Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Page 1-839

The Effect of using Exploration Method on acquiring Islamic Values and Developing Reflective Thinking of Students at the Scientific Fifth Secondary Classes

Habbar; Nada Lokman Mhmmed Ameen AL

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 1-34

The present research aims at knowing the effect of using the method of exploration on acquiring the Islamic values and developing reflective thinking.of the students at the scientific fifth secondary classes.The researcher used an experimental design which consists of two groups; experimental and control. The sample of the research consisted of 40 students; 21 in the experimental group represented by section (A) and 19 in the control group represented by section (B).
The researcher prepared two tests; the first was testing the Islamic values, consisting of 30 points to be answered using true and false, completion and choosing from a trial of choices. The second was testing the reflective thinking, consisting of 25 points to be answered by choosing from trial of choices characterized by truthfulness and firmness. The data were analyzed statically by means of ( test of two independent samples, the equation of passage difficulty, the power of distinction and the equation of Corder Rechardson21). The results of the study pointed out a statically significant difference between the two groups the experimental and the contro in acquiring the Islamic values. This difference was in favor of the experimental group.
In light of the above mentioned results the researcher put forward suggestions and recommendations among which the most prominent is: Directing, urging and encouraging the graduated students from the educational colleges to use various methods of teaching through field work in schools, and one of these methods is the exploration method.
Whereas the most important among the suggestions is:
Performing a study on the effect of using the exploration method on developing the inferential thinking among students of the second year of intermediate schools in the study of Islamic education.

The Impact of using Assignment Method in acquiring /by geography Department student / College of Basic Education the Skills of Preparing Scientific

Daila F. Abdul Kareem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 35-66

The Current Research aims to know the impact of using Assignment Method in acquiring the Skills of Preparing Scientific Research by Third year Students / geography Department / College of Basic Education. The society of the Research included third year Students at the Department of Geography / College of Basic Education for the Academic Year 2011/2012. The sample consisted of ( 43 students divided randomly into two groups, the experimental reaching (21) students taught using Assignment Method and the control group reaching (22) students taught traditionally. Both groups were equalized in (age, intelligence , gender and pre – test)variables. The researcher made a tool to measure the skills of preparing scientific research. Then showed it to a pannel of experts in Education and psychology to find surface reliability for the tool . Stability was found and using re – test by (pearson conjunction factor reading 0.79 . Statistical treatments were also used. The results showed statistically significant difference between the two groups and in favor of the experimental one using Assignment Method. According to results found, the researcher recommended the necessity of using Assignment Method in the principles of scientific research at the College of Basic Education and to make more studies dealing with other variables that the current researcher did not handle.

Repeated Deviated Behaviors in Comic Films in Relation to the Actor Adel Imam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 67-82

This research aims at showing the types of repeated deviated behaviors in comic films in relation to the actor Adel Imam as he is considered an outstanding figure in this field. The sample consists of six films analyzed by depending on the frequency of the scenes that involve the deviated behavior in each film. The results have shown that there are ten types of deviated behavior with various percentages of frequency in the six films. The most frequent behavior is the sexual one followed , in a descending order , by the behavior of being naked them the temptation behavior and the kissing behavior. These types of behavior arouse the viewers instinct especially the teenagers and the young They let them imitate these types of behavior since they and mixed with comedy in order to be presented in an acceptable way to the viewers . This is due to the fact that the main aim is just for pleasure and making fun . Another deviated type of behavior in the scale is the sarcasm of religion. This is in turn, a very dangerous point since it tonches a taboo topic for the viewers. Finally the behavior of drug & bribe are the least in frequency.

The Pole of Mosuli Family in Reducing Modern Technology Crimes (A Field Study in Mosul City)

Safana Ahmad Dawood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 83-106

The aim of the current research is to know the effect of Mosuli Family in reducing the crimes of modern technology specially now a days due to the changing of the social and political circumstances that our society witness. The research includes five sections ,the first deals with the method of research. The second deals with the family and crimes of information technology. The third is about the theoretical framework of the research. The fourth section is about the theoretical frame work which includes defining the sample of the research which is( ) family masters chosen occasionally throughout the regions of Mosul city with the possibility of achieving balance between both genders. The researcher used the tool (survey) after achieving reliability and stability and qualify it for application. The items were( ). The stability reached ( ) after applying it on a sample. Thus, the survey is ready for application. The following statistical means were used to collect data: (T. test. Percentage weight). One the most important results reached was the efficiency of Mosuli Family role in reducing the dangers of modern technology on a sums with high percentage weight. Which proves the positive role of the family in this field. Given these information, the researcher came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions. The fifth part of the research includes the most important conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations in order to activate the role of family in fortune - telling our children about modern technology.

Time In "The Wooden House And The Birds of Mas'ood" Novel By Faris Sa'duldeen (An analytical study)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 107-136

The Mosuli writer (Faris Sad'uldeen Mohammed Ali Alsardar) has been chosen to be the topic of the research for the various coherent artistic techniques prevailed in his novel (dedicated for children) "The wooden house and the birds of Mas'ood", as well as time interference that resulted in so many paradoxes through which the novel fulfills its private purposes through the events. Therefore, this research has emerged to study the time in this novel via analyzing the texts related to time as well as showing its artistic and aesthetic dimensions and revealing the denotations resulted from them.
The research was based on an introduction and four chapters. The introduction has included a definition of the concept of time. Topic one has been dedicated to examine (the types of time) in terms of normal time and psychological time. Topic two has studied (time coordinates) in terms of ascendant time coordinates, then descendant time coordinates and finally the sporadic time coordinates. Topic three has included a study of (time arrangement) in terms of recalling and preceding, while topic four has tackled (time acceleration) in terms of the summary or the brief, deletion or reservation.

The aesthetics of Nature in (the Mosuli poetry in the Twelfth century A. H.)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 137-172

Nature possesses a descriptive and aesthetic value in the Mosuli poetry in the Twelfth century A. H., as one of the universe aspects and rich source that enriches the poetic experience from the objective and formational point of view as well as an important component of the human life. Portraying nature poetically relies on harmony and sensual interaction which involve value and an idea because the attitude towards nature is tightly connected with life in a sensational way.
Accordingly the relationship between the Mosuli poet and nature depends on similarity, intimacy, ideas repetition, and interaction It reflects a flow of feelings notions and contemplation; because nature in the real and poetic aspects is the spring of universal beauty. As all the surroundings of the poet are considered vital part of nature which change from abstraction into vivid and conscious world, they which are characterized and driven with consciousness, language and images with metaphoric frames that have objective and artistic dimensions.
Nature in the Mosuli Poetry is characterized by independent poets and sonatas It is interrelated with other topics which gives the reader the impression that he is looking at a painting in which images are successive and meanings are changing with the change of the context and vision. Aesthertics of nature can be put under the heading of the relative structure of beauty. Each poetic text contains artistic values that holds aesthetic frameworks.

Body Sarda and receiver Read the novel (Lock My Heart)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 173-188

Operates novel ((lock my heart)) the novelist "improve krmiane" to dismantle system social custom, and rearrange and organize according to new insights Ajtrhaa text, and is the body is most effective in moving the stick narrative, a linchpin of the events and personalities novelist, forming theme the most prominent area of text imagined.

Azd and characteristics of their language

Tahir Saleh Allawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 188-208

Azd tribe, which is not without a book in the language, as protest testified, and said the nature of their words, and their way of expression, may Nfrdoa terms many reported during the search does not know other often. Perhaps the most entitled to be proud tribe is praising the Prophet, peace be upon him, and praise her in the many conversations I mentioned some of them in the course of research.

Abu Marwan Ibn Hayyan Al-Qurtubi

Ghaida Ahmed Saadoun Shlash

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 209-236

Abu Marwan Ibn Hayyan Al-Qurtubi ,the critic and famous historian, lived between ( – A.H.) .He was praised by many authors for his culture ,literature and his position among the scholars of the th century A.H. in Andalusia. This study examined Ibn Hayyan's opinions published in his books and the books of other authors who transferred his writings.
Abu Hayyan was interested in registering the historical events in Andalusia and the definitions of its most important scholars since the Andalusia conquer in A.H. to his death .He examined their poetry and literary writings in various critical studies included within this study,such as: Endowment and craftsmanship, intuition and improvisation , poetry motifs, the bids of the praised to the poet, literature influence on the receiver, plagiarism, comparisons between literary men , preferring some of them to others, presenting orators before poets, the way of choosing verses, the poets' titles, time and place effect on poetry, word and meaning, preferring allusion to declaration, the ethical and religious commitment, and the length of poems with seeking for meaning. He followed in his opinions a number of critics in addition to his own view in a way that certifies his careful analytical critical view.

Foreign Enemy in the Poetry of Mod Islam

Ahmed H. M; Hala A. S. AL.Rawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 237-262

The current research tackles the question of foreign enemy outside Arabian Peninsula represented by collective enemy with certain cases like the army, the killings, their fate, surrender of enemy etc. The research also deals with individual enemy represented by leaders of the enemy army and their defeat. By this division, the researchers handled the subjects describing enemy despite their overlap in these verses. The single verse or poem may tackle more than one case of the enemy such as his dead bodies, escape and captivity .Thus the researchers desired to tackle these subjects independently in order not to be vanished among the other subject. This is so, especially when treating these verses as a whole despite the fact that most of the verses mentioned are dealt with as poems.

Scientific dictionary Relations, originality, and trace

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 263-295

This research deals with semantic relations between the terms from one side and the terms with their references from the other side through books of terminology lexicons that appeared in the Islamic Arabic scientific tradition. The lexicographers want to achieve the examiner carefully in finding the term through studying the semantic and logic relations among terms. The study aims at connecting modern terminology lexicography composition with tradition to achieve the exam in carefully in finding terms and the phenomenon of confusion in modern terms.

Idealism and realism in language Between the of neology and the of speech acts A comparative analytical study

Haitham Mohammed Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 295-316

This study takes a serious linguistic a pproach, By presentation, Comparison and analysis, For two most prominent theories that deals with the phenomeuon of linguistic from two different directions, The first theory was characterized by idealism in terms of its dealing with the language as a devoid idea from the context of realistic use, And it the trans formation neology of theory by Noam Chomsky, And the second theory was characterized the realism in the sides majority of her actual use for language that belongs to John Austin.
While the idea was a ppeared (the qualification) in theory of neology in spite of (the performance) in the theory of neology in spite of contain a lot of ideas that rejected by the language in the origin of her realistic used, The theory of speech acts started by emphasizing on (the performance). And its emphasis especial on the perfect actual signification for speech, And from here the goal for this research was exists to show the different linguistic and semantic features for both theories , And the discriminatory features between them objectively and use.

Egypt as a Narrative Space in the Holy Quraan Joseph and Moses (peace be upon them) stories as Samples

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 317-338

Egypt is considered a narrative space which joins two samples of the Quranic story, namely Joseph and Moses stories. The events of these stories happen within this space. For this reason, this research studies this aspect through analyzing the texts specified for space components (time, place, and vison) and exploring beauty and artisitic dimensions in addition to the evidences derived out of which.
The research is formed out of an introduction and three sections. The introduction includes a specification of narrative space concept and the first section studies time in relation to its order whether by going backward or forward, and speeding up time by means of summarization, omittion, or inclusion. The second section deals with place, in relation to the geography of public, special, natural, and artificial place as well as its composition as being friendly, hostile, historical/instant. As for the third section, its tackles the study of vision in relation to vision at the level of time by way of natural time (psychological time), and vision at level of place by way of comprehensive and scenery vision .

Wa'iz in Mosul (400-656 A.H) A Historical Study

iz in Mosul

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 339-362

We can define Preaching (Wa'iz) as a means of communication between some scholars and their Muridis (flowers), by which people are guided and advised to Allah's teachings and his Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and peace be upon him) .Mosul was not away from preaching activity. There was, in Mosul, a lot of preachers who tried to submit assistance for Mosul society.
The research discusses two topics: the first tackles the historical development of preaching activity in Mosul, the second topic deals with studying preachers biographies in Mosul and their traits. The research also included a table of preachers' names.

Reasonable Selective Method of Explaining Quraan by Al-Mu'tazila An Analytical Study

Abdullah Ali Abaas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 363-384

The paper discusses some of the Quraanic verses which Al-mu'tazilahavedealt with. Al-Mu'tazilay have given a false explanation their to prove mental fundamentals by exceeding the inclusive nature of the explanation process which is based on explaining the holyQuraan as one of the most important measures of acceptance in Quraanic explanation. So, most of Al-mu'tazila explain a certain verse without looking at other verses which have relation in forming the meaning and without looking at the same context for this verse. They also portioning some structures to reach a pretended meaning which is refused by the objective nature of Quraanic text. This paper has discovered that they have a distinguished procedure to reach the intended meaning. So, they extract the desirable meanings through pronouncing the Quraanic text with what does not refer to it depending in that on selecting a text without another and on the wide area that linguistic possibilities give to a certain vocabulary from an extension in meaning. Then, their selection from an extension in meaning that supports their solitude without the other meaningsis inside these texts. It is also built on selecting mental possibilities which support their situation in explaining, invention and the selection of strange readings other than the others. Although those readings are incorrect in their language and evidence,this method can be described as such because it depends on some bases in explaining although it’s the method is also described as being selective because it is not comprehensive in collecting the Quraanic evidences and exceeding the prophetic explanation of the Holy Quraan which insists on it's necessity. As such, the method is a natural procedures in directing the Quraanic text.

The Quds Armenies during the Writings, Armenian, Islamic, and Historical

Fathi Salim Humeedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 385-400

The Armenian people consider as an original people from ancient cultural history for their belief in Christianity . As a result the Armenian took care of Al- Quds for its sacred religion according to them . So that they tried to visit and go on pilgrimage to Al-MAHID church . The first group visited the City of Al –Quds in about AD. moreover, their Kings took care of this city and the holy places.
Other novels stated that the exits of the history of Armenian was before Christianity. But After the Christianity many Armenians emigrated regular from Armenia to Al-Quds. Finally they their establishing many special churches related to their own.
The Armenians role do not limit on the religion aspect only, but they play a great role in many other aspects such as their works in scientific life by setting up many schools they also took care of economical aspect and support it in their trading.
So They establish a special quarter and it remains till now. The Armenians face the Israel enemy besides their brothers from Al-Quds city defend its scarcity and original history.

Abdumuttalib the prophet’s Granfather A study in his Biography and General activities

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 401-434

In spite of his uncle’s competition, Abdulmuttalib was able to become chief in Mecca. As he was born AL-madina, his relatives from al-Khazraj supported him also. His uncle، al-Mutalib brought him and was raised in Mecca when he was still a child. He was even named Abdulmutalib instead of his real name Shaiba Al Hamd. Abdulmutalib gathered Kurysh's houses round or near Kaa’ba when Qussay was unable to do that. He was able to control, Al-siqaya and Rifada (giving food and drink). When Hashim came after him, he achieved Al-Eyllaf and made alliances with other tribes and states like Persia. That made trade prosperous and moving on safe roads.
Zamzam was well re-dug again during Abdulmutalib's time, though the work was difficult and the other Meccans blamed him severly. So Zamzam became the main source of water in Mecca. Abdulmutalib challenged Abraha when he wanted to destroy Kaa’ba. Allah failed Abraha and saved Kaa’ba.
Abdulmutalib was a man of peace and tended to take roles of judgment in cases of disputes.
He also made a vow to slain a boy if he was given ten boys to be a sacrificed to Allah. But later he sacrificed a hundred camels though he was poor. He was monotheist and was not satisfied with people's beliefs.
He was content when the prophet was born and Haleema was to breast-feed and take care of him. He always expected good future for the prophet، and as Saif Ibn thi Yazin predicted.
Mecca made progress in culture and economy in his time.

Employment of local craft industries in the activation of the tourism sector in Iraq ATheoretical Study

Emad A. S. AL.sultan; Thamir S. B. AL.Hayaly

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 435-446

Tourism today is one of the most important economic and social sectors in the world, which plays a prominent role in developing countries. Its importance has increased as an industry and trade through all the media. Especially after the foundation of tourism ministries in most countries of the world as well as the opening of universities, colleges and technical institutes specialized in tourism and hospitality and the wide spread of books, studies and scientific research related to tourism affairs.
Handicraft industries is considered one of the elements of the tourist attractions in moving the sector of workforce, particularly in villages and rural areas. The most important conclusions of the research is to focus on the importance of local and international exhibitions in the activation of promotion and marketing frameworks and the definition and attractions of the craft and handmade products popular and folk and the search for new employment opportunities offered by this sector. As well as the need to emphasize taking care of the buyers tastes, while maintaining the assets, cultural heritage, handicrafts and traditions of the country the product and its environment. The search for quality and new areas of innovation, creativity and design through competitions for craftsmen under the supervision of government institutions in collaboration with the tourism private sector and the work on training and raising the qualifications of the craftsmen working in the craft centers

The Armenian Issue and the West Stand towards it during the Reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hameed II

Muhammad J. Al-Alawi; Ban Gh. Al-Saigh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 447-477

The Armenians inhabited a strategic region in the peninsula of Anatolia. It was the core of concern of the neighboring states and a conflict area between the Persian and the Byzantium empires throughout history. When the Armenians established some emirates and states in this region, they mostly became under the control of the strong neighboring states.
On the rise of the Ottoman state the Armenians lived in peace practicing free doctrine and work. Despite that, Armenian revolutionary movements emerged induced by outside powers, particularly France. These movements demanded either for dependence from the Ottoman state or getting autonomy.
Caesarian Russia played an important role in raising the Armenian issue, especially after the defeat of the Ottoman state in the Russian – Ottoman war ( ). This issue gained an international importance after holding the two treaties of Berlin and San Stefano ( ). The Sultan Abdul Hamid II had a special stand from these treaties. He followed a special policy in dealing with the Armenian issue. He did not apply the decided reforms in the places inhabited by the Armenians. On this basis, some of the great states have their stands according to their special interests towards the Ottoman state.

Military manifestations in Andulisian cities

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 478-505

This research talks about the military manifestations in Andulisian cities. Arabic state of Andolesia through out all its era faced numerous threats whether internal or external. Thus, the central authority focused its attention on fortifying military manifestation for some Andolesian cities to guarantee security and sovereign of the state.
The research showed the reasons of fortifying military manifestations in Andolesian cities due to political, military, or security reasons. Fences also took part in the study as fulfilling an aspect of security tasks of the city of Andolesia specially cities at the line of fire. Until now, there are numerous forts the aim of which is to fortify Andolusian city to face danger. The current research talks about some of these castles in detail.
Pockets of resistance were the cutting line between Indolesia and neighboring kingdoms as a defensive front to face the enemies. Guarding towers spread on all Andolesian coasts and contained many soldiers who vowed to defend their country.

kaaabat for the history

Hisham Abdalkareem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 506-519

The research dealing with subject of Al-Ka'bat historically and shed light on the Holy Ka'aba through compare it with what were existence from the architecture side of the worship houses and Zaggrates in the ancient Iraq. Explaining the role of prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) through his carrying of architecture Iraqi experience from his birth homeland, Ur of Al-Keldanieen in specific which famous with its Zaggorate, as well as its other worship houses to Holy Mecca land, the research dealing with famous Ka'abat which appeared in the history. The researcher trying to present all what serve Islam and Muslims by this research.

The reflections of the delay of conducting census in Iraqi on social development. An analytical social study

H. H. A; F. A. F

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 520-544

Population studies are based on some variables including ( sex, age, living status, and educational levels). They are the same variables on which the process of social development depends. Due to this close relationship, the population data, provided by dynamic statistics , should be at the disposal of planners so as to achieve the objectives of the comprehensive development.
In order to know the role vole and the disadvantages which consequences of delaying the census in Iraqi and which constitutes a real gap between the figures and the variables of the previous censuses on one hand, and the predictions which became an alternative to the census data which was supposed to be conducted in 2007, this research tries to show the effect of this delay.

Cancer disease from asocial medical Perspective Analytical Social study

Abdul Fattah M. Fathi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 545-568

Cancer is A dangerous disease, catches the human being and other creations. It is regarded as the Second most spread disease after heart disease in the World . It is also the main reason of children death. Cancer disease is the main cause of death in the world From a total of (58) million deaths worldwide cancer deaths account for (7,6) million (or 13%) of all deaths.
The medical statistical studies shows that the most deaths in 2005 occurred in low and middle income countries.
Cancer disease in the world is projected to continue rising, with an estimated (9) million people dying from cancer in 2015 and (11,4) million dying in 2030.
The national and international medical statistics point that cancer disease is set up in the first step among the whole diseases in Iraq at the present time, due to wars and economical sanctions and the types of weapons used by America and its allied against Iraqi people, for the period of 1990_2003.
The Study is a participation for the introduction of cancer disease and its hazards against man and society, and try to illustrate the main factors affecting it, and the geographical distribution of cancer disease around the world .
The study also shows that there is a correlation between Social environment, and cancer disease like habits, customs and malnutrition , smoking at last, some of social researcher described cancer as being " Social disease".

Psychological Hesitation of the players of Mosul university colleges teams for individual games and it's relation with players achievements level

Thamer. M. Thannoon

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 569-593

1- having a clear idea about the psychological hesitation's degree of theplayers of Mosul university college's teams for individual games.
2- having a clear idea about the relationship between of the degree psychological hesitation for individual games players for Mosul university colleges teams and the achievement level.
The descriptive method was used with survey and correlation style which is appropriate to the study , and the population of research included the players of Mosul university colleges team for individual games, who participated in Mosul university championship for the academic year (2010-2011 ) which consisted of (480) players representing (20) colleges from Mosul university colleges , and the sample of research was selected randomly from the population of the research, consisting of (209) players from individual games, at the rate (% 43,5) from the population of the research, dividing on (20) colleges from mosul university colleges, consisting of (9) players from each college, the researchers used the psychological hesitation scale prepared by ( Abed. Al – hussian-1999 ) as a tool of the research, after the application of the scientific ways on it, the following statistical: ( arithmetic mean, standard deviation, spearman brown formula, T-test for one sample, percentage, and Alfa for reliability and rank correlation ) where used. And the researchers concluded the following:
1- There is a relation between the degree of psychological hesitation and the achievement level for individual games from mosul university colleges teams.
2- The sample of the research have an acceptable degree of psychological hesitation which is validated by the results differences between the responses of the sample research on the scale and hypotheses mean that is used as a motive and to motivate psychological power for the players to make them do their best psychologically, physically, skillfully, and mentally to have better athletic achievement's level.
3-Some players of Mosul university teams suffer from a high degree of psychological hesitation which is reflected negatively in their performance level.

Philosophy of Pierre De Koertan in Reviving Modren Olympic Games -An Analytical Study -

oud Abdul-Muhsin; Sua

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 594-609

The study aims at pointing out the significant role of the French Baron Pierre De Koertan in Reviving the modern Olympic games for he Revives a simple of the ancient civilization ,especially the ancient Greek civilization that adopted the idea of legislation and systems in practicing the athletic activity in society and adopting the idea of respecting athlete and its traditions and encouraging practicing it. Pierre De Koertan and his philosophy in adopting an ancient idea extracts the originality and excellence to Revive historical social and international phenomenon. Thus, the achievement is considered a historical by making a modern civilization adopt the ideas of ancient civilization, modulate their methods and program their activities in the light of which.
By his work ,he inspires history via his athletic philosophy and its past in a new form which is the modern Olympic competitions which he had participated in the first Olympic competition in Athena in 1896 which is considered the birthday of the Olympic Athletics.

The Relation of Flow State Psychology The Skill Achievement Level for Fusel Players

Zuheer Yahya; Mohammed Kh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 610-635

The study aims at identifying the following:
1. Measuring flow state psychologies for the futsal players.
2. The relation between the flow state and the skill achievement for futsal players.
The researcher used the descriptive method. The sample of the study represented the players of the North part. The total number of the sample was 20 players out of 63 players taken from (Ninevah, Mosul, Al-Futwa, Balad, Al-Anbar, Al-Wahda, Al-Door and Ashtee) teams.
The two researchers concluded the following:
1. Futsal players have high level of flow state.
2. The flow state affected directly the level of skill achievement.

A Comparative Study Of Using Bliometric Exercises (one-two feet) in Some Physical Characteristics and Basic Skills of Advanced football players

Ahmad R Sabee; Daldar A. Nafkhosh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 636-678

This study aimed to know the effect of using bliometric exercises (with one or – two feet) in some physical characteristics and basic skills for Professional football players in the two experimental groups and the differences in some physical characteristics and basic skills between both groups. The procedures included designing a training course using bliometric exercises and applied on two experimental groups, the first group used bliometric exercises with one foot while the second yroup applied it with two feet after determining maximum in tensity (100%) for one and two feet. The researchers used the experimental method due to its appropriateness. The sample was chosen from Talaaffar football club intentionally and was divided in to two equal groups randomly. Equivalence was achieved between both groups . To achieve the aims of the research, the researcher put the following hypotheses:
- There is a statistically significant difference in some physical features between pre-post tests for both groups.
- There is a of statistically significant difference in some basic skills between pre-post tests for both groups.
- There is a of statistically significant difference in some physical characteristics between both groups in a post tests .
- There is a of statistically significant difference in some basic skills between both groups in post tests .
The researchers came up with the following conclusions:
- The bliometric exercises carried out by the first experimental group using one-foot resulted in moral development in characters of (elasticity, transational speed , speed distinguished force) in addition to (explosive power) but didn’t reach moral level .
- The bliometric exercises carried out by the second experimental group using two-feet made a moral development in all physical characters.
- The bliometric exercises made by the first experimental group one-foot madea moral development in skills ( head kick , control the ball, long pass) in addition to the development in skills ( rolling, close shoot ) but didn’t reach moral level .
- The bliometric exercises carried out by the second experimental group two-feet achieved a moral development in the skills of ( rolling, control of the ball) in addition to the development in the skills ( head kicking, close shoot, long pass) but didn’t reach moral level.
- The bliometric exercises made by the second experimental group two-feet surpassed posttest of the first experimental group in all physical features.
- The bliometric exercises made by the second experimental group (with two-feet) surpassed the post test of the first experimental group (with one foot) in all basic skills .
The researchers recommend:
- The necessity of paying attention to bliometric exercises putting training courses due to their results in developing physical characters and basic skills.
- The possibility of applying this suggested training model on other age group juniors and amateurs due to its impact on developing these categories.
- Focus on using bliometric exercises with two feet rather than one feet according to the result obtained in this research.

The Effect of Phosphate Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Quality of two Mungbean (Phaseolus aureus L.) Varieties

I. A. AL-Romey

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 679-691

A field experiment was carried out in the seasons 2006 - 2007 and 2007 - 2008 in the field of Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry University of Mosul, and use two types of mungbean black and green with four levels of phosphate fertilization (0,30,60,90 kg.p/ ha). the experiment was carried out by using R.C.B.D. design with three replications. The studied characteristics: plant height cm, the number of main branch/ plant, number of pods / plant, number of seeds / pod, weight of 1000 seed (g), Total yield of seed kg/ha, leaf area cm 2, leaf area index, biological yield kg / ha, the percentage of protein, harvest index. Significant differences have emerged between the first and second categories in the first season of the attributes of leaf area, leaf area index, The point is diversity, and the total sum of the seeds, and harvest index. While the difference in the character of moral categories of plant height and seed weight of 1000 and the total sum of seed and leaf area for the second season. The effect of fertilization has been observed over the fourth level of fertilization to the attributes of the number of main branch/ plant the seeds for winning the overall winner and diversity in comparison when it surpassed the treatment of harvest index in the character of the spectrum in the first season. In the second season and the treatment of 90 kg phosphorus to the attributes of winning the overall plant height and total seed yield Diversity and the comparison treatment, and 30 kg phosphorus harvest index. Showed overlap between species x fertilization in the first season and a clear superiority for the Treatment of comparison, 90 kg phosphorus in the strands of plant height and harvest index of the first class. And the treatment of 90 kg phosphorus to the number of pods / plant and leaf area and leaf area index and evidence of biological-yield product was shown the second with 90 kg phosphorus than is evident in the overall winning recipe for the seeds to the rest of the transactions. In the second growing season there was a clear superiority for the treatment of the comparison and 90 kg of phosphorus recipe guide leaf area. While over at fertility 30 and 60 kg phosphorus in biological winning the first class. The second class there are more than 30, 60 and 90 kg phosphorus in the character of plant height, while more than 90 kg phosphorus in the qualities of weight of 1000 seed and winning the overall seed and 30 and 60 kg phosphorus in the character-winning Diversity and showed the treatment of comparative superiority is evident in harvest index.
Key words: Mung bean, Phosphate fertilizer

Detection of the ability of isolated Enterobacter sakazakii from powdered milk for enterotoxins production

Adeeba Y. Shareef; Najlaa A. Fathi; Hanan S. Noori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 692-706

This study includes isolation & identification of bacteria from (35) different kinds of powdered infant formula milk involoved (Dialak 1-2, Celia 1, Hery 1-2, Biomil 1-2, Albadees 2, Nido 2, Kikose 2, Nictalia 1-2, Cerilak). The results show (10) different isolates of germs at apercentage of 28.57% distributed as 8.57% for Escherichia coli & 5.71% for each Enterobacter sakazakii and also for Klebsiella pneumoniae reguensee, while the isolates of Aeromonas veronii, Aeromonas hydrophilia, Shigella desentri was 2.85% for each one of them.
We detected toxins of Enterobacter sakazakii in eather cell free culture supernatant (CFCS) and also in lysate supernatant (LS) by used suckling mouse test which gives apositive result for Rapid & Delayed permeability test by appear non keratinize blue aerea on Rabbit skin for detection of Heat -Stable Enterotoxin and also used pow Oedema test for detection of Heat-Labile Enterotoxin for Enterobacter sakazakii which gives apositive result by appear biymp in anterior and posterior hand of mouse compired with the control.

The effect of Nigella sativa oil and some antibiotics on bacteria isolated from wound infection in hospitals

Sura Ibrahim Khuder

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 707-715

The study included the isolation and identification of the bacteria causing wound infection in two types of patients (diabetic and non diabetic).
(60) samples were collected from wound infection, (18) samples from diabetic patients (30%) and (42) were from non diabetic patients (70%). These samples represented different ages and both genders. The results show that all samples of diabetic patients was positive growth (100%), (32) isolate were obtained from all samples, include (12) isolate of Gram negative bacilli (37.5%) and (20) isolate of Gram positive cooci (62.5%). Non-diabetic patients samples give (38) samples (90.47%) bacterial growth. (95) isolate were obtaind from this samples. (52) isolate (54.73%) of Gram positive cooci and (43) isolate of Gram negative bacilli (45.26%) and (4) samples were negative for bacterial growth (9.52%).
The results also show that the highest percentage of these strains are Staphylococcus aureus (40.62%) from diabetic patients and (35.79%) from non-diabetic patients. While the lowest percentage shows in Proteus spp. and Streptocoous spp. (6.25% and 3.13%) in diabetic patients and (4.21% and 3.16%) in non-diabetic patients, respectively.
The study also includes assessment of the antibacterial activity of Nigella sativa oil against the isolates, using disk diffusion method compared with antibiotics used in this study.
The results showed that Nigella sativa oil have a good antibacterial activily on all bacterial types. The oil give good inhibitory effects on Staph. aureus and Streptococcus spp. Whose effective concentration reached (0.033) v/v. also the oil were more effective than the control antibiotics.

Changing in Collagen Protein Due to Aging

Ghazwa K. A. Al-Taee; Sarab D. S. Al-Shama

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 716-732

This study involved the elucidation of aging effects on the some biochemical characters of collagen that has been isolated from rabbit's lungs extract. Twenty-one albino rabbits aged between 1month-3.5 years, classified into 7 groups with 3 rabbits in each.Our results showed biochemical changes in collagens content which increased in rabbit's lung extractfrom 0.012g to 0.079gwhile the percentage of total collagen dry weight/lung dry weight increased in the group 1.5 years 0.094 compared with 1 month group 0.062 then return to decrease in 3.5 years group 0.062 compared to the 1.5 years group.This study also revealed structural changes of purified collagen from rabbits lung extracts with aging,purified collagen showed an increase of carbohydrates content and a decrease in fluorescents absorbance intensity.After using fluorescent spectrophotometric technique,while IR-technique didn't give us any differences in theimportant groups of collagen with aging, but it gave us a finger print similar to that of collagen type I.

Influence of Sowing Dates on Growth, Yield and Quality of Some Flax Genotypes (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Saad Ahmed Mohamed Al-Doori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 733-746

Two field experiments were carried out at Sheikh Mohamed location which is far about 30 km west north Mosul city conducted during 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 winter seasons to study three genotypes performance of flax crop (Linum usitatissimum L.), three planting dates, and their interactions on some growth characters, yield and its components traits as well as oil yield.
The main findings could be summarized as follows:
The results showed that planting dates significantly affected in growth characters, yield and its component as well as oil yield in both seasons. The sowing of flax crop on the first November gave the highest number of capsules per plant, number of seeds per capsule, weight of thousand seed, seed, oil yield per hector. Sowing on the first November surpassed these sown on mid November in seed yield per hectare-1 by 20.32% and 20.67% as well as sown on mid October by 17.80% and 12.55% in the first and second seasons respectively.
Flax crop genotypes significantly differed for all studied yield and its component in both seasons. The highest number of capsules per plant, weight of thousand seed, seed and oil yield per hectare-1 were produced from Strain genotype in both seasons. The results indicated that Strain genotype exceeded Belinka genotype by 12.88% and 15.59% and Hera genotype by 15.26% and 18.86% in total seed yield per hectare-1 in the first and second seasons, respectively.
The interaction between planting dates and genotypes significantly affected in plant height, stem diameter, number of fruiting branches, number of capsules per plant, number of seeds per capsule, weight of thousand seed, total seed yield per hector, oil percentage and oil yield in both seasons, except for number of capsules per plant, number of seeds per capsule, weight of thousand seed and oil percentage in the second season only. The sowing of Strain genotype in the first of November gave the highest number of capsules per plant and total seed yield per hectare-1 in both seasons.

Gas Temperature Measurements in an Atmospheric Pressure Micro Plasma Jet

Qais Thanon Najim Algwari

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 747-755

The rotational (TR) temperature of N2 molecules, which is an inductor to gas temperature, was measured in atmospheric pressure micro-plasma jet in He with trace amounts of O2 excited by radio-frequency (RF) power. The influence of different parameters such as input RF power to the plasma, different O2 admixtures ratio and the RF pulse modulation frequency, on the gas temperature Tg was investigated. The results show that the control of the operating conditions of the plasma jets enables the tailoring of gas temperature.

Mineral Clays Bearing Montmorillonite Mineral, Studies of Physical and Structural Properties and Application in the Oil Industry

R. A. Buker; Z. M. S. Aldaly

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 756-772

Preparation and characterization of an adsorbent catalyst from natural mineral clay sample obtained from Kara Tappa area in the province of Diyala/ Iraq, in addition to its application in petroleum industries have been studied.
The solubility of the clay sample in some acidic and basic mediums was performed in order to get the more active and selective adsorbent catalyst, as a result, the sample which was treated progressively by three (25%) concentration acids (HCL, H2SO4 and CH3COOH) was the best from the adsorbent view. Physical properties as well as chemical analysis of these samples were investigated. The mineralogical properties of those samples, powder x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, thermal analysis and infrared spectra.
Results indicated that such materials bear montmorillonite mineral in their composition in addition to others which vacillate them to be an adsorbent catalysts applied in chromatographic fractionation of Qaiyarah petrolene using five eluants increased in their polaritie. Infrared, nuclear magnetic resonanc (1H&13C NMR) techniques were utilized to determine the chemical composition of the separated fractions

Application of the Operational Matrices for Solving Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations System of the Second Kind

Oday A. Jasim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 773-785

In this paper, we use the Operational Matrices generated from Haar Wavelets to solve Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations System of the Second Kind. We found that high accuracy of the results in this method in the solution of nonlinear integral equations is realized even in case of the small capacity matrices, but the accuracy of the solutions increases when the capacity of the matrices being used gets larger.
As for its efficiency it is tested by solving two examples for which the exact solution is known. This allows us to estimate the More Accuracy of the obtained numerical results.

Keywords: Operational Matrices, Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations, Haar Wavelets.

A Study of Al-TaϚajjub (Exclamation) in the Glorious QurɁaan with Reference to Translation into Arabic

Muhammad Tahir Sattam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 786-812

This paper aims at studying the phenomenon of ‘al-taϚajjub’ (exclamation) in The Glorious QurɁaan. It sheds some light on the different forms and meanings of ‘al-taϚajjub’ following a rhetorical approach. It also pinpoints areas in the QurɁaanic ‘aayaat’ (verses) posing difficulties to translators. Renderings by five Moslem and non-Moslem translators have been chosen as samples for analysis. The renditions are discussed with the aim of showing the most appropriate areas of success and proposing slightly modified renderings when necessary.
The study hypothesizes that ‘al-taϚajjub’ does not stand as equivalent to ‘exclamation’ in English. It also hypothesizes that there is no one to one formal correspondence between the forms of ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic and their counterparts in English. Consequently, translators use different devices to transfer the forms and meanings of ‘al-taϚajjub’ to English.
The procedure followed in this work involves a description of the phenomenon of ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic, its forms and functions, and its counterpart in English, as well as analysis of renderings by five well-known translators chosen as subjects in order to discover the areas of success or failure they adopted in their transferring the Glorious ‘aayaat’ involving ‘al-taϚajjub’. Proposed renderings have been provided when necessary. The main conclusion the study arrived at is that there is no
one – to – one formal correspondence between ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic and their counterparts in English which can be attributed to different devices used in Arabic as well as English.

The Translation of Arabic Al-Adhdad (Opposites) in the Glorious Qur’an into English: Problems and Strategies

Ziyad A. Mahmood; Mohammed J. Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 813-828

The present paper is an attempt to investigate the nature of an Arabic semantic phenomenon called ‘Al-Adhdad’ (opposites). This phenomenon of having entirely two opposite meanings arises when an expression contains either a lexical item or a grammatical construction which can be interpreted in two opposite ways, i.e. having two opposite readings. The study aims at (1) showing how this phenomenon is realized in the TL (English). (2) pointing out some problems which may result from rendering verses manifesting this phenomenon. (3) proposing a rendering which goes along with the Qur’anic interpretation if there is none. The study hypothesizes that such phenomenon most probably goes unnoticed by the translators and that the semantic approach or even literal translation is usually opted for. The study comes up with the conclusion that ‘Al-Adhdad’, compared with English, is uniquely an Arabic semantic phenomenon which represents a problematic area for the translators who conduct their translations at a purely linguistic level without realizing that another meaning, precisely the opposite meaning, may be intended depending on the context of situation.

The Impact of Inflection on Translating Some Verses in the Glorious Qur'ān into English

Yasir Younis Abdulwahid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 829-839

يَتَحرّى البَحثُ أَثَرَ الحَرَكاتِ في تَرجَمَةِ آياتٍ من القُرآنِ الكَريمِ الى اللُّغةِ الإنكليزية ويُحاوِلُ دِراسَةَ كَيفِيَّةِ تَعامُلِ المُتَرجِمينَ مَعَ الآياتِ التي تُؤدي الحَرَكَاتُ فيهَا دَوراً كَبيراً في تَغييرِ المَعنى، ثُـمَّ تَصحيحَ هذهِ الآياتِ إعتماداً على التَفاسيرِ القُرآنيةِ المَوثوقَةِ.
يَفتَرِضُ البَحثُ بأن مَسألةَ الحَركاتِ لَمْ تُعطَ اهتِماماً مِن قِبَلِ مُتَرجمي القُرآنِ الكَريمِ مُسَبِّبَة ً الوقُوعَ في أَخطَاءٍ في التَرجَمَة . وَبِتَحليلِ خَمسِ تَرجَماتٍ للقُرآن الكَريمِ وُجِدَ أَنَّ المُترجِمينَ خَرجوا بِتَرجَماتٍ غَيرِ دَقيقَةٍ على قَدرِ تَعَلُّقِ الأَمرِ بمَسأَلةِ الحَرَكاتِ،ولِتَحقيقِ فَهمٍ أَفضَلَ لَدى القَاريء/الهَدفِ يُوصَى بِتَنقيحِ هَذه التَّرجَمَات.