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French Popular Republic Movement party its position From some contemporary Arab States

Akram Abed Ali

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 633-666

The paper deals with the popular MRP and its motto is the cross and its position from some contemporary Arab issues . The paper is talking about the formation of this party and its role at the political, Social and economic levels after its coalition with some political parties in the governments of the 4th French Republic and its relation with these parties, the causes of its rise and fall as well as the contradictions and the needs of its voters.

Settlement of Arab Tribes in the Euphrates Island

Fadhil GH. Abd

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 275-294

The research deals with the settlements of the Arab tribes in the Euphrates Island in the pre-Islamic period then the period which followed the Islamic conquest of the Euphrates Island.
The research explains the name, borders , importance of the Island, and the beginnings of the Arab tribes settlements in the pre-Islamic period. The research discusses the stages of the Island conquest and the influence of that on the distributions and availabitity of tribes and finally their settlements after conquest and the migration of many tribes during the time of the Muawiya Bin Abi Sufyan specially the Qais tribes which settled in the high banks of the Euphrates in addition to the tribes who preceeded it in settlements like Bakr and Taghlub and the other

Originality and Creativity of the Arab Geographers

ed R Kasim Al-Juwar

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 455-466

The Islamic Arab civilization is considered one of the civilizations that has a contributed in the development of the geographic thought through its great heritage in this field. This civilization has preceded many civilizations like Mesopotamia, Nile Valley in addition to the Indian, Persian and Greek civilizations. There is no doubt that the Arabs, during their intellectual rise, had acquired a lot from those who had preceded them. Yet, the Arabs must have had their additions in the field of geography. The aim of the present research is to study and reveal the originality and creativity of the Arab geographers.
The importance of the present research is to document and ascertain the originality added by the Arab geographers to the science of geography. This is accomplished by comparing a number of geographic thoughts that had emerged in the ancient civilizations with the modern Arabic civilization and geographic sciences. The research problem is in collecting the geographic thoughts in the ancient and Arabic civilizations by resorting to their original resources.
The most important conclusion of the present research is that the Arabs’ influence was not confined to quoting the geographic concepts from the ancient civilizations, but they had many geographic additions that reflected their originality and creativity in the field of geography, especially when modern geographic studies have verified those concepts in accordance with our present knowledge.

Some Aspects of the Construction of Arab Islamic City and its Documentation

Fowad aied

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 308-324

Arab-Islamic city represents a significant tradition in its internal construction and its basic economic function .For that reason , all scholars began to study its long history .
Because of the urban development , the cities enlarged on its account across ages , and the Islamic cities accordingly began to be neglected or declined . The subject thus is to document such cities in their own buildings and position. Of course , this requires a joint team . besides time , experience and suggestions for helping the specialists .
The problem of this study thus deals with the importance of the Arab-Islamic documentation . It is necessary to rebuild it even if for some of its parts . So , Mohamed’s mosque in Al-madina Al-monawarah is a good example for it has a chapel of the prophet , minbar and the honorable place .
Indeed , this mosque was the real place for spreading widely Islam outside , for its effective events and for wise people to meet there . There are also other places which can be documented and studied as Islamic city centers , or repaired . This fact is too much important for being decumented for the benefit of the next generations test they should decline .
The third section talks about the role of Syriac and other people in translation and foreign sciences which were translated into Arabic.
The fourth section presents the famous translators who appeared in AL Sham who had a vital role in translating the Greek Sciences to the human civilization and specially the European.