Volume 12, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Page 1-815

The Method of Al- Zubidy in his Book

Amer B. AL-Hayali; Lect. Najla E. Al- Abbasi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 1-36

The pioneer of the first gift culture in the field of dictionary presented the variety of painting picture of it smaller details at the Arabic Islamic centuries starting with Al-Ain book for Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Al- Frahidi (175H.) till the 4th century of hegira is the century of arab dictionary, which the Mukhtasar for Al-Zubaidy(379H.) was made in it; so the paper is target to clear the method of Al-Zubaidy in his book for the summary, correction and rectification, and was drawn with the methodology followed by Al-Ain. The importance of paper comes with to clear the method of Al-Zubaidy in his book that it is abstract of Al-Ain book, as well as what Al-Zubaidy rictificated for hundreds words with it's meanings which Al-Khalil canceled it or it came later for the development which happened on the Arab live at molar than two centuries after Al-Khalil date. The paper included two sections the first one tackled method of Al-Zubaidy in Al- Mukhtasar, while the second focused on making drowning between the mythology followed by Al-Ain and Al- Mukhtasar supported by tables and figures. Finally the paper demonstrated many conclusions and suggestions.

Exceeding the Sorrow of Remains Through the Praised Person and Wine in the Poetry of Abi Nuaas

Sahira Mohammed Al-Hubeiti

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 37-50

This research tries to show the exceeding of the Abi Nuaas for the tragic feeling that viewer remains generates actually or poetically since the remains are considered as pole that witnesses the crispness the existence and the absurdity of human activity and the plan of the research was made on a preface that ensures the change of the critical approaches the old and new ones for the presence of this tableau and the function it performs then we have suggested a flash about the poet's situation, Abi Nuaas, poetically hesitative from stopping at the remains, then we have suggested the most important opinions that the remains of Abi Nuaas in the performative side of the research and we have presented the reading for two poetic samples for the mentioned poet, and each of them were on the top of a remaining tableau and the most important purpose was for praise, where we find the poet never to dominate its vision for the black sign of sorrow after reaching to its praised person and he never care about the condition of becoming and change which were dominating the vision in the remaining tableau. While the second subject was formed from two tableaus; the first was remaining and the second was wine and we have found him calm and quiet during his speaking about wine forgetting what remains produced like the grief in his self. From our reading, we have reached that the poet and throughout his speech about the praised, Al-Ameen Caliphate that had given supernatural qualities, while wine, the poet found in it a shelter from feeling sad since wine never affect time motion and it is as much as proceed in time becomes more good as if it was timeless, and thus its dipsomania would be out of the condition of becoming, change and death inevitability.

The Problem of the Terminology in Film Criticism

Mohamed Salem Saad Allah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 51-70

The present paper deals with the problem of the terminology in film criticism trying to investing the model applied to visual images, which causes a revolution in the field of cognitive influence. Such visual images have created a substantial body of data on purpose to guide the receiver to a definite path also, the visual images have presented some target and solution of the progressive and sequential images. It should be noted that these visual images carry different connotations representing human activity which belongs to a particular philosophy and environment.
After stating the system of scientific terminology in relation to Film Criticism, we state the massages behind the visual images and the receptive techniques through a critical analysis of the model included in the Film entitled “ The Lord of the Ring ” is a case in point. So, the image is shown in a way of composing the concepts of both persuasion and interest without knowing the culture and the cognitive energy culture by the allusion of the Film we aim at determining the philosophical conveyed through the images in the Film.

The Historical Dimension of the Character in H. B. Barada’s Novel “Qidissu Hadiyab”

Ali A. M. Al-Ubaidi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 71-84

There are no historical events without characters do their action. Therefore, the contemporary Arabic novel tackled the historical characters through narrating history events. The forms of these characters are multiple according to the appointed historical events, so there are characters represented challenge and confrontation against the power of injustice and subjection, others represented the weak ruler, the tyrant, or the honest one. However, in Qidissu Hadiyab, these characters appear according to their arrival in the novel text.

Daliat AL-Mutanabi for Recommending Subt Abi Obadah AL-Buhtori (Analytical Study)

Jinan Abdullah Younis

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 85-102

We can say that the Arabian aesthetical criticism produced the technical characteristics in poetry and the speakers, critics and eloquent offer a different glances of beauty. They introduced a great which joining with their multiple tests. For this reason I present this research to analysis AL-Mutanabi's poem for recommending Abi-Obadah AL-Buhtori according to his aesthetical criticism and its means to critique the arts which depends upon the basis of prettiness and do not take the history and environment into consideration and the relationship between the technical impact and his personality.
This research includes an introduction and two chapters. The introduction talks about the entrance to the Arabian aesthetical criticism and the first chapter talks about the subjective values according to its format and structure whereas the second one talks about the technical values according to its language, images and rhythms.
The images in AL-Mutanabi's poem were varied and they described AL-Mamdouh according to the sensory suspected for the common sensory meaning or the loan image which achieves a contrastive expression about rain (water) in making it (death) whereas the metonymical image describes the social position of AL-Mamdouh in the hearts of other people and his good behavior.
This poem shows a clear image describing AL-Mamdouh in his rhyme and his great behavior and the repetition of the letter, verb and the name to give an acceptable value according to the poetic level and one bisect whereas the phonological gathering works to assert the letter during the words then it will be a great number as in the two letters (M and F).
This research depends on a number of references and books, in order to complete it. The important one is the aesthetical phenomenon in Islam by Dr. Salih AL-Shami, the aesthetical bases in Arabian criticism by Dr. Izudden Ismaeel and research of Jameel ALosh (The aesthetical theory in poetry between Arabs and Foreigners) in AL-Wahdah periodical issued in AL-Ribat in 1986 – issue 24.

Place in the Poetry of the Tramps – The Desert as a Model

Amer A. Ibrahim; Salwa G. Abdel-Latif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 103-122

The desert ample space in the pre-Islamic Arabic poetry, occupied poets who have taken from the desert plenty of material for poetry. It was the space in which these poets wanders and they roam the Mujahlha and cut Mfawzha, we can rarely find a poem by poet jaahili without mention of the desert or description of it. They derived from it the meanings of life adored it and ,value of moral courage, generosity and the rescue of the ATD. It has taught and refined their nature's. The Tramps poets are the most ignorant poets who reported that desert place in their poetry as evidence to the nature of their lives and the type of environment. They described its heat cold, days, nights, the sun ,stars , the moon, compassion and joy. This research tackles the study of place in the poetry of Tramps and reveals the nature of desert in their poetry and how they see it, which represents the yard of their war, their dream and travels. Some of these poets, are Abu Khrash, Shanfari, Silaik and Urwa Ben Elward.

Subjunctive Mood on Avulsion of the Object in the Holy Quraan A New Reading and Applicative Study for Chosen Quranic Evidences

AbdulJabbar Fathi Zeydan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 123-204

The verb which takes more than one object in Arabic, eather takes the object by itself, or by a preposition which might be omitted before the noun in certain positions which makes the noun in its subjunctive mood. So, this noun is to be parsed as subjunctive mood on avwsion on the objective. Such kind of subjunctive mood is mentioned in the language and Holy Quraan, and it is called, in the grammar books, the subjunctive mood on avulsion on the object, this research is prepared by the researcher to study this linguistic phenomenon in the Holy Quraan but in away different from those tackled in other studies

Prohibition of Monopolistic Controls Transactions in Islamic Economics

Iyad Mohammed Hamid Thanoon Musli

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 205-224

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon the Messengers Muhammad ibn Abd Allah sent mercy to the worlds and his family and peace and all.
The research aims to conduct a study in the statement of the divine prohibition of the process of monopoly, especially those that appeared in the modern picture is no difference between monopoly kinds of food or other materials, with all that it needs people and their monopoly is a monopoly and it includes the prohibition.
This was adopted by the researcher to the method of analysis in the light of Quran and Sunnah and sayings of the scholars who have analyzed the specialized books jurisprudence of transactions in the proof of the hypothesis Search by relying on the references the original, was necessary, the division of this research on two themes, where he spoke First research on the definition of monopoly, the language of the reform and what is happening the prohibition of monopoly and monopoly evidence from the Koran and the Sunnah and was on the demands. The second topic was a monopoly in the areas of contemporary life which is on two requirements.
Where she spoke in the demand for the first forms of monopoly in the modern era The second requirement was looking for ways to prevent monopoly and ways to address them, and I finished this a feed of this research and recommendations.

Crying: Its Virtue, Parts, and Legal Judgments

Abd Al-Slam Abrahem AL- Majed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 225-256

This research aims at showing the virtue of crying out of fear of Allah. The research falls into three chapters. In the first chapter, I have talked about the definition of “Crying” linguistically and technically in addition to demonstrating its parts. The second chapter includes “Crying in the Qur’ān and Sunnah”. In the third chapter, I have shown the legal judgments related to crying from being allowed or forbidden. Then , I have talked about the attitude of modern medicine regarding the scientific miracles of crying benefits. Finally, I have mentioned the most important results of the research and the references used.

Ibn Harith Al-Khushani and His Methodology In His Book ((Akhbar Al-Fuqahaa’ wal Muhaditheen))

Ahmad Hashim Muhammad Salih Al-Sabaawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 257-280

Ibn Harith Al-Khushani has authored many books which enriched the library especially in biography. His book ((Akhbar Al-Fuqahaa’ wal Muhaditheen)) which is one of the early books in biography in Andalucía has presented adequate information related to most of the jurists and scholars of Andalucía as well as other scholars in different fields. He has written down their names, lineages, nicknames, years of birth, countries, names of their Sheikhs, students, books, narrated materials, the sciences they studied, specializations, journeys, movements among cities and he mostly mentions their dates of death.
No doubt that these books give us adequate information which is transmitted by the author who in turn transmitted it from his Sheikhs since he accompanied them and knew them well so he became more reliable than others in reporting their stories and following up their conditions and what they have produced to enrich the Islamic civilization.
This study tries to show the scientific efforts that have been exerted by them during their studies and journeys. It can be said that Ibn Harith Al-Khushani in his book has dealt with the information related to the jurists and narrators who belong to Andalucía. He mentioned some important events in his era and transmitted some poems that have been quoted by the jurists and narrators. Writing the biography of jurists and scholars, he mentioned the books authored by each one of them, the posts they occupied, their relations with rulers and princes of his time and the stands on general issues of the nation. He also touched on the characteristics of each sheikh they wrote about.
The study consists of three sections. Section one deals with the life of Ibn Harith Al-Khushani and his status. The second section talks about Ibn Harith Al-Khushani’s methodology in his book. Section three investigates Ibn Al-Khushani’s references in his book. This section has been divided into three subsections.

Detat of Tunisia Revolution

Saad T.A. AL-Bazaaz

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 281-304

The Importance of the subject has emerged that Tunisia was the key to the revolutions that took place in the Arab world in 2011. The revolution in the arab world started from Tunisia and then moved on to the rest of the Arab countries, in the reseaion we must study the causes and detat of that revolution. Since the coup in 1987 and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali took power in Tunisia has launched a series of political and economic reforms but these reforms have not been applied on the ground of Ben Ali suppression the political opposition and tight grip on the press and the was imprisoned every voice of opposition to him and to his regime. he turned his regime to the repressive regime authoritarian Policy as well as the severity of the economic crisis that has gotten the high cost of living and the collapse of purchasing power of the most popular categoriess preaad Poverty and unemployment Besides one of the people. burned himself in protest at the conditions and the revolution started in all the cities of Tunisia this led to be an end to the regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Russia's Attitude Toward the Developments of Iran's Nuclear Crisis 2005-2008 Historical Study

Mohammd Salim Ahmad Al-Kawaz

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 305-346

In 2005, Russia entered the deep debate with the Western permanent members of the UN Security Council on the nature of its relations with Tehran government, which showed its intransigence in no cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 2005. So that increased nuclear crisis worsened after long negotiations failed between Iran and the European Union, more especially after the arrival of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the presidency in Iran in 2005, which deepened the relations with Russia under its former President Vladimir Putin, as well as in the current era of the Russian President Dimitry Medvedev after a relative volatility.
Despite entangling interests linking Russia, Iran, and specifically in the nuclear field, the Iranian stand in noncompliance with international laws that raised Western suspicions and even Russia in the peace announced by Iran to develop its nuclear program, has put the Russians in positions very embarrassing. However, driven by the interests and benefits, of Moscow, Russia continued its defense of Iran after refering the Iranian nuclear file from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to the UN Security Council, which issued a package of international sanctions against Iran over the years 2006-2008.

Mineral Springs Wells and Sulfur in the Province of Nineveh and the Possibility of their Investment in Tourism (Health tourism)

Emad A. S. AL-Sultan; Thamir S. B. AL-Hayaly

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 347-366

Health tourism is one treatment of the tourist demand factors important for its role in increasing the national income, which is reflected in the welfare of the community. More over is one of the factors of hospitalization and treatment of skin diseases and arthritis, as well as achievement of entertainment, relaxation and health clinics to large and important segment of society.
Natural resources are the cornerstone of this type of tourism that are available in some areas of Iraq, including Nineveh province.
The research aims to attract the attention of those interested in the domain of tourism to the type of tourism that despite the availability of natural resources and related accessories and without any cost, but it did not receive the attention required, especially in the province of Nineveh, which includes a significant number of locations of springs and wells and mineral sulfate hospital which has not been used or invested in tourism or the competent authorities of the private sector. One of the main conclusions is that one of the more sites valid for the investment and development is the sites bathroom fresh and eye sulfur (center connector) as well as the possibility of establishing a tourist complex in a bath and fresh which includes requirements of other types of tourism to diversify sources of income ; in addition to the establishment of nature reserves in the site to be an additional attraction of tourist attractions for all types of tourism including health tourism.

Assyrian Precautionary Procedures Taken in Serious Circumstances

Assyrian Precautionary Procedure

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 367-380

This research attempts to shed light on the position of the ruling authority in Assyria during the natural disasters or catastrophes as a result of wars affecting the general trend of daily life.
People became homeless and need assistance because they suffer from the ravages of disaster and they became prived of shelter, clothing, housing and medical care and all the needs of daily life. The present research deals also with the precautionary procedures that were taken by the authorities in Assyria, in anticipation of such happenings.
It must be mentioned that the ruling authorities are striving to provide the requirements for life for its citizens as well as the supply of humanitarian aid, rebuilding what was destroyed. These authorities did their best in order to carry out the rituals and religious edicts such as the prayers and rituals and offerings to prevent the evil and harm from the Kingdom as a whole and from the person of the King and his subjects. They also passed laws and legislations to protect the rights and property of distressed families and individuals who have been affected by war or disaster. Finally, they did their best in order to build the kingdom and the temples. This was considered as the social security for widows and orphans who were homeless.

The Impact Of Using Figure (vee) on Developing Geographical Concepts for Second Intermediate Female Pupils in Geography

Amira Mohammed Shihab Al-Tae

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 409-454

The aim of the research is defining the impact of using figure (vee) on developing geographical concepts for second intermediate school pupils in geography. The limits of the research were second intermediate school pupils in Al-Maisalon intermediate school for female pupils for the academic year 2012-2011. The researcher used the experimental design of two equivalent groups: experimental which used (vee) figure and Control group which used the traditional method. The sample Consisted of (52) pupils, (25) represented the experimental group and (27) represented the Control group. Equivalence between both groups was done in certain variables. Both groups were taught by their original teacher.
To achieve the aim of the research, a Concept test was prepared as well as drawing pad that will be used by the experimental group in practical lessons for the (vee) method (drawing the map). To verify their reliability, the two tools were presented to a panel of experts to know their surface validity. The test of geographical Concepts was done on a pilot sample to know the mechanism of its application on the real sample and extract its stability factor. The test eventually was done by a pre- and post –test after teaching the material. The results showed a statistically significant difference in favour of the experimental group. Given these results, the researcher gave some recommendations such as training in-service teachers of geography at intermediate and secondary school to use figure (vee) through Courses of Continuous teaching held by state administrate of Education.

Originality and Creativity of the Arab Geographers

ed R Kasim Al-Juwar

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 455-466

The Islamic Arab civilization is considered one of the civilizations that has a contributed in the development of the geographic thought through its great heritage in this field. This civilization has preceded many civilizations like Mesopotamia, Nile Valley in addition to the Indian, Persian and Greek civilizations. There is no doubt that the Arabs, during their intellectual rise, had acquired a lot from those who had preceded them. Yet, the Arabs must have had their additions in the field of geography. The aim of the present research is to study and reveal the originality and creativity of the Arab geographers.
The importance of the present research is to document and ascertain the originality added by the Arab geographers to the science of geography. This is accomplished by comparing a number of geographic thoughts that had emerged in the ancient civilizations with the modern Arabic civilization and geographic sciences. The research problem is in collecting the geographic thoughts in the ancient and Arabic civilizations by resorting to their original resources.
The most important conclusion of the present research is that the Arabs’ influence was not confined to quoting the geographic concepts from the ancient civilizations, but they had many geographic additions that reflected their originality and creativity in the field of geography, especially when modern geographic studies have verified those concepts in accordance with our present knowledge.

Food Provisions for Military Campaigns and Expeditions during the Prophet's Era

Waleed Mustafa Mohammed Aljubory

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 467-494

The study titled " Food Provisions for the Troops and Military Campaigns and Expeditions During the Prophet's Era " attempts to elucidate the method of food provisions for Muslims troops on the one hand and the infidels troops from the other and how the provisions are distributed to their armies' during their battles against the other party by following the chronological order of the military campaigns and expeditions during the life of the prophet and the duration of the message. The study describes how the infidels provided for their troops during the battle of Badr and the provision of food by Muslims to their troops in their battles the rationing of these provisions during the battles .The study also considers the most important military expeditions in which food provisions were documented starting with the Asheera campaign and ending with the campaign of Tabook which was the last expedition led by the prophet (God's blessing and peace be upon him) besides the campaigns led by his followers and the details of food provisions that were distributed among the Muslims during the campaigns. The study was concluded with a description of what food was allowed to be consumed by the troops in enemy territories according to strict disciplines and the prohibition of slaughtering animals in the routes of campaigns for food during the campaigns led by the prophet (God's blessing and peace be upon him) unless otherwise allowed because he considered it plundering and looting. Finally, the study discuses the failure in the Taiff siege as the inhabitants stocked the city with food that could have sustained them for years after taking refugee behind the walls of the city.

Agricultural landowners in the Discussions of the Iraqi Parliament between 1945-1958

Luma Abdul-Aziz Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 495-514

This paper is an attempt to shed light on one of the issues that consumed a considerable part of the discussions of the Iraqi Parliament, between 1945-1958. It specifically focuses on the discussions raised by the opponent members making 7% of the assembly, and the rest of the members, the majority, who were heads of tribes, landowners, and the rich who were supported by the government and the monarch (the royal family).
Fairly speaking some of these discussions, raised by the opponents, clearly lacks true and real understanding to the sufferers of the Iraqi farmer and his being mostly under the bondage of the landowner.
The Iraqi farmer was deprived from the simplest human rights, including the social and the political ones. This was clearly reflected in his right to vote for the Parliament elections, in which he was mostly obliged to vote for the landowner, which assured the winning of those landowners to occupy the greatest number of chairs in the Parliament all through the king region.

The Positive effect of Forests on the Environment in Iraq

Thamir S. B. AL-Hayley

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 515-532

Research was to examine the relationship between forests and the environment, an attempt was intended to highlight the significant role that forests play in influencing and improving the development and the development of the environment and make it perform its duties toward nature better than without it, through the findings of the researcher to prove a positive role that forests play towards environment, where The forests around environmental model suitable for human life on earth as the largest factory producer of oxygen is useful and necessary for life and the biggest consumer of carbon dioxide harmful to life, and keep the soil from water erosion in river basins and the erosion and collapse of the hillsides and the battering ram winds to protect and purify the natural air of dust and dust and polluting gases outstanding and provide a climate of moderate temperature and relative humidity in summer and winter as well as provide a refuge for wild animals and other organisms as well as a place and location of a preventive and health and tourism, and aesthetic and entertainment suitable for individuals and society.

Relation Ships btween Mosul and Mosul District

Fawaz A. Jassim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 533-556

The city is really connected to the area around it Every city has a land around with it's population that present services for it. These services may be agricultural, industrial or social relation which have been consolidated a long a period of time. And the relation became so strong between the people in the city and the people around the city.
Mosul district cannot leave their relation ships with center of Mosul population in any way. Because Mosul district is the main source for presenting crops such as wheat, barley, vegetable, dairy and meat. On the other hand the city it self do it's commercial business by taking what the rural produce. The city performs means between rural and city market. For all these reasons it should create a good rural life which link to Mosul city so as to decrease the emigration the rural people to the city. And to omit the causes of emigration and that to improve the roads and ways between rural and the city.
Also to provide health, welfare needs and raise the education level. Further more to make projects which depend on the raw materials which are available in the countryside such as dairies, and encourage to plant and invest suger beet Invest the sulfur better than it is now. Improve the agriculture funds and loans and pay a Hention to fruitful lands and make move irrigation projects.
All these to remain Mosul district present services of agriculture and live stock. That will progress the city center and fresh the district.

The effect of exercise with more than one ball on a number of physical attributes of the players of youth football

mutaz Y. Thanoon; Omar S. Thanoon; Mahmood H. Younis

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 573-596

reveal the effect of exercise on more than one ball on a number of physical attributes of the young footballers (experimental group) and the differences in the number of physical characteristics between the pre and post-tests for young footballers (control group) as well as The differences in the number of physical characteristics between The experimental and control groups in the post-test.The researchers used The experimental method for the suitability and nature of the research, it was carried out on a sample of players from the youth in the bright future club for football for the football season ( ), who are ( ) players and who aged ( years), thay have been selected by the intentional manner and divided randomly into two groups (experimental and control) and by ( ) players per group, homogeneity in the variables the (age, height, weight), were achieved as well as an equivalence between the two sets of research in the physical variables were identified by the a panel of experts and specialists. The experimental design the called the design of the control group of random selection of pre and post-tests has been adopted. The researchers used the following statistical means:(arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, percentage, test (v) of the samples associated with, test )c) for independent samples. The researchers found that the exercise with more than a ball that carried out by the experimental group has achieved a development in most of the physical attributes except for the attributeof transition speed, by comparing the results of physical tests, before and after, done by the players of the experimental group, the control group achieved a development in the strands of agility and flexibility and did not achieve a development in the physical attributes, speed transition, and explosive power of the two men, by comparing the results of physical tests before and after of the players of the control group. The experimental group achieve that carried out the exercises with more than aball adevelopment better than the control group in most of the physical attributes by comparing the results of the tests for the two groups.

Assessment of some Administrative Duties of Media Centers in Athletic Competitions

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 597-538

Media centers present many services to pressmen like issuing daily newsletters in more than one language, sufficient facts, information, statistics and data about the previous and immediate championship within the frame of information, unity of the centre, direct contact and continuous with hearable, readable and visible mass media to assure the delivery of the championship news to a larger number of people and in any time from different corners. Media center supplied with computers and modern means of communication, the geographical areas of media centers to be different area to another, in the Olympic tournaments, continental and world championships larger than regional areas.
Media center is considered venue for dialogue between the media men who attended the athletics competitions . Media center is also a bridge for continuation professional relationships between media men.
Media centers held press conferences and included media library contain complete information about the previous and current competitions, and there is halls for meeting , changeable and permanent news summary area, an office for all officials and other media representatives , an office for official trade partners and to provide TV sets and video recorders .
Owing to unavailability media center according to modern criterion in Iraq, and in order to employ the findings of the current study in favor of the instructional, sport and media process, the researcher deemed appropriate to building up an analogy for assessment some duties of media centers in athletic competitions.
The research aims at:
1- Building up a scale for assessing some administrative duties of media centers in athletic competitions.
The theoretical framework presents a summary about synopsis of media, characteristics of media, assignment of media and sport, means of media, the relationship between media, sport and society, and sport media, factors of sport media, the significance of sport media, goals of sport media, characteristics of sport media, the needs which sport media able to achieve, the concept of media center, synopsis of media centers, the duties of media centers, goals of media centers, media sport centers and demands of sport media in the sites of sport competitions.
Regarding the research procedures, the researcher has applied the descriptive method for solving the research problem. The research sample consisted of (224 ) media men the (133 ) state who delegated to the media centers related to, Preliminaries of third group of Asia youth football championship, Halab basketball championship, WFTth4 World Tawkwondo Pos, Asia handball championship, Africa handball championship, Arab weightlifting championship, Askandarya Tawkwondo championship.
To fulfill the research objectives, the researcher has applied the following statistical tools:
Arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentage, simple correlation coefficient (Pearson), T-test of independent samples.
The researchers presented a number of recommendations as follows:
1- Building media centers in the sites of sport competitions and support it to be brilliant face for Iraqi sport media in the world because the sport is a significant way of understanding by all peoples.
2- Building media centers in the all universities of Iraq.

Establishing a Scale to Evaluate the Trainer’s Management for Special Tactical Situations in Light of the Point of View of the Players participating in Iraqi Elite Tournament of Handball

Ahmed M. H. Al-Enezy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 639-660

The present study aims at :
- Establishing a scale of evaluating the trainer’s management for the tactical situations relating to handball in light of the opinions of the players of the elite tournament clubs of handball.
The researchers have adopted the descriptive method with a survey style to obtain the results for its convenience to the nature of the present study.
The research community includes the players of the elite tournament clubs of handball for the season 2011/2012 who are chosen randomly to achieve the objectives .They are (216) players representing (12)clubs. The researchers attempt to use the comprehensive restriction style in selecting the community individuals to achieve the study objectives and establishing a well-done scale.
The sample has been represented by the players of the clubs participating in the Iraqi elite tournament of handball for the term 2011/2012.(170) answers have been obtained from the players after excluding the sample of reliability and survey experiment of the scale (the players of Al-Fitwah Mosul club of handball ) ,as well as some incomplete forms. Thus, the proportion of the sample is (78,70%) of the total community of the research.
The researchers have adopted the correct scientific style in establishing the scale like preparing the primary form of the scale and forming the items in their primary form. Thus, (56) items have been formed in the primary scale.
The scale in its final form involves (44) items after omitting (12) items according to the two styles of both terminal groups and the internal harmony.
The researchers have concluded the following :
- establishing a scale to evaluate the trainer’s management for special tactical situations in light of the point of view of the players participating in Iraqi elite tournament of handbag;ll The scale includes (44) validated and reliable items.
The researchers have recommended the following :
- Adopting the prepared scale in evaluating the trainers’ work during the suspension times relating to the matches of the Iraqi elite tournament and the extent of the trainers’ goodness in their management of those special situations during the matches.

Determination of Radon and Uranium Concentration in some Affected Areas in Mosul City

Hala Dyaa Kharrufa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 661-674

This study is concerned with the concentration of radon and uranium in three damaged areas by the war inside Mosul city which belong to Nineveh governorate in the north of Iraq in comparison with three nearby areas so the possibility of dangerous effect of radiation on human being can be studied by the use of nuclear track detector CR-39. The result show that the concentration of radon in damaged areas was ranged between (4.794 – 19.509) kBq/m3 ,while in the nearby areas the concentration was (8.241 – 19.508) kBq/m3. Regarding the Uranium concentration in the directly damaged areas which have been selected it was found to be ranged between (1.015 – 1.338) ppm with an average of 1.176 ppm, while it’s concentration in nearby areas 100 m was 50% less than the damaged ones. However, the concentration may decrease more away 100m as moving further away for the damaged center and this means that there is a pollution with depleted uranium in the bombed areas since the allowed level according to the international nuclear agency was 2ppm.

Effect of Growth Regulators and Modified MS Medium on the Tissue Culture of Cucurbita pepo Plant

Abdullah N. AL-Niemi; Islam Y. Abdullah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 675-690

Callus induction of the plant parts (leaves,stems,cotyledons, hypocotyls) of Cucurbita pepo on the solid medium enriched with different concentrations of auxins such as (2,4-D , IAA,NAA) and cytokinins such as (kin,BA). The medium (MS+1.0mg/L BA+0.5mg/L NAA)has been selected the best medium used to originate callus with an average estimated at 100%in the plant parts namely leaves ,stems and hypocotyls and the cotyledons respectively with an average 83% of callus ,and this was the highest percentage of the fresh weight amounte to 2.0 gm and stems callus at 1.2 gm.
The study also succeded in originating callus of immature embryos with high percentage 85% on the medium (MS 0.5mg/L BA+0.1mg/L NAA) after it has been deduced on medium MS supported with 30mg/L 2,4-D for two weeks.
Also the medium MS contained 1.5mg/L BA and 0.1mg/L NAA succeded in producing deduction percentage 100% from the cotyledons similary deduction media achieved a percentage ranged between 83-100% of cotyledons with out embryos.
The results of altering the components of the selected MS medium (MS+1.0mg/L BA+0.5mg/L NAA)has shown deduction percentage amounted to 100% for the hypocotyls and 85% for the cotyledons when added 7ml/L of NH4NO3 instead of 4ml/L(MSN medium).Once we increased the amount of KNO3 compound up to 14ml/L instead of 8ml/L(MSK medium)on the same concentration of MS medium,the parts of cotyledons achieved the highest percentage of deduction 87%.
Finally,the highest fresh weight of hypocotyls callus was noticed in this medium 1.8gm and the highest fresh weight of the cotyledons callus was noticed in MSN medium which was 2.0gm .

Key words:Tissue culture,Cucurbita pepo, MS medium,NAA,BA.

Tissue Cultivation of Plant Raphanus sativus L. and Identification of Raphaiol Alkaloid of Extraction of The Seeds, Explants, Callus and produced Plants from tissue Cultivation

Taghreed Nawaf Ahmed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 691-706

The present study managed the initiation of callus from leaves, stems and roots of the sterilized Raphanus sativus L. Seeds using the solid MS supplied with various concentrations of growth regulators (BA, NAA). The root parts showed the highest percentage of 100% in the presence of 1.0 mg/liter of NAA and BA. Then the stem parts in which the callus initiation estimated at 98%, and the leaves parts with 88% percentage initiating which is done in the same medium. The callus of the stem and the leaves of Raphanus sativus L. has showed a high ability of regeneration of shoots in the same medium.
Moreover, the results of isolation and identification of Raphaiol alkaloid from the seeds , the plant parts (leaves, stems, and roots) and the produced callus from them and the leaves of the plants produced from callus by using the thin layer chromatography showed an isolated spot from each tested sample .These samples showed perfect conformity with the rate flow (Rf) and perfect and approximate conformity with the rates flow of the standard Raphaiol alkaloids spot (the control sample amounted to)=(0.59).

The Effect of fenugreek and wheat residues on growth and its parameters of fenugreek. Trigonella foenum gracum L.

M. S. Faysal; F. S. Saleh; G.Q. Hasan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 707-722

Experimental studies were conducted in a wire house .It includes evaluating the effect of soil remnant which had been planted with two cultivar of wheat(Al-ize and Talafar-3-) when mixed previously with remnant of fenugreek plant with both ,shoots and roots parts and with two stage s of growth (seedlings and mature) on the growth of fenugreek plants (cultivar Indian) All data were subjected to statistical analysis. The results showed superiority of fenugreek plants grown in soil cultivar wheat Al – ize that was planted on soil previously had a groining wheat class Talafar -3- in most of the physiological parameters of growth (leaf area duration (LAD), Biomass duration (BMD), Leaf area ratio (LAR), Relative water content and grain yield. On the other hand, fenugreek plants grown in soil without fenugreek residue has overtaken in physiological parameters (Leaf area duration (LAD), relative water content grain yield) compared with the soil residues . which did not show the impact of the two phases of growth in most of the characteristics of growth, except for high values of each of leaf area duration (LAD) in seedling stage residue, and (NAR) in mature stage residue.

Effect of thermal treatment of chamomile (Marticaria chamomella) extract on inhibitory activity of some pathogenic fungi

Abd-Elkarim S. H. Al-Nua; ymi; Saleh E. Mohammed; Tayyar Ja; fer AL- Assaaf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 723-738

This Study shows the effect of thermal treatment of chamomile (Marticaria chamomella) extract on inhibition of some pathogenic fungi such as Trichophyton rubrum and Aspergillus fumigatus . It also shows different inhibitory effect of aqueous extract of chamomile against the fungi used in this study under different temperature degrees, In addition extract of chamomile gave complete inhibitory effect in concentrations at (20,25,30) mg/ml under temperatures of (25,50,75,100) c° Also, the aqueous extract of chamomile gave complete inhibition against the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus at concentrations (25,30) mg/ml under the temperature degree of (75,100) c°.

Effict of Cutting Stage, Gibberellin and Kinetin Tretments on Growth and Yialds of Hordeum Disticum Plant

Ibrahim A. AL-Romy; Kasim. M. Al-Hamdani

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 739-756

The experiment was carried out in research station of crop department in College of Agriculture and forestry/Mosul University in the year of 2008 and 2009. The Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) was applied and which consist Gibberellic acid (GA3) and Kinetin (Kin) at (100 ppm ) concentration in each of them. The Plants was spread after one and two week from cutting at each of Tillering and Jointing stage. The results of study show the cutting treatments cause a decrease in characters study while the treatment with Gibberellin (GA3) and Kinetin reduce of this effect .The two Plant Growth Regulators cause significantly increase in most of characters studies specially in tiller number. The plant treated with Kinetin given ten foliage shoots, eight shoots of them fruited compared with eight foliage shoots in untreatments plants which 3.6 was fruited only (controle treatments). Also the biological yield increase by adding GA3 or Kin of the cutting plants compared with untreatmented cutting plants. The interaction between (Kin) and (GA3) show a similar effect in increase vegetative growth characters and in yield and weight of seed specially in early stage at tillering stage. The GA3 alone super passed in number of seeds and their weight, while the Kin was super passed in seeds plant yield significantly,which reached to 142.1 gm in tillering stage compared with 70.68 gm in untreatmented cutting plants at same stage.

Detection on rhinosinusitis and its relation to age groups of both sexes

Subhi H. Khalf; Shaker G. Jarjees

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 757-764

Nasal swabs of patients infected with acute and chronic rhinitis and patients infected with rhinitis from AL-Salam and AL-Zahrawy hospitals in a period 0f 7 months by the specialist on ENT ward ,and the results showed that female cases were more than male cases which were 56% , 44% respectively.
The results also showed that 40% of female were infected with rhinitis only and 16% were infected with rhinitis and rhino sinusitis.
The relation between incidence of acute and chronic cases of rhino sinusitis in different age groups in both sexes was studied and the results showed predominance of chronic infection in age groups between 46-50 years, 51-55 years with regard of both male and females and the age group of 41-45 years was the highest percent of infection with sinusitis with equal percent of acute and chronic rhinitis for females.

Effect of Plant Densities on Growth, Yield Components and Quality of Some Sunflower Cultivars ( Helianthus annuus L.)

Saad Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Al-Doori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 765-776

A field experiment was conducted for two consecutive seasons 2008-2009, 2009-2010 at AL-Quba location in the west north region of Mosul city at Nineveh region to study the effect of planting density on the performance of two sunflower cultivars; namely, Mehran and Sunbred. The plants were sown at four planting densities: 41666, 47619, 55555 and 66666 plants.ha-1, respectively. The data were statistic analyzed by using factorial experiments in randomized complete block design with three replications. The results indicated that the stem diameter, leaf area, head diameter, number of seeds per head, weight of thousand seed, hulls, fertility percent, harvest index and seed yield per plant, oil and protein content of the seeds decreased with increasing plant density. Increasing plant density cases significantly increase in seed yield per unit area and oil, protein yield. The differences between the two cultivars cultivation were significant in all the studied characters, except protein yield in 2008-2009 season, protein content of the seeds in 2009-2010 season. The higher seed yield of Mehran cultivar was associated with higher flower disc diameter and greater number of seeds per flower disc. Based on what has been presented in this study, could be concluded that the plant density of approximately 66666 plants.ha-1 is the optimum for sunflower crop cultivation, and Mehran cultivar proved be more promising than Sunbred cultivar.

The Rhetorical Meanings of Exception in the Glorious Qur’an With Reference to Translation

Mohammed J. M; Ziyad A. M

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 777-794

The present paper deals with exception in the Glorious Qur’an not from a grammatical perspective but from a rhetorical point of view.
It attempts to reveal any additional rhetorical meaning implied by exception in Qur’anic verses such as affirmation, showing weakness, showing mercy, threatening, etc. The study aims at (1) showing how rhetorical meaning is expressed in the source language SL, (2) showing how rhetorical meaning can be realized in the target language TL, and (3) pointing out some problems that may arise from rendering exceptive expressions. The study hypothesizes that translators may miss the rhetorical meaning implied in exception and usually opt for formal correspondence rather than explicating this rhetorical meaning. The study concludes that it is not an easy task to detect the rhetorical meaning implied by exception in the SL and express it in the TL though most translators opt for formal correspondence which is a better way for realizing the rhetorical meaning of exception.

A Contrastive Study of Ironic Expressions in English and Arabic

Ahmed Hayder Sigar; Zeen Saeed Taha

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 795-815

The present study deals with ironic expressions in English and Arabic. Irony is a communicative behaviour in which the speaker says something and means the opposite. Though irony is a universal phenomenon, people misunderstand it and take it literally. The study aims at distinguishing between literal and ironic expressions and showing the similarities and differences between ironic expressions in both English and Arabic. It is hypothesized that irony is a universal phenomenon in all cultures and yet, there are many differences and similarities in the making of ironic expressions in English and Arabic. The analysis of the data is based on an eclectic linguistic model comprising Giora et al.’s (1998) and Gibbs and Colston’s (2007) models of irony.
The application of this model to the selected data has yielded some findings and conclusions, the most salient of which are the following:
1. Irony is a universal phenomenon since it has been examined in English and Arabic as an example for its universality.
2. In most cases ironic expressions are similar to each other in both languages, except for some situations. The differences fall in the usage of some utterances that are exclusively related to a certain culture whether Arabic or English.
3. Ironic expressions in Arabic are more figurative than those in English.
4. Opposition, humour and exaggeration are the most common devices to form ironic expressions in both languages.