Volume 11, Issue 4, Autumn 2012, Page 1-765

Effect of a guiding program on Eliminating Poet Students the Nergisic in the College of Education

Ahmed Younis Mahmood AL-Bajjari

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 1-29

This research investigates the impact a guiding program on Eliminating Poet student’s nergisic in the College of Education. The sample includes (14) poet students from the third year, Geography Department, college of Education, university of Mosul. These students have nergisic characteristis according to poet nergisic scale ; their scores on the poet energetic scale have been computed as per-test scores. The subjects of the sample have been divided into two groups. Students in the first group (experimental) have the chance of training on mental and emotional cure, while the (control) group don’t have any training. Using wilcoxon test for two correlated groups and man-Whitney test for two independent samples, the results showed significant statistical difference for the benepit of the experimental group on (0.05) level of significance since the students trained on counseling way. In the light of the results, some recommendations and suggestions have been presented.

Essence - Appearance and it’s Relation with Self -efficacy and Scholastic Achievement for Preparatory School Students

Afraa Ibrahim Khalil

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 30-62

The present study aimed to measure essence, appearance with self-efficacy and scholastic achievement and to find the balance between males and females in these variables. And then to know the linking relation between these variables .The researcher used the descriptive analytic approach, the study sample contains 500 students (males and females), they were chosen in random classist method and they represent (15%) from the study society which contain (3328) preparatory school students (males and females). The researcher used two scales, she built one for essence and appearance and adopted another for self -efficacy, after translating and arabising it, and she made it suitable for Iraqi environment and then she took the degrees of the sample’s scholastic achievement from midyear exams, except the subjects of artistic and physical education.
The results of the study denote that the sample students have high level of self-efficacy and they have high level of essence and they have good scholastic achievement, and the males have more self interaction than females, and there is no difference in essence according to sex variable (males-females), and the males have more scholastic achievement than females. Moreover there is a positive linking relation between the variables. In accordance to the verified results, the researcher has recommended certain recommendations and suggestions.

The Effect of Support Style on Reducing Audience Anxiety of Intermediate Students

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 63-100

Audience anxiety is considered an undesirable social and psychological characteristic as it stands for one of the problems which hinders the communication process between the individual and the others. Persons who suffer from audience anxiety have no ability to speak or perform before the others and avoid the participation in the social activities with a tendency to introversion that leads to reducing their innovative and productive capacities. So, the research aimed at identifying the influences of support style on decreasing audience anxiety through several zero hypotheses which indicate that there are no statistically-significant differences between the ranks of the experimental groups and the ranks of the control group the audience anxiety scale after applying the aforementioned techniques. To accomplish the objective of the research an audience anxiety scale was built and it consisted of (25) paragraphs after completing the conditions of validity, stability, and the ability to distinguish. Also, guide programs were built and each of them consisted of (10) guide sessions using the techniques of "support". The techniques are related to the personality structures of the scientist "Kelly". The program were demonstrated including the needs, goals, and the activities they include to the experts who concluded the validity of the program for the research. Then, a sample of (20) students who were randomly chosen from the research population (represented by the students of the intermediate grade in Kirkuk). The sample was divided into two groups; one of them are experimental and the other control group.
The researcher used several statistical tools including: Crosscal and Alice test, K2, T test, Pearson correlation coefficient, coefficient, Wilcoxin test and Man Whitney test. After applying the program on the experimental group, the results showed a statistically significant differences between the ranks of the two experimental groups marks with the ranks of the control group marks on the scale of audience anxiety
The research was concluded with several recommendations including: the necessity of the role of the family to teach children how to speak and perform before the others (audience) and supporting them while doing that, and avoiding punishing them or mocking them while there is audience. The research also presented several suggestions. Most prominent of which are: the necessity of conducting a study to identify the impact of support and on dealing with other problems and also conducting a study to identify the impact of other didactic techniques that are important in decreasing the audience anxiety.

Workmanship modern poetry

Ali slebe AL- Marsoumi; Mohammed Saber Obaid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 101-121

Question hair is one of the questions problematic permanent, which began with the beginning of crystallization of the concept of poetry in the cultures of nations since ancient times, has remained to this question is renewed in every revolution of poetry seeks to develop a new concept of hair, because this question is problematic does not stop at the borders of forming capillary or the structure of poetry or method poetic, but it comes toarea receiving also, in every sense of the area of cultural sensitivity and visionaryintellectual, cultural,nd Tassh of relationship with a history Charters is full with sex hair, as the sex creative months and the most heavily traded in the Arab culture since ancient times, until he reached it as ((Office of the Arabs)).

Signs of urban civilization in the poetry of AL-Sarai AL-Rafaa ( died -A.H./ A.D)

urban; civilization

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 122-148

This paper aims at investigating the objective dimensions of urban civilization at the Abssid society for the Mosulian poem AL-Sarai AL-Rafaa, to shed light on them and to extract an integrated look that defines the depth of these dimensions for one of the important poems of Abassid era. The method followed in this study focused on choosing som of his poets, study, analyze and comparing objective aspects and artistic features. In order to keep the objectivity and muses of the poet , the research consisted of the following parts presented by an introduction about Abassid civilization and urbanism . The caliphs paid a lot of attention to build mansions , pool and their accessories, castes, churches, bridges, etc….poems attention was caught by urbanism and life development than it was befor they were the contemporaries of this civilization and masterpieces.

Al-Qasimi’s Discretion in the Linguistic Interpretation of the Quran Through his Interpretation (Mahasin Al-Ta’weel) An Analytic Linguistic Study

Dr. Mahir Jasim Al-Omary

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 149-189

Al-Qasimi’s interpretation of the Glorious Quran (Mahasin Al-Ta’weel) has a remarkable effect on the discretion in the field of linguistic interpretation of the Glorious Quran. His discretions have been come out through four fields of discussions which are parsing, reference, rhetoric and the rhetorical interpretation. Al-Qasimi is of the view that (والصلاة الوسطى) has two possible parsing cases. The first case is that (والصلاة الوسطى) is an adjective to (الصلاة) and the second case is that it is an antecedent to (الصلاة). The second possibility seems to have preponderance over the first one. As for the parsing of the sentence (ولكن من شرح بالكفر صدرا) he sees it either a synthetic explicative or an interpretative synthetic whereas it is a conditional sentence the result clause of which is (وعليهم غضب من الله). Al-Qasimi has mentioned that (الوعد الحق) refers to the signs of victory and conquer whereas the correct view is that it refers to the day of resurrection. He also states that (يأجوج ومأجوج) is a proper noun referring to any nation with numerous population and different races. The correct view is that (يأجوج ومأجوج) refers to two tribes of the children of Adam and his offspring. He has mentioned that the rhetorical purpose of the predicate in (أنهم لا يرجعون) is the declaring what upsets them and makes them regretful while it is probably a confirmation to what precedes it and fulfilling the punishment in the day of resurrection. Al-Qasimi has also referred to the possibility of using (البصير) and (العليم) interchangeably as a metaphor whereas they are probably used literally and when they are used as metaphor, they cannot be used interchangeably. He has shown that the preference of the verb (أحتمل) to the verb (حمل) is assigned to its additional meaning and its morphological strength but its rhetorical meaning refers to strength, enormousness and exaggeration. He also explains that the preference of the word (لا يحل) to the word (حرم) is that it is a kind of honoring to the prophet (peace be upon him) and the first word suits his position rather than the other.

The Employment of Religious and Mythical Traditionson in Some Samples of Modern Arabic Poems

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 190-214

This study aims at shedding light on the tradition that enriches the poetic experiences in order to be original and comprehensive. It also affects these experiences through artistic media which the reader touches. Thus, tradition is not an end, but it is a medium through which poets express their expectations and sufferings. The most areas of tradition belong to some religious events and myths such as "The last Supper "of the Christ and the myth of ''Sisyphus''. Some modern poets like Al-Sayyaab , Al-Bayyati, Amal Donkul, and Mahmood Darwish , Odynis , and Abdul Al- Aziz Al-Makalihi use these two sources which affect their poetic productions. They try to show the issue of the Arabic individual and to transmit it to the receiver.

The Syntactic Formation of the Uses of Haythu (where ) in the Holy Koran and its References

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 215-238

The Research deals with the word haythu (where ) in the Holy Koran in its uses and references .This word belongs to the adverbs that receive the attention of the linguists and grammarians .So ,the research examines various means possessed by the Arabic dialects and the reason behind its uniflection ,the acceptance of joining a preposition and being added to a single word or a sentence .Also , the research shows its positions in the Holy Koran with reference to the opinions of the Koran interpreters and grammarians .

Collective phobia and irony of fate : a study in the phobia of narrative character in " the sons of Jewish woman " for Tahseen Karmiani as a case in stu

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 239-262

The current study involves a psychological point of view for narrative characters , to reveal their inner circles given their backgrounds at their raise. Such backgrounds affected defining aggressive bahaviour against the other. How collective memory affects directing their behaviours and clinging with old stories that is formed in a legendary way. The characters subject completely to them and becomes a prisoner of its powers after being molded in religious and social frames. The study also deals with the struggle of three main characters. Each of which is a contrastive axis. Each represents three authorities: suppressive, religious and humanitarian. These authorities appear to be strong and hold, but soon they get weak and vanish because of the deeply rooted phobia inside and end in becoming a jelly fish with tragic end. It is to be mentioned that our study is based on psychological approach. It mustn't be understood as an approach that joins the character of the writer and his book. More likely , we compared psychological explanation with the behavior of narrative characters (cartoonist ) in Bart's expression . Never the less, we state that this narrative behavior is just an echo of human behavior This means that applying the course depends on analyzing the literarily text itself away from the humanitarian character of its creator. It is a clinical treatment for nervous characters

Inclusion in the Holy Quraan ANed Reading and Applicative Sstudy for Chosen Quranic Evidences

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 263-304

In the name of Allah, thanks for Allah, blessing and peace be upon his messenger, on his family and his companions and his followers.
What was written by modern researchres on the subject of inclusion in the Holy Quraan , had increased on the basis of treating it as on original grammatical subject and imitating the old grammarians In fact , it is a fabricated subject , and it was followed in the analysis and explaining of the Holy Quraan .
The research included four section and a conclusion, the first section dealt with the definition of the inclusion and its aims The second one included presenting and explaining some chosen Quranic evidences. In the third section , the researcher tackled correlating inclusion with the Holy Quraan eloquent. As for the fourth section, it dealt with the relation of inclusion with the subjenctive mood saying on avulsion of the object .

The Snake in the Assyrian Civilization

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 305-323

The Snake Played an important role in a very attentive way but in paradoxical duality. Sometimes, it is a symbol of evil sources, temptations, and death in mythology .Sometimes it is used as a symbol of life ,medicine, and recovery. For this reason ,the snake takes its part in forming the symbols of gods and worshipped materials.
The Present research deals with presenting the Snake in many inscriptions whether royal or omen or oracle texts .It has different interpretation. It is also mentioned in magic texts and in incantation and prayer, which helps prevent the evil of the snake. Finally, The research sheds light on the scenes which reflect the snake in artistic works such as sculptures ,portraits , jwelleries,…etc.

The Leader Ali bin Yahya Al–arminy (d. 249A.H./863A.D.)

Taha Khudeir Ubaid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 324-338

The research attempts to shed light on the leader and the prince Ali bin Yahya Al –arminy who is considered one of the famous Abbasid leaders and princes. He did great services to the Abbasid caliphate in both administration and war .He ruled Egypt twice ,known by his good conduct and administration .He also became a leader of the thughur of Bilad al- Sham for thirteen years ,leading annual military campaigns against the Byzantine state , in which he kept al thughur of their administration , and he was characterized by his courage of his good military leadership .He ruled Armenia and Azerbaijan before he fell a martyr in al- thughur while defending them in 249 A.H. /863 A.D. The research concluded that his courage and his well-known administration represented an archetype for the brave leader of the good –natured ruler, he served Islam well and he embodied a really illuminating biography.

Thee confrontation of the Khalefa Omar Bin Al-kattab ( to be satisfied with Allah ) to the crisis of ( Am Al-ramada ) 18A.H / 639A.D

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 339-361

The study deals with starvation which took place in Arab Homeland in 639A.D / 18H. This incident lasted about nine months in its cruel situation . This was accordingly called " Am Al-ramada " for the heavy dust. The research presents the reasons of this starvation and how Caliph Omar Bin Al-khattab ( God bless him ) dealt with such crisis and lessened its effect on people. Omar's treatment of this problem shows how the Caliph lived among people and how he told rulers in Al-sham (Syria), Egypt and Iraq to send their shares of nutrition to Al-Madina Al-Munawara . He establish ed certain specialized committees to prepare food to people everyday. Such nutritious help were sent to children and oldmen everywhere. At that time , the Caliph called the Muslims to pray and ask mercy from God in order to remove this crisis. Finally, the problem was solved by putting some solutions according to Omar's intellectuality . The Caliph for example , delayed Zakah Charge and also stopped punishment of cutting hands in cases of robbery. The Caliph thus administered and treated wisely this problem to save people from starvation.

The Nature of Aggressions by Polytheist Leaders on the Prophet and Muslims in the Meccan Era

Kataab Ismail Ahmead

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 362-390

The aim of the present study is to clarify the nature of aggressions that the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.) and the Moslems faced in diffusing the Islamic Call among people in Mecca and outside it since the Glorious Expedition. After the Call became overt in the fourth year of the Expedition, the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.) was bothered severely by the non-Moslems till the end of the Meccan era in the th year of the Expedition. The non-Moslem leaders increased their aggression towards the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.). They also harmed the Moslems after they realized that they embraced Islam. The non-Moslems revealed their contradicting attitudes towards Meccan sanctity represented by Meccan Haram and Al-Hurum Months. These attitudes were characterized by duality in standards. In the mean time, the non-Moslem leaders were urging the Arabic tribes under their control to the necessity of respecting the Meccan sanctity and holiness, and to the necessity of not trespassing to others under any condition. Even the animals were not to be trespassed that people were forbidden from hunting them in the Meccan Haram or during the four Hurum Months.
The non-Moslems were strongly committed to their policy, for it had many interests to them. But they soon forgot what they were urging people to do, i.e. the necessity of respecting the Meccan Haram. So, they tortured and oppressed the Moslems in many was especially when they felt that their interests were jeopardized. Thus, the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.) was impinged in different ways. For example, He as well as His followers were neglected and mocked. He suffered from attempts of being defiled of His reputation. In addition, the non-Moslem leaders of Mecca imposed the methods of intimidation and desiring on the Prophet specifically and on Moslems generally. The leaders negotiated with the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.) and then with His uncle (Abu-Talib) to force Him to quit diffusing Islam among people. They also asked Him to bring miracles as a condition to believe in Him. Eventually, they planned to torture, threaten, and assassinate the Prophet (G.B.P.B.U.H.). Every time the plans of their leaders failed in fighting Islam, they changed them according to the nature of the conflict between the two parties.

The Relationship Between The Sense-Motor Variables and The Level of Skillful Performance on Some Gymnastics Equipments for Men

Maeyof Thanon Hantosch

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 391-415

The research aims to identify the correlation of the mutual sense of perception - motor skills and some basic methodology in the gymnastics lesson for students in the third grades in the department of physical education. The objective of this research is to identify the relationship between sensory - motor perception variables and both of sensation (of time and jump forward and a sense of feet and the vertical jump and strength of grip) on the one hand and the level of performance on gymnastics equipments on the other. The researcher hypothesized that there is a correlation between the sense-motor perception and both the sensation (of time and jump forward and a sense of feet and the vertical jump and strength of grip), and the accuracy of performance skills on the gymnastics equipment on the other. The researcher used the descriptive method with correlative relations because it suits the research problem .
The research sample consisted of students in grade three in the department of physical education who have been selected deliberately The research community was ( ) students, ( ) students were excluded and( ) students did not attend the lessons regularly. Both the experimental and principal samples reached ( ) students for the academic year ( (.
The researcher used the following statistical methods: (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, the percentage factor, simple correlation (Pearson). To analyze the data, the statistical package (SPSS) has been used .
The researcher concluded that there is a relationship between the sense of time and some of the gymnastics equipments. There is a connection between the hard jump forward and land movements as well as between the hard jump forward and the horse, while there is no correlation with the rest of the advices. There is a connection between the sense of foot and land movements, while there was no connection with the rest of the devices. And there is a relationship between the vertical jump and horse jumping while there is no relationship with the rest of the devices. And there is a relationship between grip strength and the parallel device while there was no connection with the rest of the devices .
The researcher recommended the emphasis on strength training, especially muscle (muscle stretching exercises), flexibility, and agility during gymnastics lessons

An Assessing and Correcting Study of Shmisany Movement in Gymnastic: from a Biomechanical View

Thaeer Ghanim Hamdoon

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 416-443

Gymnastic is characterized by developing the technical performance through creation and brevity where competition in international championships has become a difficulty. The study problem lies in the difficulty faced by the coach while training the technical performance of sports movement, gymnastic in particular, because of movement speed and the intervening movements in case the movement is highly difficult. The study aims at identifying the values of some biomechanical variables of Shmisany movement and technical performance mistakes through biomechanical analysis. The study also aims at making correcting exercises in accordance with the mistakes and identifying changes in values of biomechanical variables of Shmisany movement. The descriptive approach is used in the study. The study sample was deliberately selected, consisting of one player in the Iraqi National Team for Gymnastic for (2010). Questionnaire, measurement and scientific observation were the means for collecting data. Some biomechanical variables were used in concluding the results (distance, time and speed of the preparatory, main and final stages, the equipment leaving and touching angle …) The study sample was video taped and then biomechanical analysis was done using I Film Edit 1.3, Adobe Premiere 6.5, ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, AutoCAD 2012, Microsoft Office Excel 2010 software. Change ratio law was used for the statistical analysis of the results. The study concluded that the correcting exercises increase the real distance of both the preparatory and the main stages that in turn decrease the real distance of the final stage. The correcting exercises also increased the time of performing the three stages, the preparatory, the main and the final. Body mass weight centre speed for both the preparatory and the final stages largely decreased but increased for the main stage because of the correcting exercises. The researcher recommended that the second flight height should be more in order to allow for the player to complete the jump and to collect all body parts while making the round circular turn in the second flying in order to decrease inertia and increase motor movement. This will complete the turn circularly and prepare the player to move for the final stage of landing. It is also confirmed that rolling should be completed while making the air turn in the second flying and not delaying body stretch at the end of rolling stage. Body positions and joints that have an efficient role in implementing the movement should be stressed.

A Comparative study of self-Alienation phenomenon between first and fourth grade students at the college of physical education

Oday G.AL-Kwaz; Slwan khaled Mahmod; Mahmod.M.Al

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 444-474

1. Recognizing to the phenomenon of the self Alienation for both first and fourth grade in the college of physical education at university of mosul.
2. Comparing between the students of the first and the fourth grade in self-alienation.
The sample was chosen regularly in organized randomly way by choosing (10) student from each class of booth first and fourth grade. To reach the total number of the sample which are (160) students .divided in to tow classes,(8) for the first grade and (8) from the last grade to achieve the aims of this research, the scale of the self alienation have been used for (zabe and all saud edition 2008) after altering in to be fit to the research sample and making sure its fact objectivity. The data processed statistically by using (t-test) for one sample and (t-test) for tow independent samples and the average suggestion
Then the researchers concluded the following :
1. The scale of self-alienation has been adapted to be fit to the students of Physical Education College in mosul university.
2. Non of the first grade student nor fourth grade student are suffering of the self-alienation.
3. There are no moral differences between first and fourth grade student in the self-alienation, (none standardizing, inability and meaningless)
4. . In amoral, differences fourth grade students feel isolated in with first grade students.

Leadership behavior of the volleyball coaches from the viewpoint of their women players

Mohammad K. M. Al-Zubaidi; Anmar A. Al-Dabagh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 475-505

-The pattern of leadership behavior of the Premier League clubs coaches volleyball league for women in Iraq from the viewpoint of their women players. The researchers used the descriptive method with survey manner because its suitability to the nature of research, the research sample consisted(110) player of country club players of the excellent volleyball degree during (2011-2012) the scale of leadership behavior of trainers from the standpoint of the players had been used as a research tool, the scale in cluded (38) items distributed in to (5) areas, namely (training behavior, democratic behavior, autocratic behavior, assistant social behavior and reward behavior),Data processing have been obtained by using (the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentage low, analysis of variance, (Pearson’s)simple correlation coefficient, Spearman–Brown equation). The researchers recorded the following:
- The emergence of reward performance as the best method of the first order for a leading sport club coaches followed by training method.
- low autocratic style which came in last place as a method of authoritarian dictatorship.
As a results researchers, recommend the following:
- Interest in both reward and training manners by the trainers during training and competition being the best methods of leadership.
- Avoid autocratic leadership style when dealing with women players during training and competition as a method of authotitarian dictatorship.
- The need to search and conduct similar studies on the rest of sporting activities for both sexes.
- The need to involve trainers in training sessions to learn the methods of specialists in sport psychology, in order to confirm the role of leadership through training and competition.

Administrative Obstacles Facing Sport Unions in Nineveh Governorate

Walid Khalid Hommam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 506-544

Sport is Considened an extended history as well as traditions and principles which dates back to dawn of humanity. Human history recorded that first human practiced different kinds of sport activities since the dawn of human existence . These aspects of activity had many goals to be achieved , since athletic games gained its social status and is occupying a space in the time of the individual and integrated in the frame of preparation and organization regularly (Al-Hammamy 1997,65).
Sport unions are the official side responsible of organizing and administrating activities related to the game they supervise. Thus, the policy followed can prove its efficiency in a way or another in the regions they supervise through the outcomes of championships, and the level of spread and development ( Al-Bannani , 2001 , 32).
The research aims to define the administrative obstacles facing sport unions in Nineveh governorate on the following bases:
1- planning obstacles facing sport unions in Nineveh governorate.
2- organization obstacles facing sport unions in Nineveh governorate
3-Supervision obstacles facing sport unions in Nineveh governorate.
4-Authority obstacles facing sport unions in Nineveh governorate.
The researcher used the descriptive method (surveillance study ). The society of the research are the workers in sport unions in Nineveh governorate (administratives – trainers – referees ).
In order to prepare the survey related to the research, the researcher depended on relative previous studies , in addition to personal interviews to get the important relevant data and by following the scientific bases via validity, stability and objectivity in preparing items and axes of the survey.
The researcher applied the survey in its final form on the sample (i.e.administratives and trainers ) from (15/8/2011- until 20/9/2011). After applying the survey questionnaire , surveys were collected andg data were extracted to do the appropriate statistical means.
The researcher concluded the following:
1- goals do not coincide with the available resources.
2-dividing the work is not done on the bases of the available time and on achievement efficiency due to the absence of a list to organize the work and to explain the duties and responsibilities.
3-The union have no bonus list for distinguished players and trainers due to the lack of resources and financial balances allocated. This, in turn has its effect on the absence of development for players and trainers.
The researcher recommended the following:
1- the necessity of coordinating the goals with the available resources
2-the necessity of providing positive lists to organize the work inside the union to organize the duties and responsibilities to increase the amount of achieving the administrative work positively.
3-the necessity of providing tools and devices inside the union as well as the region it covers and joining clubs in a game by members of the society.

A Comparative Study of some Electromyography variables between different intensities in Sitting and standing phases of back squat

Laith I. Sabri; Alaa Aldin F. Khattab; Maad M. Allawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 565-595

1. Know some variables of electromyography of biceps femoris vastus tatralis of back squat in sitting and standing.
2. Compare between sitting and standing periods in some variables of electromyography of back squat of biceps
3. Compare between two different tensions (medium and top) in some electromyography of back squat of biceps femoris and vastus lateralis.
1. There are significant differences between sitting and standing in some variables of electromyography of back squat (biceps and vastus latralis).
2. There are significant differences between the different tensions (medium and top) in some variables of electromyography (biceps and vastus latralis).
Descriptive analysis has been used by the researchers, the sample were students of Physical Education college. Electromyography has been used in this study to analyze the activity of biceps and vastus lateralis, the electrodes have been also fixed on muscles after skin hair removing and treated with alcohol to get rid of noise. The researchers concluded that:
1. The stage of standing has succeeded over the sitting stage significantly within the variables of top wave and length wave and the wave area, statistically in time of vastus lateralis during medium tension.
2. The sitting stage has succeeded over the standing stage significantly in the variable of top wave and statistically in wave length, wave area, and time of biceps femoris in medium tension.
3. The standing stage has succeeded over the sitting stage significantly in the top of wave and statistically in the variables of wave length, wave area of biceps femoris in less top tension.
4. The sitting stage has succeeded over the standing stage significantly during the top wave and statistically in variables of wave length wave area, time of biceps femoris in less top tension.
5. The less top tension has succeeded over medium tension during the sitting stage significantly in variables of wave length and statistically in wave area and time.

Sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from rhinosinusitis cases towards some antibiotics and their abilities of β-lactamase production

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 596-611

Twenty isolated of Klebsiella pneumonia and 44 isolated of Staphylococcus aureus were obtained from rhinosinsitis cases and biochemically characterized. The effect of some antibiotic were studied on both genera, Amikacin and Ciprofloxacin showed significant effect on the K.pneumoniae strains while it showed greater resistence towards Gentamicin and Rifampicin.The antibiotics Gentamicin, Vancomycin,Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole showed a great effect on S.aureus strains while it showed a greater resistence against the antibiotics Amoxicillin and Methicillin.The ability of these bacteria to produce β-lactamase & extended spectrum β-lactamase results showed that the strians of two types of bacteria had a great ability of β-lactamase production while small percentage of K.pneumoniae strians showed production of extended spectrum β-lactamase

Separation and identification of mycotoxins afla B1 from some contaminated food and its effect on the growth of albino mice males

Saleh Easa M; Nagham M. Azzw Al-Naser

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 611-622

This study aimed to separate and detect aflatoxin B1 from (18) samples of foodstuffs which is exposed in local markets in Mosul city. It were different foodstuffs flavors which is used in the preparation of rapid and ready food meals to give its suitable flavor, which contain extracts of red and white meats (Beaf and Chickens), vegetables and mushroom.
Aflatoxin B1 had been separated and detected from most of these food samples, with different concentration, some of them were in concentration more than the limits allowed by the World Health Organization, also three of them were free from contamination by this aflatoxin.
The study of the effect of adding one sample which was naturaly contaminated by aflatoxin B1 to the food of experimental animals (Albino mice), showed that increasing aflatoxin level in mice food lead to a decrease in its weight and an increase in the weight of some of its internal organs such as the liver

The Plant Callus of Thyme Thymus vulgaris L.

Abdullah N; Taghrid N. Ahmed; Zena Y. Kasem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 623-636

The present study managed to initiate the callus of the plant parts (leaves, stems and roots) from the sterilized complete plants of the Thymus vulgaris L. in MS medium which was supplied with various of growth regulator (BA and NAA) and (Kin and 2,4-D) which reached production on percentage 100% in the medium which included BA and NAA in all parts (leaves, stems and roots) but in various periods, the best medium is MS included 1.0 mg/L of BA and NAA 0.5 mg/L. The best part to initiate callus in short periode (7-10) days were leaves explant, next the stems part (7-14) day, and root in long periode (5-30) days.
The callus of the leaves, stems and roots of Thymus vulgaris L. had a high ability of forming green branches in the used planting medium which consisted in the same concentration 1.0 mg/L of BA and 0.5 mg/L of NAA. This is called one step regeneration, the produced plants of Thymus vulgaris L. from the plant callus were acclimatized in the conditions of the glass house after the success of the enrooting process in free MS medium.

Measurement of Some Biochemical Parameters for Liver and Kidney Functions in Children With Thalassemia

Owayes M. Al-Hassani; Mahmood I. Al-Jebouri; Fatema H

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 637-645

This study aims at recognizing the negative effects of Thalassemia disease, on the functions of both the kidney and liver, The research constitutes 40 patients with the age of (5-10) years old in addition to 15 children as a control group having the same age range. The biochemical parameters have measured the liver function represented by measuring the effectivity of liver enzyme aminotransferase (Aspartate aminotransferase “AST” and Alanine aminitransferase “ALT”), in addition to the measurement of serum total protein, bilirupine, urea and albumin. Kidney function is measured through including uric acid and creatinine.
The results of the study have shown a decrease in the total protein concentration in the serum of blood at the level of (6.16 ± 0.1 p ≤ 0.05) in male children compared with the control group level which is (8.7 ± 0.7 p ≤ 0.05), the urea concentration has shown an increase the serum of male children as (47.4 ± 4.8 p ≤ 0.05) compared with the level for the control group which is(35.2 ± 3.5 p ≤ 0.05), enzymes Alanine aminitransferase and Aspartate aminotransferase show an increase in the serum of both (male and female) children which is (26.42 ± 1.6,48.9 ± 2.9 p ≤ 0.05) and (23.81 ± 2, 42.7 ± 3.6 p ≤ 0.05), respectively, compared with the control group level which is (33.2 ± 4.3 p ≤ 0.05) and (18.5 ± 2.3 p ≤ 0.05), uric acid increase in the serum of (male and female) children blood has reached (8.32 ± 0.9 p ≤ 0.05) and (8.5 ± 0.6 p ≤ 0.05), respectively, compared with the control group level which are(7 ± 1.1 p ≤ 0.05)and (6.3 ± 0.23 p ≤ 0.05)

The Parliamentary Experience Challenges in Kuwait

Waleed Salim Mohammad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 646-671

The relation between the two authorities, the legislative and executive, has been, and still, representing a harmonious dialectic sometimes and a contradictory one other time, influenced, between this and that, by the relations of conflict and cooperation. The Kuwaiti parliamentary experience does not go outside this context, as it witnesses challenges and attractions among the parliamentary scene spectra. This lies in the political dialectic hierarchy in the relation between the government and the parliament, which is based in its origins on the tribal values that portrayed the Kuwaiti society and painted its political scene.
This research tries to study the obstacles and challenges on the level of values and practices in a tribal society such as Kuwait, in which the ruling authority and political forces try to look like a democratic modern society in a region where tribal nature prevails.

Religion and its Role in the Curtailment of the Phenomenon of Corruption

z Salih Mahmood; Fai

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 672-693

في القرآن الكريم نجد تنبيهات وتحذيرات من الفساد ودعوة للإصلاح جاءت في أكثر من موضع من النص العزيز وأنّ الله تعالى قد نبه إلى ضرورة اجتناب الفساد، لما له من آثار وخيمة على البلاد والعباد، فضلاً عن توجيه الباري عزّ وجل الوعيد للمفسدين بأنّ الله تعالى دائماً لهم بالمرصاد.
والفساد قد عاد في نهاية الثمانينيات من لقرن العشرين إلى الظهور على الأجندة ، إذْ أصبح موضوعاً ساخناً ، يجذب اهتمام الحكومات في الدول المعاصـرة، وعدداً متزايداً من الباحثين في مختلف المجالات، فكتبوا الكثير عن الفساد، وعلاقته بالتنمية وتعقيدات الإصلاح، فتراكم قدر كبير من المعارف، والبيانات، والخبرات، كان من الصعب تخيلها قبل جيل من الآن.

On the Independent, Restrained, Total and Connected Domination Number of Musical Graphs

Aihan A. Khalil

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 731-737

A set S of vertices in a graph called a dominating set if every vertex either is in S or is adjacent to at least one vertex in S .The domination number of a graph G denoted by is the minimum size of the dominating sets of G. In this paper we studied the domination number, independent, restrained, total and connected domination number in Musical graphs.

The Future of Political Development in Modern Iraq

Hamdan Ramadhan Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 738-754

Research in political development has received considerable attention from sociologists especially in the current century. The attention stemmed from the nature of rapid change and transformation that emerged in the social structures of human societies. The development requirements needed by the Iraqi society impose their considerations as a definitive launching point for a dimensionally integrated modern political development process. The indices of political development embodied in policies of change and democracy lead us to conclude that political development still deviates in one degree or another from the essence of the political developmental process. The importance of the research emerges from its attempt to consider a subject that hasn’t received throughout consideration in the current Iraqi situation, a subject engulfed by ambiguity because of the relative modernity of the concept of political development from the point of view of the Iraqi political ideology. This is because the concept of political development hasn’t started to be used till recently in this country, imposing a requirement to analyze the concept academically and embody it and deduce it practically. Besides, it has become necessary to expound the actual benefit from using the concept of political development in analyzing the political, social and civil transformation in our society and accelerating these transformations.

Influence of Zinc Fertilization levels on Growth, Yield and Quality of Some Sunflower Genotypes (Helianthus annuus L.)

Saad A. M. Al-Doori; Moaid Y. H. Al-Dulaimy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 741-730

The study included two field experiments for (Helianthus annuus L.) conducted during spring growing seasons of 2009, 2010 in two locations. The first Sheikh Mohamed 25km west north Mosul city, the second ones Gueer 50 Km east of Mosul city at Nineveh province .The main objective was to find out effect of zinc foliar application on the growth, yield and quality of some Sunflower genotypes. Each experiment was conducted according to factorial experiment in a randomized completely block design with three replications. Each experiment included three levels of zinc foliar application (0, 5 and 10 mg.L-1) were sprayed on the leaves one dose during 6 leaves stage, with three genotypes of Sunflower crops (Record, Mlabar and Fodak). The genotype Mlabar gave a high level for characters Plant height (161,152 cm), stem diameter(2.06,2.20cm), leaf area index(1.78,1.74), dry weight of the head, head diameter flower disc (21.90 , 22.20 cm), number of seeds/head, weight of thousand seed, total seed yield (2.49, 2.49 ton.hectar-1), oil percentage (43.33 , 44.01 %) and oil yield (1.07, 1.09 ton/ha.) in both locations Sheikh Mohamed and Gueer respectively. The foliar application the zinc to the leaves with concentration 10 mg.L-1 lead to a significant increase in plant high (173.55, 163.63cm), while increasing concentration of zinc to 5 mg.L-1 cause a significant increase in number of leaves/plant, leaf area index, dry weight for flower disc, disc diameter (22.32, 22.87 cm) , number of seeds/head, weight of thousand seed, seed yield (2.73, 2.72 ton.hectar-1) and oil (%), oil yield (1.22,1.24 ton.hectar-1) in Sheikh Mohamed and Gueer locations respectively. The interaction between the genotypes and foliar application was significant in some of growth, yield and quality characters, the Mlabar genotype with zinc application to the leaves with concentration 5 mg.L-1 was superior for head diameter (22.92 , 23.27 cm), thousand seed weight (82.63 , 81.53 g), oil yield (1.33, 1.30 ton.hectar-1) for the Sheikh Mohamed and Gueer locations respectively

Translating Allah's Revealed Attributes in the Glorious Qur’an into English – An Islamic Approach

Ali Hasan Mohamed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 755-765

The revealed attributes of Allah is a sensitive subject whose understanding requires being acquainted with the Islamic teachings that deal with these attributes. When it comes to the translation of these attributes, more attention should be paid by the translators. Consequently, this subject will constitute an area of considerable difficulty for the translators since they are required to make a reasonable balance between the Islamic approach and the translational one to deal with this subject properly.
This study aims at bringing to light the importance of adopting the Islamic approach to explore translating the revealed attributes of Allah in the Glorious Quran into English. Five revealed attributes of Allah have been analyzed and compared in six translations to identify the appropriateness of the translations as compared to an adapted model created by combining the Islamic approach and Newmark’s model of translation. It has been verified, in this study, that adopting the Islamic approach along with the translational model is inevitable to translate the revealed attributes appropriately. The translators have shown substantial variation in translating such attributes.