Keywords : Radon

Determination of Radon and Uranium Concentration in some Affected Areas in Mosul City

Hala Dyaa Kharrufa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 661-674

This study is concerned with the concentration of radon and uranium in three damaged areas by the war inside Mosul city which belong to Nineveh governorate in the north of Iraq in comparison with three nearby areas so the possibility of dangerous effect of radiation on human being can be studied by the use of nuclear track detector CR-39. The result show that the concentration of radon in damaged areas was ranged between (4.794 – 19.509) kBq/m3 ,while in the nearby areas the concentration was (8.241 – 19.508) kBq/m3. Regarding the Uranium concentration in the directly damaged areas which have been selected it was found to be ranged between (1.015 – 1.338) ppm with an average of 1.176 ppm, while it’s concentration in nearby areas 100 m was 50% less than the damaged ones. However, the concentration may decrease more away 100m as moving further away for the damaged center and this means that there is a pollution with depleted uranium in the bombed areas since the allowed level according to the international nuclear agency was 2ppm.