Volume 11, Issue 2, Spring 2012, Page 1-732

The Effect of Using Peer Tutoring Teaching Strategy on Developing Some oral Reading Skills by Special Education Pupils in Reading

Dr.Ahmed M. Noori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 1-36

The current research aims to reveal the impact of peer tutoring strategy on developing and retaining some oral reading skills by special education pupils in reading. To achieve the aim of the research, hypotheses were put related to developing some oral reading skills and other theories about the retention of these skills. The research was limited to third primary class pupils (special education) of both sexes. The researcher used the experimental design of equated groups design. The experimental group was ( 11 ) pupils whereas the control group was (9) pupils. The researcher achieved equation between the groups in various variables.
The research required the existence of tools to measure these three skills and were presented to a pnnel of experts to know their appropriatness for application. Stabililty was calculated using re-test reading (0.75).The Data were statistically analysed using T-test for two independent samples.
The results showed statistically significant difference in favor of the experimental group in developing oral reading. Absence of statistically significant differences between both groups in developing oral reading and accuracy , rather it developed in the same degree for both groups. Retention test, however was for the experimental group because the experimental group retained material more than the control group. Given these facts , some recommendations and suggestion were put complete the research.

The Effect of a Guiding Program on Modifying the self-concept of students at the college of Education

Dr. Ahmed younis Mahmood AL- Bajjari

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 37-61

This research aims to identify the effect of a guiding program on modifying the self-concept of students at the college of Education. the sample consisted of (40)third year students at the Department of Computer /college of Education /University of Mosul, who have a low average of ego depending on their grades on a measure of self-test which considered as a prior-test. Then, they were distributed randomly on two groups. The first were experimental group received training in the way of having a self-affirmation through the collective guidance. The program contains (10) guidance meetings. The second group.
The control one did not receive any training. Using t.Test of interrelated and independent samples, the results showed a statistical significant difference at(0.05)level of sign finance in favor of the experimental group which receive training on the way having a beacon.
In light of the results a number of recommendations and proposals have been stetted.

Impact of Concept Maps on Achievement and Treating Lack of Attention For Special Education Pupils

Ghoson Khalid Sherrif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 62-98

The Current research aims to know the impact of concept maps on the achievement and lack of attention by special education pupils. The researcher used the experimental design of both experimental and control groups . The sample consisted of fourth grade pupils special education class in Nineveh governorate center for the academic year (2010-2011). The sample consisted of (18) pupils divided into two groups: (8)in the experimental and (10) in control group. The researcher made Grammar lesson plans for both groups, a test of (20) items, and depended on lack of attention scale prepared by Al-Ubaidi (1999). Validity of both tools were approved through a presenting them to, and the stability was found by using kodur - Richardson formula (20), for achievement test stability which reached (0.90) whereas half division was used to measure lack of attention reading (0.93) which is considered good . The experiment was applied, after finishing the experiment, tests were done on both groups using (T-test) of two independent samples. The results showed statistically significant differences between the means of the experimental group using concept maps and the means of the control group using the traditional method in achievement and in favor of the experimental group and a change in lack of attention in favor of the experimental group also .Thus, The researcher recommended the use of concept maps in teaching special education pupils and suggested initiating a similar study in science methodology .

The Effect of Using CD in Pafecting and Memorizing Reciting of Holy Quran for Fourth Primary Class Pupils

Ahmed M. Al-Hyale

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 99-138

This research aimed at discovering the impact of using Digital (Vidio Disk , henceforth
(CD) in perfecting and memorising the Holly Kuran for forth grade primary pupils . to fulfill this aim , the researcher put two basic null- hypotheses and each followed by three sub - null hypotheses . the research is limited for forth grade pupils in primary schools ; Al – sanadeed primary school and Al – muhaj primary school , for the academic year 2005- 06 .
The research has been built on the Equivalent – Groups experimental design . This design includes tow experimental groups and one control group . The first experimental group has been taught by using CD with a television . The second one has been taught by using CD only . The control group has been taught by traditional method .
The sample of the research consists of (69) pupils ; (23) pupils for each group . The equivalence of the groups has been done in some varia-bles includes :
a. their marks in islamic Education for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
b. their marks in Arabic language for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
c. Total arenge for their marks for the preceding academic year (2004- 05) .
d. Their marks in an intelligence test.
e. Their age ( measured by months) .
f. Parents' educational attainment.
After coming upon the Islamic Education curriculum which includes seven texts , the researcher prepared (21) Teaching plans ; three plans for each text . A sample of these plans had bee presented to the experts who gave some correctness . After that, the researcher taught the three groups himself and according to the prescribed teaching methods .
The researcher prepared a tool for measuring perfection ; including perfecting perausal and perfecting memorising , using three formula to measure the standard of perfection . For insurance , the tool had been given to group of experts to come upon its face validity. Then the tool had been given to a surryirg sample to see if there are any difficulties in using it and to measure its reliability using ( pearson's formuh) wich scored correlation cofficients (0.88). The reliability for correction by the researcher himself (0.94) , and by a specialist (0.86). Hence , the test is relieble .
The experiment lasted (12) weeks . After finishing it, the researcher practicel a posttest to discover the standard of perfecting perusal and memorising , concerning the three groups. Using statistical procedures .
In the light of the results arrived at , the researher recommends to provide primary schools with the modren educational technology like CD , and also urging teachers to use it and prepared a practical training for this purpose . Also , he recommends to provide teachers with a guid book in cluding aims and elements of each subject or text and suggest the perfect educational technology for it .
In an attempt to make the current study approaches completeness in other relevant aspects , the present researche suggests preparing other studies concerning sexual variable , instructional stages and another educational technologies .

Ibn Adi Explanation for The Anthorities of Mjary and Modigication

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 139-161

There are a lot of different books by different names, some of them belongs to good narrators that you can trust and some of them belongs to weak narrators.
The best categorization ever for weak narrators is (Alkamel) book for Bin Adey.It was perfect. You can tell about it by reading the book name. The book contains Jarh and Ta'deel and studying Al Hadeeth.
Bin Adey was not only speaker, he used to explain what the Imams say and explain the meaning of some words and sententences.
Titel: Bin Agey's Explanation of Jarh and Ta'deel Phrases.

Colours Meaning in the ltoly Qurraan

D . Abdulkader Abdulha Fathy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 162-182

Eye is the direct medium of communication with the world, it is attracted by various colours. This affects man where pleasure is achieved sometimes, and other times melancholy and sadness are achieved. To express meanings through colours, the subject matter of this study, is strongly connected to the Quranic expressions. Many Ayat mention various colours which have different connotations. This study follows an analytical curriculum for some Ayat in addition to presenting the connotations of colours in other Ayat. There are some connotations of expressing meanings through colours in the Quaranic expressions. Colour is connected with a specific connotation according to the context. Expressing meaning through colours with yellow expresses pleasure on one hand and destruction and corruption on the other hand.
It also refers to fire. White refers to the colour of the faces of the pious and also to the absence of black of the eye as a result of sadness. Black refers to regret and sadness. Green refers to the paradise and the dresses of its dweller sin addition to fertility and growth. Thus the use of this technique is not a matter of decoration but it is a means of expressing some intended meanings.
The study consists of an introduction and two other sections. The introduction presents some definitions of this term and the functions and connotations of colours. The first section deals with the direct colour in the glorious Quran while the second section is devoted to the indirect colour. The study come to a result that the colour is a good means of expressing meaning. It needs further investigations in addition to the possibility of studying it from other aspects. However, coulor is regarded as a unique phenomenon of aesthetic expression which has different functions in addition to the functions of expressions which the Quran contains.

Used Language in formal and Informat setting

Younis Hamash Khallf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 183-240

Human nature Sometimes imposes certain systems or Patterns or a Kind of norms or traditions which people adopt. Same Can be applied on language. Language is like a System which has its rules and systems happens as a result of the nature of human beings.
What draws my attention when I was reading a book is the explanation of language and its Mystery by Al-Tha'libi. In this book he talks in a Complete chapter about this Subject. He deals With Some Private and common cases.
Al-Seyotti , Who is another Writer , refers to this in another Chapter in another book Which is Al- Muzhir. This author increases Some terms, Cause Some of these terms Were Studied somewhere else. So it is repeated here or there. This itself Creates What is So-Called tautology Which has nothing to do With the Work itself.
I already gathered the materials from Language dictionaries and Some books Which explain the meaning of the Holy Quran Which are available here and there.
After showing the derivations of the Word linguistically which show the readers the Symantic implications ,I did this also in this paper. Sometimes I give a synonom to the word which were already explained in some poems. This research consists of 20 points. I arranged those points alphabetically which are all common and talked about them in details and Privately in the language itself in general.
These points where different in language – Studying. I made also an introduction showing the linguistic implication forth term privately and commonly and how they are developed.
These Ways of pronouncing the words cover a great space in the daily life of man. Some expressions can't be got their exact meanings Such as " Fark " which means hate ad later it is used to express metaphorically to show the state of anger between the husband and the wife.
This effort I did to arrive the fact , if I succeed to arrive it is due to the help of the Almighty God , if not(God forbid) ht is due to the devil and evil inside any human being. But in all cases I did my best to achieve My aim.

The Place and its Related Terms – A Conceptual Study

Dr. Ghaida Ahmed Saadoun

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 241-262

Our Arabic language is the language of being which is resembled by the human being , and his development .
It always interacts with itself and other languages to produce its new vocabulary which can be possible to explain and give the demanded meaning , but this vitality may cause students to use one vocabulary instead of another without looking up into its real meaning .
This is what we have found when we have dealt with the term of place and what is written about it , which requires studying its meaning and other terms which are considered its synonyms , containment, or other related terms such as (AL - imtidad) the part of a place , (AL – biaa') the environment , (AL - hayyiz) the room , (AL – khalaa') the empty place, (AL - fusha) the wide , (AL - fadha) the space , (AL - mahal) the residence , (AL – mawthi') the location and others , which old linguists have studied in an attempt to indicate their concepts .

The Value of Place Culture On dialogue in the Novel Of " Laelat Al – Malak " by Nazir Abd Al Sattar

D. Faris Abdallah Badr

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 263-286

Place forms abasic feature in the process of story writing for its deep spaces in events, characters and conversations.
The novelist Ab – Al - Sattar concentrates generall on place as in Mosul city or Nenevah in order to give a cultural civilized significance. For example in his novel , Assyria appears as the centre of civilizafion and the word ' Al – eqleati ' presents the history of mosul in its alleys, markets and people .
The writer succeeds in presenting vital patterns of place dialogues depending on the Assyrian history Kings such as Sinharib, assur banibal, and Other legends. Imaginative characters as ' Smarto ' and real ons as ' Younis Al – Eqleati ' are included to link between past and present besides giving aclear artistic aspect of what American Agression caused On Iraq in 1991.
The novelist focuses on other Mawsyli tradition in presenting what is Known ' Sheikh Al – Shatt ' and Other religious symbols as ' Al – khidir ' , the Goodman who accompanied Prophet Mose in his ship as it is mentioned in the Holy Koran.
Finally , the Language of the novel in using both the Assyrian and the local Mawsyli dialogues, is beautifully achieved to reflect impressive conversational scenes of those previous places.

Grammatical Researches in Al-Debaj of Sahih Muslim Ibn Al-Hajaj

Dr. Basheer Mahmoud Fattah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 287-331

Al-Debaj on the true tradition of Hajaj by Jalal-el-Deen Al-syooti is regarded as one of the best books of tradition , because its content has a scientific reliability and accuracy. The author sees his writing and opinions are something great ,even the plainness of his characters who narrate traditions are great people. Al-sayooti in his books shows a great value of knowledge concerning tradition ,and he mixes up from the early start the tradition , and the characters themselves. This person is know as the one who knows deeply about the tradition . A point worth mentioning here denotes that this books is rich with sources in his Al-Debaj. He talks in his book about some orientation. With some morphological patterns and even some jokes and some humorous tales ,but this paper never talks about this point in short but in detail .I prefer to study this subject in details and give a full analysis of his effort. That’s why , I prefer to write some grammatical points in Debaj which is mentioned earlier by Al-sayooti . Grammar is the core of all sciences in Arabic .we expected to know something about the beauty of the tradition said by prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and there are wise-sayings in these traditions .The one who never knows this , he loses great wise-sayings . This paper is divided into three main sections with an introduction . The first section tackles the grammatical explanation and the difficulty in explaining the text itself and to correct the meaning and correct the grammatical origin . The best example I give is to show the implied meaning in which we can give a word and can be replaced by another . I talked also about the omission of some words whether functional or grammatical words and sometimes the omission of certain words such as prepositions , subjects . There are also some extra words phrases , suffixes , and prefixes which must be omitted in certain situations in the second section. There are also some omission concerning some exclamatory phrases which must be omitted as well .The effort of this writer is quite clear in linking the grammatical rules with meanings . The third section deals with letters which shows the function of some words and phrases in Arabic . This paper ends with a conclusion presenting the most important findings

Al-Nuawi's Linguistic and grammatical Efforts in Tahreer Alfath Al-Tanbeeh

Dr. Abdul Salam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 332-360

This research tries to focus on Imam Al-Nuwawi 's grammatical, etymological and linguistic efforts in his linguistic lexicon that he had made on ( Al-Tanbeeh ) book by Imam Al-Shirazi. He had put on this book a linguistic margin with great benefit which he called ( Tahreer Alfath Al Tanbeeh ) {Explanation of Warning Expressions} in which he presented many aspects of language, that made it deserves being called the lexicon of philologist's language. His work had been distributed in general into three aspects, that we have made the methodological start point of the search, i.e. grammar, etymology and language. In these aspects we have been aware of the different treatments that manifested Al-Nuwawi's efforts in this book.

Parallelism in Mahmoud Darwish Poem (A Lover from Palestine)

Dr. Ghanim Salih Soltan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 361-377

This study aims at shedding light on the importance of parallelism and its various types in Mahmood Darwishes poem (Ashiqun Min Philistine) This parallelism serves the textual theme. The parallelism ranges from repetitive acumilative, symmetric and alternative.
This enriches the text by its various techniques, artistic styles and structure These techniques contribute in change of feeling represented by his view concerning the Palistenian issue . Hence this paper came to reveal the stylistic aesthetic dimensions and the structure.

AL Suljukia State Conquests in the Era of the Suljukian Sultan Alb Arslan 455 – 465A.H 1063 – 1072A.D

Ph D.AP. Salih Ramadan Hassan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 378-402

This study deals with the most important activities of the Suljukian Sultan Alb Arslan during the period 455H – 465H on the field of the military jihadya conquering that he led against his enemy in the north and the northern – west parts of the Muslim's states and achieved continuous triumphs in AL Kourej and AL Abkhaz countries and he also vanquished the state of Byzantine roman so badly at Malath Kared battle in the year 463A.H / 1070A.D that gave back the dignity and imposingness to the Muslims' and paved the way for dominance on the country of mini – Asia completely.

Al abbas bin abdulmutalib(the prophet uncle): His life and position in quraish and his relationship with the prophet

f abdul hakim; Dr.dafir abdul na

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 403-432

The study tells us that , Al-abbas, the prophet’s uncle was a man of high morals. Qurarish his tribe, confessed that he was so respected among the chief men of Mecca that was given the respectable task of serving water. The relationship between al- Abbas and the messenger of Allah “peace upon on him” was very strong due to their similar ages. The prophet himself respected him very much , and considered him his father of whom he was very proud.
In spite of the difference about the time of his getting Islam as a religion the research discovered that his becoming a Muslim was early while he was in Mecca.
When he fought with quraish he became a prisoner.
He stayed in Mecca and did not immigrate because the prophet asked him for that.
Never less the prophet treated him as any prisonser of war (P.O.W) and took compensation from him for that. He bid his being a Muslim to god, and the prophet treated apparently any unbeliever’s so that there would not be any extinguishing between him and any other unbeliever. He played a great role in Islam. He asked for the agreement from the helpers for the prophet. He used to write about unbelievers in Mecca for the prophet , when the prophet migrated to yathrib , he played an important role during occupation of Mecca and the convincing (Abu Safayan) of islame, in Hunien battle he proved to be so brave and stable that made the escaping Muslim come get around the prophet and win the battle .
His sons become great men of Islamic law and logic and contribute much in spreading Islam and abdulah-bin-abbas, the most famous among them.

The scientific Contribution of Mosuli Scientists in their journeys the Islamic Contiguous territories

Dr Iman Abdulrahman Al-Othman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 433-447

In the early beginning , through 1st & 2nd centuries A.H. , the scientific movement in Mosul was based on narration and dictation as means of demanding and spreading science like other Islamic Contiguous territories . In the 3 rd century A, H. , however , the scientific movement was based on writing , books after the invention of paper .
After centuries , the process of writing , books has been developed and included all sorts of science . It was flourished within the frame of the Islamic civilization especially in the field of Koran, Hadeath, Linguistics and literature.
Traveling of Mouli scientists to the Islamic Contiguous territories , to ask for science was among the factors which deepened the intellectual and cultural interaction.
Morocco and Syria were among those territories visited by Mosuli scientists to exchange the scientific opinion
Consequently, the scientific movement has flourished in Mosul especially in the 6 th century A,H. .
There was no field of science in the Arabian Islamic civilization without a clear contribution of Mosuli Scientists.

The Statues Compound Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt (Selected Samples)

Israa Abdulsalam Mostafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 448-471

It is clear after the research has shown a set of results and the most important ones can be summarized as:
1- The statues that represented the compound animals that were known as the winged bulls or lions that were placed inside the gates of cities, palaces and temples since the people believed that the gods or guard spirits that protect the city of the palace or their inhabitants from the evils and that they have the ability to expel the evil spirits and to protect the good ones. Thus the huge bulls and lions were protecting from the visible and invisible enemies specially for the Al-Rafidayn and Assyrian country.
2- The method of the Assyrian sculpture depends on carving the statue with four legs and sometimes with five legs for achieving the firmness, stability and vitality, while the Egyptian sculptor was craving ordinarily with four legs for his sculptures.
3- Most sculptures that represented the Egyptian compound animals were as a belief by the ancient Egyptians to protect the spirits after death.

Effects of suggested learning program to improve specific scientific exploration and creative of the credit of observation and practice for the students of the third academic year in college of sports education

Dr. Diyaa Khasim Al-Khyat

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 472-506

This research aims at developing the suggested teaching programme for developing special scientific knowledge in teaching methods for the third year students in sport education college. It also shows he effect of teaching programme in developing the creative thinking of students.
The grouping research consists of 218 students in the third year stage in sport education college in 2010-2011 university of Mosul.
We select a sample intentionally of 50 students represent two group (C and H) the researchers have followed the experimental curricula for solving the problems of this research. The second system represents the equal groupings of this dimensional study. Both groups, experimental and normal represented the system.
The equality have submitted two certain changes this programme lasted 6 weeks. It also contains many activities and attitudes in addition to the working papers for each teaching stage. We follow educational techniques as a (data show). It has been applied to all experimental group. After that we finished all these educational process for both experimental and normal groups.
The conclusions are: the teaching experimental developing in methodology was very active besides, its ability in developing creative thinking of students.

The effect of contrastive exercise on the development of the muscles of basketball player legs

Sindus M . Saad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 507-520

The research aims to identify the effect of weight lifting and polymetric exercises in a contrastive style to develop the strength of leg muscles for the basketball players and it assumed the existence of a positive effect in weight lifting and polymetric exercises in a contrastive style in developing vertical and horizontal jump in stability of basketball players on the Anbar province team in a number of (12) players and the study concluded that: using weight lifting and polymetric exercises in a contrastive style to develop the muscles of basketball player legs. And it was effective in a positive figure to develop this feature and the study recommended the necessity of focusing on contrastive exercises in using polymatric and weight lifting exercises which has effectiveness to develop physical ability related to basketball.

Organizational performance of sport organizations in Nineveh governorate

Dr . Walid Khalid Hommam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 521-541

The research sheds light over the organizational performance of sport organizations in Nineveh governorate , know the hierarchy of sport clubs in Nineveh governorate and to know the differences in the opinions of both management boards , trainers and players in evaluating organizational performance for the representatives of sport clubs in Nineveh governorate . The sample concluded (110) board members , trainers and players representing the clubs of (Al-Mosul , Al-Fitowa , Karakosh and Sirop) . A questionnaire survey of the subject , form and applying practical means like reliability and stability . The questionnaire was used in its final form on the sample Answers were collected . The relevant statistical methods were used The results were shown and analyzed . The researcher found that :
1- The performance of sport clubs in Nineveh governorate was high
2- The organizational performance of sport clubs in Nineveh governorate center was higher than that of the clubs outside Nineveh governorate .
3- No differences were found between the opinions of board members , trainers and players in evaluating the performance of presidents of their clubs in some items . However there were differences in the items of (the degree of loyalty to sport organization , the thrust toward holding responsibility as well as tolerating risk and creativity at work ).
The researcher recommended :
1- Pay attention to the opinions of board members , trainers and players in the process of evaluation and take them into consideration
2- Creating an everlasting balance in management tasks for the officials of sport officials
3- Making a periodical and continuous evaluation process .

Effective Factors in preparing sport team in school of Ninava

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 542-567

The research aimed at introducing the most effective factors related to preparing the athletic teams in the schools of Ninava . The temporal scope was from 15/1/2010 to 25/1/2011. The spatial scope included secondary and High schools of the center of Ninava . The human scope included athletic teachers . The sample included athletic teachers of the school at question .
The sample was 51 athletic teachers at the center Ninava for forming 37,5% from the society. The descriptive method with survey was adopted in the study, and the data were collected by questionnaire arranged by the researcher .The questionnaire included four aspects: social, administrative , developing , and financial .The percentage and arithmetic mean and confected Alfa ,Gettman equation , were used to analyze data statistically. The researchers concluded the presence of effective arrangement factors related to prepare the athletic team, but they have sequence order as the following : deficient of improvement, teacher and administrative courier for athletic team, weakness of the financial and needing stimuli, submitted to students and teacher .In addition to the weakness of social communication between parents and school administration for supporting athletic activities .The researchers recommended the necessity to focus on athletic school team ,provide a proper finance and hold training courses in the field of external athletic activities management .

Detection of siderophores from Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia Isolated from rhinitis cases.

Subhi H. Khalf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 568-578

The ability of Staphylococcus aureus,Klebsiella.pneumoniae isolated from rhinitis cases to produce siderophores as avirulence factor was estimated. Rogers method used for extraction of siderophores and then the chemical and biological assay performed to detect siderophore.The results showed ability of all strains to produce siderophores which confirmed its roles in pathogenesis.


P.D . M.A. Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 579-586

The results indicated that the cooking character or reducing percentage of size cooked rice was clearly affected by the infestation of saw toothed grain beetle for two storage period 2 and 4 months and level of infestation ( 10 and 20 and 30 insect ) . Baziani variety was more affected in reducing percentage which reached 33.17 and 68.34 % for two storage period respectively , under the effect of insect infestation which reached in number 99.33 and 169.33 insect , respectively , level infestation (30 insect ) had clearly effect on the average of reducing percentage in rice size which reach 14.88 and 26.37% for all varieties and storage periods . According to the imported varieties , The American variety was more reduced in rice size with the average 14.69 and 24.86 % for two storage periods , respectively with the population density which reached 29.67 and 42.67 insect .

Sensitivity of the red flour beetle to some inert dusts

Maan Abdul Aziz jameel

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 587-597

In this study six types of Inert dusts, (aqueous copper sulfate, silica gel, calcium, garcol, magnesium carbonate and celite)were tested against red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) after treatment of wheat flour with the dusts, at 5 and 10% concentrations. The silica gel and celite powders showed superior efficacy than the other powders in both males and females, 94, 80% mortality for silica gel and 90,92% for celite respectively. The results showed that females exposed to powder, water copper sulphate has the highest number of eggs were 37.5 eggs per female when silica gel put less number of egg was 16.3 compared to the treatment as the control females laid 56.6 eggs
The results showed that the silica gel and celite clearly impact the development of the insect in comparison to the other powders which is decreasing the larval stage 12.4 and 7.0 for concentrations of 5 and 10% for silica gel powder ,and 12 and 8.0 for powder celite compared to control treatment of 24 days. As well as the duration of pupal stage reached 5.6 and 4.8 days for powder silica gel to 4.6 and 3.6 days for the celite, while the control reach to 9.5 days, and thus a development of 20 and 11.8 days, and 16.6 and 13.4 days for both powders and concentrations respectively, compared to the control treatment 33.5 days. The dusts also shortened the life period of the insect treatment compared to control.
Powders have affected both the number of eggs and the incubation period decreased as the incubation period was less in copper sulfate powder, 3.8 days than in the control treatment 7.0 days. Results revealed that increasing of powder concentration used resulting in the increasing of its effect on growth and development of the insect.
Key words: red flour beetle. Tribolium castaneum, inert dusts.

Using of an Acousto optic modulator in pectrophotometer

Duraed Hazim Ahmad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 598-611

In this study an acousto- optic modulator had been implemented and investigated as a wave length tunable filter for halogen lamp in order to analyze its spectrum . This analysis had been performed with the aid of the He-Ne laser for alignment techniques of the halogen lamp .The wavelength of the lamp was (438-911) nm .
The experimental setup had been successfully able to analyze up to 1.4 nm resolution bandwidth of the halogen lamp spectrum .The results of this study confirm the ability of acousto -optic modulator to act as a tunable filter at a peak wavelength of 554 nm and bandwidth 100 nm

The Effect of Sesamum indicum Seeds on some Physiological, Biochemical and Histological Features in Local Male Rabbits that Feeded by Ration Exposed to Radiation.

Abeer. A. AL-Hadidy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 612-628

This Study had been conducted to evaluate the side effects of radiation that resulting from microwave oven on some physiological, biological and histological features of 24 local male rabbits with age of 1-1.5 years . Rabbits were divided into 4 groups (6 rabbits for each group). The first group was given the standard ration (Control group), the second group was given the standard ration with Sesamum indicum seeds in concentration 1000 mg/kg ration, the third group was given ration exposed to microwave’s radiation for two minutes, the fourth group was given ration exposed to microwave’s radiation added to it sesame seeds in a concentration 1000 mg/kg ration daily for 4 weeks and all groups were given water freely.
The results showed a significant decrease in blood glucose, cholesterol, and low density lipoprotein LDL-C as well as a significant increase in high density lipoprotein HDL-C and testosterone hormone in group that treated with sesame seeds comparison with control.
The group that treated with ration exposed to microwave’s radiation showed a significant increase in glucose, cholesterol, and LDL-C as well as a significant decrease in HDL-C and Testosterone in serum comparison with control.The results in fourth group were near from the levels of the control group. Histological sections showed some changes of studied tissue, the testes showed increasing the number of cell layer lining the seminiferous tubules in second group comparison with control, the dealing with ration exposed to microwave’s radiation led to decreasing in cell layer number lining the seminiferous tubules comparison with control.

The Effect of Malva Residue in the germination and Growth of Eggplant and Green Pepper

Wasan S. Hussein

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 629-639

The study shows adifference in allelopathic effect of malva residue staying in soil for (1,2) weaks in laboratory and green house experiments in The germination and growth of Eggplant and green pepper.
The results of laboratory experiments show also a difference in the effect that happened crees in root length for eggplant However the higher percentage reduction was(33.33) in root length of green pepper by the effect of malva residue staying in soil for (2) weak.
Green house results show a difference in effect of malva residue staying in soil for (1,2) weaks darifying crees in germination percentage, root length and dry weight for two plant( Eggplant and green pepper) that growth in malva residue stay in soil for (1) weak ,while it showed reducte in plant length of Eggplant and we can show crese in plant length of green pepper in the same treatment.

Detection of Aflatoxins in the Popcorn by Using ELISA Test

Ali A. AL-Rawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 640-653

The results of ELISA test on (35) local popcorn samples produced by flaming and microwave from imported Argentinean maize, sold in Sarai market at Mosul showed presence of aflatoxins contamination in rates higher than the limit allowed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) (10ppb) in human food products. It appeared that the rate of toxins (52.5ppb) in the samples which prepared by using the flame . Although the levels of toxins in our study were not very high but they have remained within the rejected limits that make these derived products unfit for human consumption. On the other hand using the microwave heating in preparing popcorn showed that it was a high reduction in the amount of aflatoxin , it appeared that the rate of toxins (1.5ppb) and this number is acceptable in human food industries .
* Key Words : Popcorn / Aflatoxins / Argentinean maize / microwav

The Autocratic Regime : A theoretical Study of The Absolute Power

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 654-677

Although the names and descriptions are different, yet in essence and act the designations and forms are the same. Thus, dictatorship, totalitarianism, tyranny, despotism, oppression, dominance, inimitability, and absolute rule are all designations that are used to refer to the regimes that excessively use force in managing power and full political control by an individual ruler. On the other hand these terms are described as ambiguous synonyms for the arbitrary rule and conflicting with political freedom, constitutional government, and the rule of law. This research tries to fathom the concept of individual rule and detect its features and attributes besides its working mechanisms in monopolizing power and controlling peoples' destinies.

Voltammetric determination of Modecate using Square wave voltammetry (S.W.V.) technique: Application to blood serum and urine of schizophrenic patients

Dr. Saddalah T. Sulaiman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 678-688

The direct voltammetric determination of Modecate was studied using square wave Voltammetry. Modecate gives a well defined reduction peak at (-1.23) volt versus the reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/Sat.KCl),calibration curve were constructed in phosphate buffer (pH=7.0), in diluted human serum and normal urine, the plots of peak current versus concentration were linear within the concentration range [(9.99 ×10-8)– (9.90×10-7)] M , [(2.98 ×10-7) – (9.87×10-7)] M and [(9.94 ×10-8) – (1.17×10-6)] M. The correlation coefficient were (0.9849) , (0.9965) and (0.9895) respectively. The method was successfully applied to determine Modecate in blood Sera and urine of Schizophrenic patients.

Production of Extracellular Pigments as a Virulence Factor of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Prof. Sarab D. Al- Shamaa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 689-697

Pigment production is considered an important virulence factor among many virulence factors that are produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa. A strong relationship between pigment production and both virulence and pathogenicity of Pseudomonas isolates has been revealed in this study.
Among the important results considered in the present study, 80% of Pseudomonas isolates produce pigments. Culture media and broth that contain cetrimide were the most inducible media for pigment production within 24 hrs compared with modified MaConkey agar and broth in which pigmentation occurred within 4- 5 days .
To determine the virulence of pigmented and non- pigmented Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates, 0.1 ml of each broth cultured bacteria and filtrate were injected in an intentionally inscised wound (1 cm) on dorsal side of mice. Pyocyanin (blue- green) pigment producer strains were highly virulent, since they caused death of mice within 24 hrs. On the other hand, pyoveridin (yellowish - green) producer strains caused death of animals after 48hrs. On the contrary, injection of mice with extracts of non pigmented strains caused local inflammatory reactions rather than death. However, culture filtrates of isolates also showed inflammations upon injection of mice. It is evident from the results of this study that the pigment production is considered an important virulence factor in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Preparation of Number of Chalcone Compounds From 6-formyl-5-methoxy-1,3-benzoxathiol.

Firas M. Younis

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 711-721

A number of chalcones were prepared by condensing of acetyl arene with 6-formyl-5-methoxy-1,3-benzoxathiol under acidic conditions. Base-catalyzed Claisen-Schmidt condensation could not be used to prepare of chalcones due to the oxathiol ring sensitivity in both the starting material and products to the alkali. The percentage of the yields depended on the substituent's in the products isolated. The electron-withdrawing groups increase the reaction rate and product percentage, while the electron-donating groups decrease the reaction rate and product percentage .Where the low yields were observed for o-substituted compounds (B4 and B10), while the high yields were obtained for m- and p-substituted compounds due to the steric hindrance in o-substituted compound. The products were characterized by FT-IR , UV/VIS spectroscopy and melting points.

Efficiency of Using Peer Tutoring in the Development of Students' Motivation to Learn English at the Dept. of Special Education

Dalia Faraj Aziz

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 722-732

The present research aims at investigating the efficiency of using peer tutoring in the development of students' motivation to learn English at the Dept. of Special Education. The sample of the research consists of one group which represents second year students at the Dept. of Special Education / College of Basic Education for the academic year (2010-2011); the number of it's subjects were (26) male and female students.
The researcher prepared the motivation scale of learning English depending on some literature and previous studies about motivation .This scale consisted of 22 items and it was presented to a panel of experts in Educational Psychology and Methodology to find out its face validity. The reliability has been calculated by split-half method which and it was (0.85). The researcher pre-applied the motivation scale on the research group, then she taught the group using peer-tutoring. The experiment lasted nine weeks at the end of which, the researcher applied the post-application of the scale, and by using T-test, the results showed statistically significant differences in favor of students' responses (males and females) in the post-application of the scale. On the basis of these results, the researcher has presented some recommendations and suggestions.