducing the level of depression among depressed students,the sample consisted of (16) students at the third class / college of Education /, who are suffering from depression according to the scores on a scale of depression.The grades of these students were considered a pre-test, and then distributed randomly into two groups: an experimental group who received a guidance program according to the cognitive-behavioral therapy through collective guidance and by (14) sessions, and a control group who did not receive it's any training. After Using Wilcoxon test for dependent groups and Mann_ Whitney independent groups, the results show statistical differences between the experimental group and the control group at (0, 05) and in infavour of the experimental group after its members received training on a program in accordance with the cognitive-behavioral therapy. In the light of those results, a number of recommendations and suggestions were given.

Identifying the Basic Teaching Competencies of the Teaching Staff Members of the Education College at AL-Aqsa University in Gaza

Faraj abu shammala

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 69-110

This research aimed at identifying the basic teaching competencies of the teaching staff members of the education college at AL-Aqsa university in Gaza, and identifying the level of these competencies from the students' point of view and their relationship with other variables like: sex (male or female), the specialization (scientific or literary),the academic level (third year or forth year). The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and a questionnaire as a research tool consisted of (82) items, in front of each item there are five choices as the competencies related to personal traits are (27) items and the competency items related to the profession and specialization are (55) items. The research sample is consisted of (284) male and female students of the third and forth years. The researcher used the (spss) in conducting the required statistical analyses for the research.
Some of the most important results are as the following:
1. The level of possessing competencies by the teaching staff of education faculty at AL-Aqsa university in Gaza from their viewpoint with a mean of (3.329) out (5) and with a relative weight of (66.585%) and it is a high degree.
2. The level of possessing the teaching staff of the teaching competencies related to the personal traits with a weight of (71.268%), related to the profession and the specialization with a relative weight of (61.901%) and they in both of a high degree.
3. There are significant statistical differences at the level of (α≤0.05) in the average estimates of students at the level of possessing competencies of the teaching staff due to sex for the sake of female.
4. There are no significant statistic differences at the level of (α≤0.05) in the average estimates of students at the level of possessing competencies of the teaching staff due to the academic level at the faculty and due to specialization. In the light of the research results the researcher recommended many recommendations, some of which are:
Taking care of the basic teaching competencies related to the profession and specialization and which are related to the personal traits of the teaching staff in the faculty and encouraging them to conduct teaching curricula and lesson planning with its implementations and evaluation based on the basic competencies.

Counseling Needs for Students at the College of Education

Hade S. Ramadan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 111-142

The present research aims at discovering the Counseling needs for students at the College of Education and its relation with gender and scientific specialization, through answering the following question:
1.What are the counseling needs for students at the college of Education?
2.Is there any significant statistical difference between the mean score of the students on counseling needs scale concerning the gender variable ?
3.Is there any significant statistical difference between the mean score of the students on counseling needs scale concerning the scientific specialization variable.
To fulfill the aim of the research, a scale, of 60 items distributed among five fields, has been prepared. The scale has been applied to a sample of 100 male and female students chosen randomly from third year students in the college of Education / university of Mosul; 40 males and 60 females. After statistical treatment (by using t-Test for one sample and for two independent samples and Pearson Go efficient correlation). The Findings are:
1.Students needs are focused on social fields, which comes at the beginning of those needs, such as the which lead to the annoyance of the students because they always attend their lectures lately and the same when they come back to their houses. The emotional aspects come in the second place then the family aspects and finally the academic aspect.
2.There is no significant statistical difference between the mean scores of the students concerning their counseling needs according to the gender variable.
3.Their is no significant statistical difference between the mean scores of the students concerning their counseling needs according to the variable of scientific specialization.
In the light of the above findings, the researcher recommends the following:
" The related directorate should use less checkpoints and barriers to ensure the easy traffic of cars. The test anxiety should be reduced through teachers recognition of psychological states of their students, and also reduce the fear ness of testing".
The researcher also suggests the following :
" A like study about students counseling needs should be done on the counseling needs in the important aspects such as; social, emotional, and academic aspects.

The Effect of Rhythm on The Poetry of Gharbi Haj Ahmad

Suad A. Younis Al-Khafaji

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 143-176

Gharbi of the Haj Ahmed Iraqi poet Moussalli 1924-2000, March writing poetry for four decades, a contemporary of which political events experienced by Iraq and the Arab world and the world, falls his hair in the direction of national and national, as sung patriotism, he wrote poems at the festival the teacher and the festival student and greet the teacher, and fought his poetry for its unity, independence, and called for resistance to the occupation of England, as sung with love of Palestine, and praised the struggle of the Palestinian resistance, as well as the resistance in all parts of the Arab, his poems emotional love poems and political, where he was a member of the Independence Party, and style of his poetry combines the system two parts and hair Trochee.
This research to study the effect of rhythm in his poetry represented the most prominent phenomena rhythmic it, which includes weight and rhyme, was organized largely on a sea full, also organized on the sea's abundant and long, simple and Almojtt also came over his poetry to rhyme Alra, also organized on the rhymes such as signifier and Essential and the harvest and others.
It also relied on an iterative method Bonamath three: Repeat the letter, repeating the word, repeat the phrase and adopted a method of recycling which is based on a split floor between the two halves in the vertical hair, and on the division between the two lines in free verse, as was recycling the two patterns: the first complete weight and decrease the meaning , and the other is complete, meaning and weight loss. And has a manuscript obtained by the Office of Dr. Thanoon Atraqchi poet, wrote in the light of this study.

Description in "A palace on the Nile" Novel By Tharwat Abdullah Abatha

doon; Nabhan Hassoon Alsa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 177-194

Description in the novel acts to constitute a new reality in accordance with the laws of literary language not the laws of similarity with the reality. Thus, description is the process of converting reality to the recipient mind from a materialistic image into a literary one. And since "A palace on the Nile" novel by the Egyptian author Tharwat Abatha has been characterized by many descriptive texts varied in forms and expressions; this research has been conducted to study it through analyzing the descriptive texts, demonstrating its artistic and aesthetic dimensions as well as revealing the different significations that resulted from.
The research was based on an introduction and three topics. The introduction has included a definition of the concepts of research title terms. Topic one has been dedicated to examine (the description restricted by narration) in terms of descriptive narration, oriented description from narration in three types: simple, compound and extensive description. Topic two has included a study of (the free description) in terms of internal – emotional denotative description, event – initiating description and event – denotative description. Topic three has been dedicated to examine the (classifying description) and the (enlightening description) in terms of describing the character, the event, the place and the object.

Death Anxiety in the Poetry of Tamim bin Obei bin Muqbil

Death Anxiety

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 195-216

The pre-Islamic life of hardship and instability lived by man made him lived with an existential anxiety lasting between an extended immense desert, a wide sky and a huge horizon as well as the social reality including invasion, killing, looting, poverty, drought, waterless and floods motivated them to move and travel. In addition to customs and traditions that governed the man and rejected by Islam increased his disturbance and anxiety, especially if the man liked these customs. This is clearly illustrated in the poetry of Ibn Muqbil who lived in two intellectual, social, economic and political various eras. He lived the anxiety of living in these two eras. This is clearly manefested in his poetry which we divided into axes including: death, nature, woman, age, grey hair and youth. Henceforth, he revealed his anxiety and consciousness of man tragedy wandering in the universe.

Grammatical phenomena in 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' of Abi Al-Hasan Ali Bin Ismail Bin Saidah Al-Andalusy (458 A.H)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 217-248

Ibn Saidah wrote his book 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' after he had finished writing his two dictionaries 'Almukhasas fi Al-Lughah' and 'Almuhkim and Almuheed Al-Ala'tham'. These two dictionaries and his book 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' are considered his most important works. His other works are : 'Sharh-u Abbyat Aljumal Lil-Zajaji', 'Al-Aneq fi Sharh-u Alhamasa', 'Al'owath fi Sharh-u Islah Almandiq', 'Takreeb Ghareeb Almusanaf' and 'Alwafi fi Ilim Al-Qawafi'.
In this research, we follow his views in one of these works and shed light on the most important grammatical phenomena that exist in 'Sharh-u Mashkal Abyat Almutanabi' which is full of linguistic digressions made by Ibin Saidah and his grammatical remarks about the poetry of Abi Al-Taieb Al-Mutanabi. It wasn't an explanation for all verses of his divan but it concentrates on what is controversial, the matter which confused Al-Mutanabi verses. His explanation aims to deal with the vague in understanding and view ambiguity, that gives the wrong meaning. Thus, the matter would be confused and lead to contradiction, variation, falling in rhythm and meaning and structure corruption. His work, thus, was focusing on explaining the vague in meaning and ambiguous structures, supporting that with many grammatical evidence and linguistic views, especially from Sybawaih.
Consequently, we are in the process of clarifying the most important grammatical phenomena that are included in his explanation that shows his deep interest in grammar, grammarians, bringing out the new poetic evidence of one of the prominent productive poets.

The Poetic Language in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s Poetry Observed in Dreams

Mahmood K

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 249-274

The process of phenomenological consciousness tries to approach the poetic language in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s poetry observed in dreams and absent meditations in an attempt to percept their entity, origin, taking benefit from their production in the imagined world, and re-coexisting with her experience of innocence and poetical spontaneity or putting in poetry the moment of dream which forms an obsession, ascension or dreaming journeys in many texts in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s poetry revealing the phenomenological consciousness of sufferance, tortures, hopes and ambitions which present in the themes of memories, archiving, dating, childhood dreams, utopia and surrealism with which the receiver coexists and interacts in an experience gives birth to the hidden and essences presented by the poetical text of Nazek’s dream and its poetical content which opens to worlds that furnish the physical, sentimental , anthological and historical cases presented in signs and connotations that suggest salvation, freedom and optimism mixed with Nazek’s romantic tendency enriched by a case of isolation, retirement, alienation, refuse, and rebellion against reality and present time.

Settlement of Arab Tribes in the Euphrates Island

Fadhil GH. Abd

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 275-294

The research deals with the settlements of the Arab tribes in the Euphrates Island in the pre-Islamic period then the period which followed the Islamic conquest of the Euphrates Island.
The research explains the name, borders , importance of the Island, and the beginnings of the Arab tribes settlements in the pre-Islamic period. The research discusses the stages of the Island conquest and the influence of that on the distributions and availabitity of tribes and finally their settlements after conquest and the migration of many tribes during the time of the Muawiya Bin Abi Sufyan specially the Qais tribes which settled in the high banks of the Euphrates in addition to the tribes who preceeded it in settlements like Bakr and Taghlub and the other

The Main Charactors of Development of Geographic Thought

Nada Imad Mahmood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 295-308

The research aims to detect developments in the procession of geography since its appearance using technical description that accompanied geography reaching the information revolution in the present day and working on the processing of the description and its rules and criticism against it and its advantagesas defined by the great geographers and quantitative revolution and reviewing for its supporters and opponents the research presents also the Geoinformation system and its applications in the field of wide geography with its natural and humanwings. The research has shown that geography evolved during its long career ant it did not stop at a certain styleof modern methods because of its prominent role in facing thenatural and human problems.

Al- Muqtifi by Al- Birzali: A Source for Studying History and Biographies of Mosuli People and North of Iraq in Post- Mongolian Invasion

Dr. Yousif G. Altoni

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 309-340

Biographies of the book related to the subject amount to 128 biographies with other historical texts. Damascus came at the fore front, in which Mosuli and Northern Iraq people were settled. Cairo came second, in these biographies, a diverse and comprehensive stamp as well as an terest in the basics of biohraphies such as histories and other items. They are also characterized by precision and highigting features, abilities and status. Moreover, Albirzali was keen about his surveying these biographies where he showed deticary and impartiality in his criticism.

The Imamah of A- Mutazilah by the role of the judge – Aad Aljabbar Alhamathani (415 A.H /1024 A.D)

Shaymaa yunis Ismail

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 341-378

Al-Mu'tazilah towards the political development in Iraq in the fith century A.H/ eleventh century A.D. by studing the ideology of one of their prominent figuers at that time, the judge Abdul Jabbar Al-Hamadani who made a detailed explanation about Al- Mu'tazilah's thoughts and their political opinions, in addition to their conceptual ways. By that, he tried to solve the problem of the (Abbasi Khilafa) by supporting the basics that formed it and on which it depended to appear after some events and developments it witnessed that have been reflected upon their political situation. The study includes hints about Al-Hamadani's biograpgy as well as the situations of his age, whereas the last section focused on studying of the conception of (Al-Imamah) of Al-Mutazilah through the writing of the judge. Abdul Jabbar Al Hamadani.

A Heroic Attitudes to Some Companions and Their Roles to Protect Internal Front In the Message Period

Mohammed Ali S

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 379-392

This research deals with Islamic operations of fighting which were undertaken by some companions of the prphet (PBUH) during has lifetime by has order or permission. It also sheds light on the Companions´ effort in confronting the leaders of polytheists and Jews who showed flagrant hostility towards the prophet (PBUH) and his followers . It shows the most outstanding figures to whom those operations were directed and the companions who undertook them. The research also discusses the objectives behind those operations as far as efforts and results are concerned. IT shows the history of those operations and their legitimacy as individual operations, which displayed an image of the companions feats during the era of Revelation of Islam and Their total obedience to the Prophet (PBUH). The research also presents exhaustive treatment of the most important causes, which led to those operations with their results in the process of confronting the enemies of the islamic State during the Prophet´s lifetime. The descriptive method is adopted in this research basing on narrating the events as they occur in the honored Prophetic biography and coordinating them as welll. The historicalsequence is observed in ordering the events, starting from the second year Hegira until the fifth year of honored Hegira;the enemies of Allah and his Messenger were crushed after killing Abu Rafi´ the Jew in the fifth year of Hegira; the Call of Islam and Its followers became louder and Islam became established and prestigious among peoples. Lastly, it is to be noted that this research is restricted to the operations that were undertaken by a group of men , two men or sometimes only one man. All help is from Allah Almighty alone.

Mohammad Inga, the Pioneer of the Ottoman Reforms in Mosul (1834-1843)

Luma Abdulaziz Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 393-412

We do not support, if we say that most studies which tackled the Iraqi history in the Ottoman's era concentrating on studying the political circumstances generally. Those studies left a big gap in studying the local history of the cities and the special states during the Ottoman's control. Many historical studies tackling the main Ottoman states, as the state of Mosul, have appeared. But there is a wide fertile place waiting for the researches efforts to discover the historical sides of this city specially the period of (1834-1843) which was chosen by the researches herself which formed an important era of the city's history through Mohammad Inga Bayraqdar governor in setting the Ottoman central government in Mosul after exterminating Al-Jalalileen's emirate which governed this state in (1726-1824) and some Kurdish emirates (Surany and Bahdinany). After finishing hid job , the Bayraqdar spent his rule in Mosul in implementing his reformative program. He put the first bases of Ottoman reforms policy in Iraq which will be shown in the study.

Perfuming and Healing Using Plants of India Ibn al-Bitar is book "Al-Jami'a Le mofradat Al-Adwiyah wal-aghthiyah”

Sufyan Yasen Ibrahim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 413-444

The research aims at identifying the most significant Indian plants in the book of Ibn al-Bitar Al-Jame'a Le mofradat Al-Adwiyah wal-aghthiyah and how to make use of them in healing and perfuming in an attempt to define the characteristics and kinds of Indian plants and trees and the way of using them, moreover, the research deals with whether medicine and perfume exist in those plants without preparation or by mixing them with other materials, and whether the root or stem of plant or tree are used or the branches and leaves or by extracting their gum or cooking them to make a medicine or perfume besides making use of them in other aspects. The study adopts the historical display approach. The research includes three topics: The first topic deals with ( Ibn al-Bitar’s biography), the second deals with (A historical summary for healing and perfuming), and the third topic focuses on (Healing and perfuming by using Indian plants ). The research, in addition, based on many Arabic and translated sources and references.

Bani Khurasan Emarate in Tunisia A study of its political status (446-554)

Salman Muhammed Salman Al-Badrani

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 445-462

The immigration of the arab tribes now present in the south of Egypt, specially the tribes of bani hilal ,to the west of the arab land is a cause for the deterioration of bani zen al- sanhaji state.
Its power was limited with in the walls of al-mahdiah city, and it became under the control of those arab tribes specially the African cities suburabs. Some of the powerful people in Africa also fully controlled the cities they were ruling.
This situation was the cause to control those cities like Bani Maki in Qabis, Bani Aabi Al- Ward in Banzart and Bani Khurasan in Tunisia.
Abdul - Haq Bin Abdul - Aziz Bin Khurasan was able to establish an Emarate in Tunisia ruler by him and the state was fluctuation between the Zairi state and the state of bani hammad and sometimes completely independent till it fell down in the hands of Almuwahideen (554 A.D./ 1159 A.C). So that Tunisia became a muwahideen state.

Hizbu Alla and regional issues after 2003

Bashar H. Yousif; Hadil Nawaf Ahmed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 463-480

Hizub Alla is one of the political parties that has an Islamic style which appeared Arabic region and it is one of the important parties in Lebanon, Hizub Alla is fighting against the Israel occupation to liberate the south of Lebanon and try to use anew technology in the Arabic region. It had a big role during his declaration about the Islamic and Arabic.
The purpose of this study is to consider at the attitudes of hizub alla trend the regional issues during the first ten years of this century exactly 2003. this matter is very important because there are many studies consider on the understanding and organizing side.
This research leans on the introduction, two subjects and ending.
The first subject studies the arise and developing of the party. The second one studies the attitude of Hizub Alla trend the regional events especially Palestinian issue. American occupation for Iraq. Irans nuclear program and Arabic revolutions (Arabic spring) finally, the results of this research are that Hizbu Alla had many contradictory attitudes and these attitudes changed according to his benefits and relations with the regional countries.

Slopes Forms in Akre Mountain A Study in Applied Geomorphology

Bayde M. Majeed; Ahmed Ail H

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 481-516

Slopes are a phenomenon of a dynamic active nature in all geographical environments and locations, yet this phenomenon varies in its extent according to the factors which affect it. The significance of this study lies in the fact that it is the core of geomorphology since the variety and difference in the land forms is related to the nature of the slopes and their morphological characteristics.
The area of the study (Akre mountain) , which is 286,873 kms, is identified by Gali Zanta, Peris mountain and Nahla plain to the north , khazr river to the west , Cantor line (600) to the south which represents the northern part of Akre plain . This area which belongs to Akre district is identified by the administrative border of Al_markas district and is part of Dinarta district to the north. From an astronomical point of view , The area is identified by the two latitudes(36 41 17) ) and (36 51 12) to the north and the two longitudes (43 37 27 ) and (43 58 39) to the east.
Many theories, which tried hard to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the development of slopes, have appeared in addition to some classifications. The most important and well-known classification among scholars which is also based on in this study is Zink classification. This classification has led to designing general and specialized maps for the sloping grades and identifying the dangerous areas suffering from the problem of mass movement the most important of which are Gali Zanta and the ancient town of Akre. This classification has put forward suitable solutions to deal with every location according to the sloping grades. Moreover, it has shown that there are different forms of slopes which can be invested and developed in the tourist aspects, for instance.

Will in Mosul in late Ottoman Reign Through the legal Court Records Lect. Dr. Ouruba

Ouruba Jameel Mahmoud Othman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 517-532

The research tackles the will linguistically and idiomatically beside its bases, conditions, and the fiqh of the legal rules detected from the detailed proofs in the glorious Koran and sunna. Many modes of wills that express the nature and understanding of the Mosuli society have appeared. It is owed to the importance of will; it is legal side that should be applied in a way that preserves the Mosuli family and society from decay.

Oman stage in AL-Barouni's Life (1924 – 1940)

Ali Hamza abbas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 533-588

AL.Barouni's personality is considered a flash of thought, struggle, reform and police and science during the first half of the twentieth century in the Arab and Islamic homeland.He is an author, historian, thinker, reformer, politician, traveler and the religious and scientific school which glares in the Arab west and goes hand in hand with the Islamic Arab orient . The origins of Al -Barony goes back to one of the noble Omani families. His stableness, during the last stage of his life (1924-1940) in Mascot and Oman, was not so far from his ansectors and origins, although he was deprived from travel to Arab countries by the Italian, French and British colonist. Omani stage in AL.Barouni's life is considered one of the important historical stages in his struggle, intellectual and reforming path. That stage has contributed in. strengthening the intellectual and religious joints between the Orient and the Islamic, Arabic west; as well as strengthening the joints of peaceful living among the Islamic world and standing against the colonist greed . AL-Barony has been assigned to different jobs by the Omani Imam (Muhammad Bin Abdullah AL-khalili). He was- assigned, by the name of the Omani nation, to participate in the Islamic conference in Egypt or other Islamic countries to discuss the caliphate issue and religious places. He was also assigned to the missions of giving legal opinions and some fiqh issues. He was assigned as the state Minister in Imam khalili's government sultan of mascot has relied on Al-Barouni,s in achieving his plans and to give the religious legitimacy to his power in ruling the country.

The effect of two sample for learning stimulus according to the academic time in the education collection and development of mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of collage of sport education for some academic items

Mohammad S. Najem; Ayad M. Sheet

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 589-634

The research problem is limited in this question : if the variety in using the learning stimulus with the difference of the academic time affect in the learning and mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of the collage of sport education?
The goals of this research represented by the following goals :
- The first goal: prepare learning stimulus adjustment with the lecturers of sport education(Training physiology, Tines games).
- The second goal: detection for the effect of the learning stimulus of the Training physiology for the three tested group of different academic time for their mental abilities.
The society of the research consist of second year students of the collage of sport education in the university of mousl at study year (2010-2011)who are (149) student (male and female) subdivided in to eight groups (B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and by random manner choice group (GI,HF,E )to represent the sample of research that specific for the training physiology which the count of their students respectively (39,34,22 )and by same way choice groups (B,C,D )to represent the sample of research that specific for tines games which the count of their students respectively (17, 18, 16 )and the students who are failure and do not participate in this study don't inter in this research. The two researcher used group of statistical devices like (t) test for two correlated sample and one direction analysis of variance and according to this the two researcher showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the training physiology in spite of the difference in their academic time, also the results showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the Tines games in spite of the difference in their academic time.

Effect of music in learning some motor skills in a Gymnasics lesson for girls

Majda Hammeed Kambesh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 635-650

Objective of this research is to try to identify the following:
The impact of music in the performance of motor skills in the game of gymnastics. The significant differences between the two samples (control group and experimental group) at the speed of learning some motor skills in gymnastics for the experimental group. The researcher used the experimental method. research community divided in two groups (control group and experimental group) the number of each grope (10) students. To evaluate the motor performance art of the two groups was use a set of tests. following statistical methods was used (mean and standard deviation and t-test). the most important findings of the research was that music influence in the level of acquisition of motor skills in land movements and devices in gymnastics as well as stirring spirit of fun and thrill when exercise to accompany the music.

Evalution Facing International Referees in Running Football Games Content Of Asia

Waleed Khalid Hamam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 651-672

Administration in the sport field is wide and includes many and various aspects and it has an evident and effective role in different sports including the individual and the team games. Football is a team sport where administration element is rendered the base for the organization and application of this sport. A referee is regarded one of the basic aspects in this sport. The significance of arbitration is obvious for the responsibility it undertakes. The referee, in order to be successful in administering the contests, should be well-prepared and should have good knowledge of the laws as well as of all other different aspects of the sport.
The significance of the research emerges in establishing a scale through which the difficulties that face football referees in administering different official contests could be recognized.
The study aims at the following:
- Establishing a scale for the difficulties that face football referees in administering and leading different official contests.
Research domains have included the following:
- The human domain: football referees who have international chevron from FIFA.
- Temporal domain: the period 3/4/2012 to 15/5/2012.
- Spatial domain: Asian football headquarters / Malaysia, quala lampoor.
Research procedures are as follows: the researcher has followed the descriptive methodology for its convenience for the study nature. The research population has included (183) referees in accordance with the Asian football federation of 2011.
The research sample has included (118) international Asian referees in football. The referees answers were obtained following the establishment of the scale items by using data collecting tools (content analysis and questionnaire). The scale domains were identified, the questionnaire items were designed, scale's scientific coefficients in terms of validity, invariability and objectivity then the scale was established and applied on valid scientific fundamentals by using statistical tools.
The researcher has attained the following conclusions:
- a few number of referee were relatively affected by the difficulties of the importance, Condition of game, its professional and physical and social aspects in running official games.
The researcher has recommended the following:
- Conducting similar studies on football referees in other continental sport federation.
- Carry out a comprehensive study about the FIFA referees and perform a comparison among the referees of continents federations to recognize the performance differences in leading official football contests.

A comparative study of professional players Mood in somme Different Games in Nineveh

Saad F. Abdulkadir; Mokalud Taha

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 673-690

The study aimed to:
• Knowing mood level for advanced players in Nineveh’s center clubs.
• Knowing the difference in mood level between:
• different team games players.
• team game players and single game players.
• single game players(fighting - non fighting).
The researcher followed the descriptive method with survey style. The population of the research include (99) advanced players in Nineveh’s center clubs.
To achieve the aims of the research , the researchers used mood scale put by( Mokalad Taha AL_Wattar ,2011 ) .
The statistical methods used were,(t-test), Pearson factor, skewness factor, Facronbach factor, kruskal wallis – test, (H), and Chi Square – test (k2).
• Advanced players in Nineveh’s province have positeive mood level.
• There are no differences in mood level between different team games players.
• There are differences in mood level between team games players and single game players.
• There are differences in mood level between single game players(fighting- non fighting).

The Synergistic Effects of Alkanna hirsutissima Boiled Extract and some Antibiotics on some Bacterial Species in Vitro and in Vivo

Nareman S. Nasir; Adeeba Y. Shareef; Talal T. Ali

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 691-702

The antibacterial effects of boiled aqueos extract of Alkanna hirsutissima on the bacteria Staph.aureus, Bacillus cereus, Klebsiella pneamoniae, Proteus mirabilis and the sensitivity of these bacteria to some antibiotics (Penicillin, Amoxycillin, Cefotaxime, Clindamycin, Ceftriaxone) were studied. The study also includes the Synergistic effects of Alkanna hirsutissima extract and antibiotics on the bacteria. The results showed that this extract possessed synergistic effects in all of these antibiotics in all the species of bacteria except Klebsiella pneumonia. The study also includes the In-vivo synergistic effects of this extract and cefotaxime in the treatment of experimentally infected wounds with Staph.aureus within 10 days compared with cefotaxime alone or boiled extract alone which was treated within 17 days.
Key words: Synergistic effects, plant extract, Alkanna hirsutissima, antibiotics.

The Effect Of Using Different Concentration Of Soluamine and NaCl On the Growth and Yield Components Of Two Kinds Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Aatika Mohammad Noory Mohammad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 703-722

This experiment has been done in the green house in the Department of Biology / College of Education for Girls / University of Mosul , in order to study the effect of spraying plant with two different concentration of seaweed extract (Soluamine) 3,6 mL/L at 3-4 leaflets stage and appearance Spikes stage under effect of NaCl in concentration of 3000 ppm , and to study their effects on some growth characteristics and yielded contents of two cultivars mild Wheat (Abu Ghraib 3 , Ibaa 99). These different concentrations of seaweed extract (Slouamine) lead to increase in both height of plant and the length of internodes . The height of plant at concentration 6 mL/L reached 42.62 cm in comparison with control treatment in which the height of plant reached 30.68 cm and height ratio reached in length basal internode at concentration of 6 mL/L 55.67% and the same thing in the length of apex internode , when the ratio of height reach at concentration of 6 mL/L 60.91% in comparison with control treatment , and the concerning to characters of yielded content , there was an increase in the one hundred grain weight , when it reached at 6 mL/L concentration , 2.09 gm in comparison with control treatment 1.37 gm , in addition to increasing in tillers number , grain number in the spike and the same was found in the yield character , when the increasing ratio at concentration 6 mL/L 32.04% in comparison with control treatment . But by the treatment of NaCl , there was a negative effect on the plant height . The plant height reached 33.92 cm in comparison with the plant that is not under NaCl effect which gave character range around 38.43cm , and the same thing in the length of internodes . Also , the NaCl gave negative effect on the yielded content , when it decreases in grain number per spike , grain number in the plant , one hundred weight and the same thing in the yielded and in the cultivars effect , Ibaa 99cultivar appears to better than Abu – Ghraib cultivar in mostofthe characteristics , like the height , internodes length , grain number per spike and final yield.

The effect of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer (urea) on some characteristics wheat Growth cultivars (spp. Triticum)

W. AL-Baddrani; Ibrahim A. AL-Romy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 723-732

The experiment was out on carried plastic pots in the College of Agriculture and Forestry / Mosul University in the Agricultural seasons 2008 -2009 and 2009 -2010 to study the effect nitrogen fertilizer at rates: zero, 40, 80 and 160 kg nitrogen / ha -1 in the growth ,yield and quality of two wheat cultivars IPA 99, and um-Rabie. Um-Rabie Varity was superior to Variety IPA 99 in all growth characters, yield and quality in both growing season. Fertilization, at different rates, caused significant increases of the study season, as well as the interaction between the levels of fertilization and wheat varieties significantly in all characters of growth, yield and quality in both studied season too.

Response of some Rapeseed Cultivars (Brassica napus L.( to Plant Populations under Mosul City Conditions

Moaid Y. H. Al-Dulaimy; Saad A. M. Al-Doori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 733-744

The study included two field experiments for rapeseed crop (Brassica napus L.) conducted during two winter successive seasons 2008-2009, 2009-2010 at AL-Rashidia location which is far about (22 km) west north Mosul city. Each experiment was conducted according to factorial experiment in randomized completely block design with three replications. Its included three plant population (55555, 83333 and 166666 plants. hectar-1) with three cultivars of rapeseed crop (Kara, Rafal and Bristol).
The results could be summarized as:
The plant population of 55555 plants. hectar-1 gave the highest mean for characters stem diameter, number of primary branches, number of silique /plant, leaf area, number of seed per silique, weight of thousand seed, and oil, protein percentage in 2008-2009, 2009-2010 seasons, While the plant population of 166666 plants. hectar-1 gave a high mean for plant height in both growing seasons.
The cultivars differed significantly in all the related characteristics, the Rafal cultivar come over the other cultivars in plant height, stem diameter, number of branches/plant, leaf area, number of silique /plant, number of seed/ silique, 1000 seeds weight (g.) seed yield (ton.ha-1), oil, protein percentage of seeds and oil, protein yield (ton.ha-1)in both growing seasons. The interaction between plant population and cultivars was significant in plant height in 2008-2009 season only, the Rafal cultivar with plant population at 166666 plants.hectar-1 gave highest plant height.

The Isolation and Study of Morphological Characterization of Streptomyces Isolated From the Soil as a Source of Active Antibiotic

Zahraa T. Abdulhameed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 745-752

The study involved the isolation of (5)isolates belonging to the Genus Streptomyces from(10)soil samples collected from fields and house gardenal from the (rhizosphere) in Mosul city, The isolates were morphologically distinct on the basis of spore color, aerial and substrate mycelium formation and production of diffusible pigment, Isolates were tested under a microscope by using slide culture technique, The results indicated that isolates had antibacterial activity against test organism including Staphylococcus aureus,. Bacillus cereus, B subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and isolates also showed antifungal activity against Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger, The results indicates that the soil of this region is source of Streptomyces having antibacterial and antifungal activity and thus enable us using microorganisms as biological control agents.

Inhibition effect of Colostrum and breast milk against Shigella flexneri infection

Reem Z. Shinashal

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 753-760

In this study was undertaken to demonstrate whether colostrum and breast milk exerts any inhibitory effect on bacterial pathogens Shigella flexneri after induction of rabbit orally at concentration 108 cfu/m1, diarrhea appeared in 4-5 days. These cases of diarrhea treated with colostrum and breast milk, we sought the recovery after 12hr. compared with antibiotics (Ampicillin and Cloxacillin) which gives the same result with in 24hr.

Comparison Among Some Image Zooming Methods

Alhan Anwer Yunis; Eman H. Abdurrahman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 761-774

اهتم البحث بتكبير الصور الرقمية من حجم (128 x 128) إلى حجم (255x255) باستخدام ثلاثة من طرائق تكبير الصور الرقمية وهي: (Bilinear Interpolation, Nearest Neighbor Interpolation, and Linear Interpolation ) وبعد حساب مقاييس أداء الاسترجاع للصور الناتجة من كل طريقة من الطرائق أعلاه وهي (PSNR , MSE) تبين ان طريقة ( Nearest Neighbour Interpolation ) هي أفضل الطرائق المستخدمة. تم برمجة البحث باستخدام لغة Matlabالإصدار السابع.

An Investigation of Test Anxiety by EFL University Students A Field Study

Hussein A. Ahmed; Ansam A. Al. Halawachy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 775-798

The present study tackles EFL university students’ test anxiety which refers to an irrational fear that leads to the avoidance of the feared situation or object. It first attends to the problem that many EFL university students experience different types of fears at different stages, namely before, during and after tests. It also hypothesizes that EFL University students, males and females, vary in their anxiety of tests, first in terms of the timing of such anxiety, and second in terms of the reasons behind their anxiety, whether personal, academic, or social. As such, the aims of the study are, in the main, to validate the afore-listed hypotheses, by means of a 52-item questionnaire designed by both researchers. The data for the study were collected from a sample of EFL university students during the 2nd term of the academic year 2011-2012. It has been found out that EFL university students both males and females suffer from similar levels of test anxiety in general. As for the timing of test anxiety, females have higher levels of anxiety than males during the two stages of before and during the test, while both of them show similar levels of anxiety in after the test stage of timing. Furthermore, the results also show that the academic and personal factors of test anxiety have affected female students but not the males, while the social factors have affected both of them by similar levels of test anxiety. Some recommendations and suggestions for future research are given on the basis of the findings.

The Effect of the Use versus Non-Use of the Native Language on Pupils’ Comprehension and Conversation

adullah Y. Mohammed; Abdulbasit S. Yousif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 799-820

The purpose of the research was to compare the effect of the use versus non-use of Arabic in teaching English on the pupils’ comprehension and conversation using a quasi-experimental design. To achieve the aim of the present research, two null hypotheses were posed. To verify the hypotheses, two classes from two secondary schools for boys were randomly selected. The research sample consisted of 52 pupils: Twenty-seven pupils in the first experimental group , while 25 pupils were in the second experimental group . The first experimental group was taught English by using Arabic as well as English, while the second experimental group was taught by using only English. The matching procedures were used in equating the two groups in several non-experimental variables. Two instruments were constructed, viz. a comprehension test and a conversation test , to measure the two dependent variables of the research. The researcher himself taught both groups for 12 weeks. The results confirmed the first null hypothesis, but disconfirmed the second one and in favour of the second experimental group. It was concluded that the use and non-use of Arabic in teaching English did not affect the pupils’ comprehension, Whereas the use of Arabic in teaching English conversation had negative effects on the speaking performance of the pupils. Recommendations, based on the findings, were made.

Promises in the Glorious Quran Linguistic Analysis

Wayees Jallud Ibrahim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 821-844

The research deals with the linguistic analysis of promises in the Glorious Quran. Keeping promises is an important aspect of human life and Islam lays great emphasis on the fulfillment of promises. Breaking a promises is a bad manner as they facilitate social coordination and cooperation. A promise is a declaration that one will or will not do something. It is either explicitly or implicitly used in the Glorious quran. In this study, promises are identified in (106) verses and classified into nouns, verbs and adjectives. Types of these nouns, verbs and adjectives are also identified and interpreted. Characteristics of the promises in the Glorious Quran are linguistically described. Finally, conclusions concerning promises are provided.

The Translation of Idioms in the Glorious Qur’ān into English

Yasir Younis Abdulwahid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 845-855

This research investigates the translation of idioms in the Glorious Qur'ān into English. It attempts to show how translators deal with the verses in which idioms play a significant role in understanding verse meaning, and then, based on the accredited Qur'ānic interpretations, correcting the translations of the verses concerned. The research hypothesizes that idioms have not been given attention on the part of the translators of the Glorious Qur'ān, causing translation mistakes. Based on Larson’s model of literal vs. idiomatic translation and from analyzing five translations of the Glorious Qur'ān, it has been found that, in the most of their translations, the translators under study produced inaccurate translations through translating Qur’ānic idioms literally. In order to achieve better understanding on the part of the TL reader, revising these translations to be idiomatically oriented is recommended.