Keywords : Empire

The impact of School on the life of Justice and Administration in the Ottoman Empire until the year of 1520 A.D.

Emad Abdulaziz Y

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 803-814

The scientific and intellectual life of the Ottomans is considered one of the most issues that has been neglected and received no interest in terms of deep investigation , although scientific and intellectual life in the Ottoman region is an integral part of the history of the science and thought of the Islamic world in that this subject constitutes a great importance in understanding the scientific and intellectual contribution that the Ottomans introduced in general.
In this context, the study of the Ottoman School and its role in the life of Justice and Administration is a very important issue, where the Ottoman School was a civilized foundation with a private nature established for graduating generations that hold the Islamic thought , follow its concepts and perform their role in the Ottoman society . Therefore, it can be said that the Ottoman School has performed a prominent role in shaping the mind and knowledge of the Ottoman State.