Keywords : Mosul

Hadeetha of Mosul and its Outstirts During Islamic Periods A study in Historical and Architectural

Yousif Jurjus

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 385-414

Aspects of Hadeetha al Mosul ruse in the periods that preceded the Islamic conquests, but it flourished in the early Islamic periods. The city in carly Islam was one of the military bases for setting to Azerbaijn Armenia, and bilad – Al Rome. Also, it played arole in the poitical scence in the Abassid period. In addition, it had biographies and notabl; some of them had great role in effecting the intellectual life in bilad alsham.

Will in Mosul in late Ottoman Reign Through the legal Court Records Lect. Dr. Ouruba

Ouruba Jameel Mahmoud Othman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 517-532

The research tackles the will linguistically and idiomatically beside its bases, conditions, and the fiqh of the legal rules detected from the detailed proofs in the glorious Koran and sunna. Many modes of wills that express the nature and understanding of the Mosuli society have appeared. It is owed to the importance of will; it is legal side that should be applied in a way that preserves the Mosuli family and society from decay.

Relation Ships btween Mosul and Mosul District

Fawaz A. Jassim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 533-556

The city is really connected to the area around it Every city has a land around with it's population that present services for it. These services may be agricultural, industrial or social relation which have been consolidated a long a period of time. And the relation became so strong between the people in the city and the people around the city.
Mosul district cannot leave their relation ships with center of Mosul population in any way. Because Mosul district is the main source for presenting crops such as wheat, barley, vegetable, dairy and meat. On the other hand the city it self do it's commercial business by taking what the rural produce. The city performs means between rural and city market. For all these reasons it should create a good rural life which link to Mosul city so as to decrease the emigration the rural people to the city. And to omit the causes of emigration and that to improve the roads and ways between rural and the city.
Also to provide health, welfare needs and raise the education level. Further more to make projects which depend on the raw materials which are available in the countryside such as dairies, and encourage to plant and invest suger beet Invest the sulfur better than it is now. Improve the agriculture funds and loans and pay a Hention to fruitful lands and make move irrigation projects.
All these to remain Mosul district present services of agriculture and live stock. That will progress the city center and fresh the district.