Keywords : The study tells us that

Al abbas bin abdulmutalib(the prophet uncle): His life and position in quraish and his relationship with the prophet

f abdul hakim; Dr.dafir abdul na

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 403-432

The study tells us that , Al-abbas, the prophet’s uncle was a man of high morals. Qurarish his tribe, confessed that he was so respected among the chief men of Mecca that was given the respectable task of serving water. The relationship between al- Abbas and the messenger of Allah “peace upon on him” was very strong due to their similar ages. The prophet himself respected him very much , and considered him his father of whom he was very proud.
In spite of the difference about the time of his getting Islam as a religion the research discovered that his becoming a Muslim was early while he was in Mecca.
When he fought with quraish he became a prisoner.
He stayed in Mecca and did not immigrate because the prophet asked him for that.
Never less the prophet treated him as any prisonser of war (P.O.W) and took compensation from him for that. He bid his being a Muslim to god, and the prophet treated apparently any unbeliever’s so that there would not be any extinguishing between him and any other unbeliever. He played a great role in Islam. He asked for the agreement from the helpers for the prophet. He used to write about unbelievers in Mecca for the prophet , when the prophet migrated to yathrib , he played an important role during occupation of Mecca and the convincing (Abu Safayan) of islame, in Hunien battle he proved to be so brave and stable that made the escaping Muslim come get around the prophet and win the battle .
His sons become great men of Islamic law and logic and contribute much in spreading Islam and abdulah-bin-abbas, the most famous among them.