Keywords : craft

Employment of local craft industries in the activation of the tourism sector in Iraq ATheoretical Study

Emad A. S. AL.sultan; Thamir S. B. AL.Hayaly

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 435-446

Tourism today is one of the most important economic and social sectors in the world, which plays a prominent role in developing countries. Its importance has increased as an industry and trade through all the media. Especially after the foundation of tourism ministries in most countries of the world as well as the opening of universities, colleges and technical institutes specialized in tourism and hospitality and the wide spread of books, studies and scientific research related to tourism affairs.
Handicraft industries is considered one of the elements of the tourist attractions in moving the sector of workforce, particularly in villages and rural areas. The most important conclusions of the research is to focus on the importance of local and international exhibitions in the activation of promotion and marketing frameworks and the definition and attractions of the craft and handmade products popular and folk and the search for new employment opportunities offered by this sector. As well as the need to emphasize taking care of the buyers tastes, while maintaining the assets, cultural heritage, handicrafts and traditions of the country the product and its environment. The search for quality and new areas of innovation, creativity and design through competitions for craftsmen under the supervision of government institutions in collaboration with the tourism private sector and the work on training and raising the qualifications of the craftsmen working in the craft centers