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The Semantic Connection between the word "the idiot" and the Words Used in ( Almuhkam wa Almuheet Alaa'dham ) by Ibn Seedah

Masood Sulaiman Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 63-84
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.148060

There is no doubt that the study based on semantic fields is the focus of attracting the attention of scholars and care increases the Arabic lexicon is its field of study, for it depends on the arbitration of the meaning of words returning to their semantic fields. The Arabic lexicon is full of meanings that give the ability to select semantic fields in terms of words that share one meaning. We have chosen the Arabic lexicon which is (Almuhkam wa Almuheet Alaa'dham) by Ibn Seedah as a field for the study of the idioms "foolishness" because of the large number of words used and we have been careful in the selection of semantic fields which fall under each set of words after reading and compared with most of the Arabic dictionaries. Our work then was seeking the semantic connection between the meaning of idiocy represented by the lack of reason and weakness and the words that Ibn Seedah said by pointing to foolishness.

The Effect of Collective Games in Developing the Social Behavior for the Kindergartens Children

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 1-24
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159216

Abstract: The current research have aimed to identify "the effect of collective games in developing the social behavior of the kindergarten children". The researchers have used the experimental design with two equivalent groups, experimental and control, by pre and posttests. The research sample consisted of (50) children as 25 ones for each group, applying the collective games on the experimental group, then the researcher has conducted equivalence process between the two groups about several variables as age calculated with months, gender, and academic achievement of father and mother. Then the researcher has prepared the scale of social behavior which has been verified of its validity by introducing it to several experts, the reliability coefficient was identified by re test method amounted (0,82), as well as the researcher has prepared a program for collective games which has been verified of its validity by introducing it to several experts to decide the validity of each game for its specialized purpose and aim , then their opinions were re formulating some of these games in terms of linguistic items. The experiment continued 12 weeks by applying the tool on the two research groups to identify the effect of collective games in developing the social behavior for the kindergarten children, after data has been treated statistically by using t test for two independent samples and t test for two correlated samples, so the results have shown the following: " There is no statistical difference at significance level (0,05) in the mean of experimental group degrees in the pre and posttest to the scale of social behavior which has been prepared by the researchers. In the light of these results, the researchers have recommended researchers have the importance of preparing sessions for the teachers of kindergartens to enable them in giving assistance to select and put the programs of collective games, as well as the researcher has suggested conducting a study about the effect of collective games in reducing the aggressive behavior for the children of kindergarten .

The discription in the poetry of AL-Busairi(The poem of alburda as a model)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 151-174
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159208

The poem of alburda by the poet Sharaf- Aldin Mohammad the son of said Albusairi contained descriptions of different shapes and expressions . Although it was praising the prophet (prayers and blessing of Allah be upon him) but it contains types of description. For this reason this research came to study this poem by analyzing the description and to explain the artistic and Aesthetic dimensions and the detection of its denotation, the description is based on the transformation of the facts from materialistic picture to literary picture that characterized by skilled language and clever pictures. The research is based on one entrance and four detectives, the entrance contained the determination of the concept of description and speaking about the life of the poet and his ode (AL-burda) . The first detective came to study the description of personality whence the description of humanity , symbolic and Animality personality The second detective contained the study of (the description of event) whence the descriptive initialization for the event and descriptive finale for the event while the third detective is (the description of place) Whence the description of the natural place and the description of the synthetical place, the forth detective concerned with the study of the description of thing whence the description of the natural things and the description of tools and statuses. .

The Semantic Origin of Irregularities in Maqayis Al- Luga Lexicon " Language Standard"

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 519-540
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159224

Designating some utterances in "Mu'jam Maqyis Al- Luga" as being irregular arouses the attention of the lexicon scholar and the common reader alike. Actually, this book has a unique phenomenon which hardly exists in other lexicons. This is due to the fact that Ibn Faris stood alone at handling a methodological establishment of root derivations .It is true that Ibn Faris compiled his lexicon on a verbal bases following the alphabetical order of roots as well as the circulation system which he adopted single- handedly. However, he did pay much attention to the semantic origin of roots which almost comprised all the roots listed in his lexicon .
The idea of this research approves Ibn Faris's concepts on the one hand and contradicts them on the other. The contradicts is based on referring utterances. Some of which are referred to their semantic origins after scanning some lexicons and books which deal with linguistic utterances. It is not possible to refer all utterances to their origins as it takes a long time detailed information.
The methodological approach is based on reviewing the utterances, which Ibn Faris considered irregular , in such books as (Mu'jam Al-Ain) –The eye lexicon, (Al-Ishtiqaq book)- The book of derivation, (Jamharat Al-Luga)- The assemble of language, (tahtheeb Al-Luga) –The emendation of language, (Al-Sahah)- The book of emendation and other linguistic books.
Using certain semantic connections, the research aims at finding semantic links which can relate the utterances under consideration to the general semantic origins.

The Visual Image in Public Tales: The Tales of Khair Addin Ubayd a Model

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 541-560
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159239

This work aims at studying the total discourse in children story concerning its addressing and directions to the visual sense in specific.
This has been done through examining the technique and methods of building the visual image rather than other senses .It is an image which affects the child's cognition and its reception of the written text where the writer depends on conveying the message of his text where the child receives and gathers its parts, details and its building in his mind through using his active imagination powerfully and the aesthetic values which suit its age.These values were acquired through his senses.

The effect of Mastery learning strategy on the development of Academic Achievement for Sixth Primary Class pupils

Wasf M.Y. Al-Khafaji; Bushra K. Mohammed; Naktal J.Y. Al-Khalidi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 307-330
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.146400

The current research aims at defining the effect of Mastery learning strategy on the development of Academic Achievement for Sixth Primary Class pupils in science. The limit of the research was Sixth Primary Class pupils for the academic year 2013-2014) in Nineveh governorate. The sample was (43) students divided into two equal groups ( experimental and control ). To achieve the aim of the research , the researchers made lesson plan for both groups and academic achievement scale as tool of the research.
The results showed statistically significant difference in the development of academic achievement and in favor of experimental group.

The Multiple Intelligences And Their Relations With The Scientific Inclination According To Private Students

Mrs. Khawla A.M. Saeed Albrifcany

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 139-174
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.146313

This current search is for the purpose of the multiple intelligences and their relations with scientific interests , the number of sample’s search reaches to (60) students from the forth preparatory grade in the distinguish preparatory school. The searcher depends on the methodical of descriptive search in order to it’s fitness for the nature and aims of search and as well as depends on available measurement for several cleverness which is made by [ Rasheed 2005 ] . The research showed that there is a high level about multiple intelligences according to the private students , and these private students have a high level of scientific inclinations , and there is a corrective relation indicated to the change of several .

The Impact of Group Investigation Model of Critical Thinking for History Department Students/College of Basic Education – University of Mosul

Ahlam Adeeb Iwas; Bayan Faris Nasir

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 181-212

The research aims at defining the impact of group investigation model of critical thinking for history department students at college of Basic Education. The society of the research was third year students at history department at the college of Basic Education for the academic year 2012-2013. the sample included (40) students divided randomly on two groups of the research (20) students at the experimental group that used the suggested program and (20) students in control group who used traditional method. Equivalence between both groups was done in the variables of (sex, age, previous semester of history). The researchers used the tool of Al-Aloosy (2005) and underwent a panel of experts in education and psychology to find surface reliability of the tool. Stability was found using re-test reading (0.87). statistical data of the results was done. The results showed statistically significant differences between both groups in favor of experimental group used the suggested program as well as supremacy in conclusion, knowing hypothesis, induction, evaluate proofs and explain results in critical thinking. The researchers made a number of recommendations and suggestions such as asserting the use of group investigation model on teaching history due to its importance in enhancing critical thinking. The necessity of urging them and give explanations about critical studies in other materials and variables such as achievement or mediative thinking.

The effect of Alkaloid Extraction (Raphaiol) of Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) on the crop of disease bacteria

Taghreed Nawaf Ahmed; Duhaa Jassim; Bushraa daly Hamad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 471-491

The current study has contained inhibition effect test of alkaloid extraction of Radish (Raphiol) and Antibiotics such as:
Amoxycillin+ Clavlanic acid (AMC), Doxy cycline (DO), Ciprofloxacian (CIP), TrimeThoprin + Sulphameuo xazol (SXT)
against several types of The positive and negative Gram
Disease bacteria which is
1- Salmonella typhi.
2- Esherichia coli.
3- Bacillus Subtilis.
4- Staphylococcus aureus.
Which are considered of the wide spread Germs causing many effective diseases. The inhibition effect has been identified by sensitivity test (diffusion method by disks) depending on the method (Bauer et al, 1966), showing that alkaloid (Raphaiol) extracted from Radish has different inhibition effect according to the difference of the used part and the type of bacteria.
It has been showed by the study that the concentrations of alkaloid extraction (Raphaiol) of Radish seeds (50, 100, 200) mg/ml showed evidently effect in growth inhibition of each positive and negative gram bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Esherichia coli and their effect is more obvious than the used antibiotics widely.
As well as it has showed that the alkaloid extraction of Radish of explants (Root) has negative effect in all growth (Esherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus) concentrations (50, 100, 200) mg/ml.
The extraction of callus leaves and roots of Radish have shown distinctive concentration (200) mg /ml in effective on inhibition growth of the bacteria Salmonlla typhi.

The Differentiation between hand and Electronic Techniques within Ethical's Framework and the Negative Consequences A sample study of employees in Administrative Departments/Mosul

Basma Ibraheem Khaleel

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 237-250

Electronics represents a vital drive in the field of human reactions in a way that makes it in the front and a great challenge that faces many organizations. This motivated the leaders of those organizations to employ it in a way that ensure the synergy making a degree of communication, but the latter might be within a framework that makes it without friendliness that the features of friendliness (point of contact) becomes absent and that led to the emergence of a state of electronic comparison between the electronics and the manual techniques. All this motivated the researcher to study this subject through a question which is characterized by:
How can we recruit electronics in favor of the work in a way that overwhelms the ethics and in a way in which its role crystallizes through the human-supporting services without going through any disadvantages?
Questionnaire forms were used as a main tool for collecting the data of the phenomenon in question. A random sample was chosen which consists of ( 25 ) teaching staff members. The researcher also used several statistical methods such as (iterations, percentage and the standard deviation).
The study reached several conclusions, most important of which are:
There are variant trends in terms of working by means of using the electronic idea taking into consideration employing the manual techniques. And the study was concluded with a set of recommendations.

The availability of Quality Requirements in the Educational Organaizational A case study in the Foundation of Technical Education

Samar Mare Hassan; Nawal Hazem; Sultan Ahmed Khleaf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 213-236

Led the changes that have swept the whole world to influence the Dynamic of the organization , which will be paid to the need to search for the principles and concepts keep pace with these changes in a positive spirit was the quality of those concepts and trends they reflect attention to the customer as it takes into account the changes and seek to compete as much as it conjures up complicated cases uncertainty so demonstrated the importance of the availability requirements of vision and realism of the curve strategically and that's been the subject of research and investigation by a number of studies under the directions of differentiated and placements different application , prompting the researchers to conduct their studies current within the scope of the educational organization / Iraq was launched problem of the study of questionable effect. Is available with the educational system of the study sample indicator of quality requirements and in a manner which makes it into the top of the front of the competitors ?
The study adopted the current resolution as a key tool to collect data on this phenomenon through paragraphs expressing the requirements of the availability of quality have included the current study sample deliberate department heads and aides deans and deans formations concerned has researchers used a number of statistical tools ( frequencies , percentages , standard derivation, analysis cluster ) .
The study found , among other conclusions , most notably the presence of the availability of satisfactory quality requirements for those in the organization as well as the study made a number of recommendation .

The Critical Discourse In Ahmed Amin's Articles

Mohammed Salih Rashid Gargis

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 309-348

Ahmed Amin (1886-1954) was one of our literates who lived though the beginnings of the last century Renaissance. He was taken by the awakening and emergent changes of the global literature and thought. Thus, he tried to be among the first to react with and participate in these changes in order that the Nation would take its suitable human and cultural position. He believed that such a position could be realized if continuous aware prerequisites including technical, scientific and cultural ones are prepared.
He believed right from the very beginning, that there is no specific closure of knowledge sphere, that any literature or nation's thought carries values and orientations which are ready for anywhere and anytime solutions. Thus, he claims for finding a new Arabic Literary discourse trying to add new spheres of knowledge to it. This is so, because it is illogical for the Nation's thought and literary discourse to remain in a state of previous works rumination. Thus, a new semantic foundation is required to benefit from the discourse of Present for the Future.
In his critical articles, and among the basics of this semantic foundations was his implied claim for uni3fying a distinctive framework and method of Arabic Literature away from subordination and imitation.

The Structural Organization the Ministries and Directorates Related with School Education in Iraq from 1919 to 1992

Reyadh Ahmed Ismail; oud Abdul-Muhsin Khalil

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 905-922

The research aimed at revealing the following :
1. The administrative divisions of the general directorate of physical education in Iraq and their organizational engagements and structures from 1919 to 1992.
2. The names of general directorate of physical education from 1919 to 1992.
3. The relations general directorate of physical education with the ministries from 1919 to 1992 .
The researchers have adopted the historical methodology with content- analysis method. The analysis was connected with the administrative research variables related to the divisions, major organizational engagements and structures of the general directorate of physical education in Iraq.
The researchers have concluded several results ,like :
1. The political and intellectual changes played an effective role. The organizational map of the general directorate of physical education witnessed a motor administrative developments and divisions according to the new objectives and activities whose administrative division was concentrated on the functional base , the basic purpose of the activity and the nature of its beneficiaries.
2. The occurrence of five changes in the name of the general directorate of physical education from 1919 to 1992 .
3. The connections of the general directorate of physical education were limited to the ministry of education and the ministry of youth from 1919 to 1992 .
The researchers have recommended the necessity of :
1. Adopting the scientific authentic rules in constructing the organizational structure of the general directorate of physical education. The accuracy should be taken into account in recognizing its organizational reality besides exploring the future changes in a way that the construction did not expose to the repeated essential construction changes which may obstacle it.
2. Preventing the political effects and their cultural and philosophical related matters from the obligatory and pointless intervention in making substantial amendments on the bases and pillars of the administrative divisions of the general directorate of physical education.
3. The general directorate of physical education should keep its organizational personality aiming at developing schools physical activity.

The Prophet’s (PBUH) Method in Education and Teaching

Dafer Abdulrazaq AL- Jasim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 435-454

The study aimed to identifying the most important education basics, which upon the Prophet’s education method is based, through the Prophet’s personal biography. The study illustrates also the method, education and teaching concepts as well as revealing the most important educational principles taken from the prophet’s personal biography, clarifying the styles used by the Prophet in educating his companions (Sahaba) through the prophet’s biography. Moreover, the study illustrates to the most important characteristics of the methodological levels for the prophet’s education and dividing it, because of its important role in raising a whole generation of his companions (Sahaba), and the effect it has on the coming Muslims generations.

The dualism of light and darkness Love philosophy in some models of modern poetry

Moulood m. AL. Waas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 323-338

The dualism of light and darkness in modern poetry describes as a duality reflects the love philosophy in a contrariness way. The day, who distributes the light on the earth and life, characterized clarity, designation and appearance, and it may not be desirable in the philosophy of love because it reveals the lovers. Love by itself involves the meaning of confidential and secret, so the night, on the contrary, means darkness, lack of clarity and ambiguity, which fit with the philosophy of love in some way. There are, in the modern poetry, many other parallel dualities related to this dualism,

The Western German Foreign Policy Towards Communist Bloc and the American Attitude Towards it 1969-1974

Lubna R. A

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 667-680

The year 1969 witnessed a great change with respect to the Western German foreign policy. During this year, the socialist party came to power in Western Germany and the party's leader, Willy Barandt, become the federal chancellor there. Willy Brandt started to follow a new foreign policy known as the Ostpolitikwhich is based on driving to rapprochement among the countries of the communist bloc in the lead of which was the Soviet Union. According to that policy, Willy Brandt turned the Western German foreign policy out of its traditional course which was represented by the total adhering to the NATO and rejecting to deal with the countries of Warsaw alliance.

The Effect of Chemistry Teaching According to Learning Dimensions Model on the Development of Chemical Concepts and the Meta-Cognitive Skills for First Grade Secondary Students

Mahmood Abdel-Salam Al-Hafidh; Zainab Abdel-Salam Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 79-120

The current research aimed to discover the Effectiveness of Chemistry Teaching according to learning dimensions model in the development of chemical concepts and the meta-cognitive skills for first grade secondary students.
The Population of research consists of students of first grade secondary in Libya, also the research was applied on a sample that selected intentionally from students of first grade secondary in Libya, the sample has been divided into two groups, the first was an experimental and consisted of (33) students, where the second was the control and consisted of (31) students.
Tools of this research are the following:
1. Teacher Manual.
2. Student Handbook.
3. The achievement test of chemical concepts.
4. Measurement of meta-cognitive skills.
By using T-test for independent groups to compare between the control and experimental group, we got the following results:
1. The Effect of Chemistry Teaching according to learning dimensions model on the development of chemical concepts and the meta-cognitive skills for first grade secondary students.
2. There are statistically significant differences at (α ≤ 0.001) between the mean-degrees of the students of both the experimental, and the control groups in the achievement test of the chemical concepts.
3. There are statistically significant differences at (α ≤ 0.001) between the means-degrees of the students of both the experimental group, and the degrees of the students of the control group on the full skills measurement of the meta-cognitive skills and its sub-dimensions (self-regulation skills, academic tasks skills, ,procedural control skills).
In the light of the research results, the researchers provided a number of recommendations including:
1. The necessity of a development of style of chemistry teaching in secondary school.
2. The recognition of the content of high school chemistry textbook in the light of the learning dimensions model.
3. Conduct training programs for teachers of chemistry based on the use of the learning dimensions in the teaching of chemistry.
The researchers also provided a number of suggestions to conduct future studies one of them is “The Effect of learning dimensions model on the development of concepts and the meta-cognitive skills in the teaching of other subjects".

Pattern of Arguementation and its Functions in the Quranic Story The Stories of the Cave Sura as a Model

Yousif Sulaiman AL-Tahan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 373-388

The choice and study of the cave sura stories is to be a model for the analysis of the dialogue in the Quranic story because of what these stories have from dialogues at the level of patterns and functions in the cave four stories: the people of the cave, the two men, Moses (PBUH) the good slave of Allah, and Thi-AL-Qarnain. The aim of this work is to analayze the models of dialogue to show the artistic and asthetic dimensions and the significances resulted from them. The research is divided into a preface and two parts . The preface includes the specification of concepts and terms of research, like dialogue, Quranic story to get the impression on which the analytical study in based on. The first part includes the study of arguementation patterns, i.e the outside dialogue (complex dialoge and symbolic dialogue) and the internal dialogue (the monolog). The second part discuses the functions of dialogue, i.e to develop the events and personalities in the story.

The Literary Genre between Criteria and Violation

Ahmed Jarrullah Yasin

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 307-320

This paper deals with the literary genre between criteria and violation modern poetry as an example of this phenomenon. Also this paper tries to list its positive and negative effects on the poetry traditions and its aestheticism. The paper also study its effects on the process of its reception and response as well as the vast learning it demands from the receiver in addition to the creative writer who is supposed to have artistic abilities , cautious talent that can risk the deviation throughout his openness on the different arts the other genres without affecting on the beauty of the literary genre from which the violation starts towards an other different literary genre.

The impact of graded aerobic effort on some breathing variables and blood Components of first year students in Physical Education Department

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 817-836

The Effect of various effort Kinds made by man on his functional devices is not a secret any more. This comes from the precious efforts made by many scientists for many decades. Whenever modern technologies measuring various physiological appear, researchers use them to recap other phenomena and discover new physiological phenomena in the human body. Exercise lead to make changes in blood ingrediants and the respiratory device as it is the case with any other body organ and the changes are of two kinds: (temporal i.e. changes that occur temporarily as a response to physioloyical effort and turn back in rest) and relatively continuous ( the changes that happen in these variables due to regularity in practice for a certain time which lead to adaptation of blood for doing exercise).

The research aims at:
- Reveal the effect of Graded aerobic effort on some lung ventilation variables (number of breathing times, means of normal breathing, ventilation).
- Reveal the effect of Graded aerobic effort on some blood variables (red and white blood cells, hemoglobine).
The researcher hypothesized the existence of statistically significant differences in blood ingredients (red and white blood cells, hemoglobine), and ventilation variables (number of breathing times, volume of breather air, ventilation), before and after doing maximum physiological and aerial effort .
The researcher used the descriptive method due to its appropriateness. The sample consisted of (11) students aging (18-21 years) representing first year of Physical Education Department- College of Basic Education/ University of Mosul, and the researchers used testing and measuring as tools to collect data.
The researcher used the following statistical means:
(ratio, mathematical means, standard deviation, variance factor , t-test for two related groups).
After treating data statistically, the researcher concluded:
• Graded aerobic effort had (tangible increase) tangible effect on lung ventilation variables.
• Graded aerobic effort had tangible effect (tangible increase) in some blood ingredient variables Compared to rest time and in faver of post test.
The researcher recommended:
• The necessity of doing lab tests of candidates of the department of Physical Education to by used in the process of selection.
• Open a record for every student to keep his physiological, functional and chemical measurements to evaluate the health condition and his progress in every academic stage.
• Make a similar study with the same variables but on female students.

The Spirit and The Basil in Descovering about the meaning of " What Agents of Your Lord Deny "

Omar Abd Al- Wahab Mahmood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 389-424

Thank God the Lord of the great Quran and may peace and prays be upon our Master Mohammed the orphan and his followers who owns the right and wisdom. The Quran is the cure of every sick person ,and through out studying it’s verses, the secrets of the most merciful and greatest become clear.
So , the researcher will go into its deepest sea and extract whatever it is precious and accurate by depending on those preceded us of the scientists and the owners of the perfect wisdom . So , for all that we choose this research which deals with the verse ( what agents of you Lord deny ) . I called it ( the spirit and the basil in repeating “ what agents of your Lord deny “ by the way I had called it “ Miracles and the statement. Then , I decide to study this verse in its repeating among verses . Then , I decide to study this verse extensively by collecting what the scientists had mentioned in their explanation and the causes and benefits of the repeating .
I find no one who could give the subject its right from all its dimensions in explanation and rhetoric and the different opinions of those scientists “ God be mercy of their souls “ and explain it for those who are interested in Quran and its science , by showing the interest of our scientists in the great Quran and its rhetoric and the grammatical Miracles and the sober style that the reader cannot feel of any boredom or monotony because of the repeating . Finally , I ask God for in all of that the success and rectitude.

The Rhetoric of Words and Meanings symmetry of The Seven Oft Repeated Verses

Maan T. Dahaam; Adnan A. Alasaad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 277-306

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
All Praise is due to Allah, and peace on His servants whom He has chosen. After that, we ask Almighty facilitation and conquest in the analysis of The Opening chapter, Al-Fatihah Surah, ( the Essence of the Book) and in the showing of the symmetry among its verses as well as the mystery of miracles in their wonderful versification .Trusting in Allah and seeking help from Him, the Quranic language remains the rhetoric language where the art of occasion emerges. This art has its own dimensions and secrets in the Quranic versification at the semantic level of a word , phrase or structure in the Quranic expression. The research tries to highlight this Quraninc phenomenon in The Opening chapter (Al-Fatihah Surah) in accordance with the contextual and stylistic symmetry that would support the rhetoric arts to elucidate the most important rhetorical signs and contextual jokes in addition to show lessons and significance correlated with the formation of the thematic unity of each verses or verses with each other.

The Main Charactors of Development of Geographic Thought

Nada Imad Mahmood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 295-308

The research aims to detect developments in the procession of geography since its appearance using technical description that accompanied geography reaching the information revolution in the present day and working on the processing of the description and its rules and criticism against it and its advantagesas defined by the great geographers and quantitative revolution and reviewing for its supporters and opponents the research presents also the Geoinformation system and its applications in the field of wide geography with its natural and humanwings. The research has shown that geography evolved during its long career ant it did not stop at a certain styleof modern methods because of its prominent role in facing thenatural and human problems.

The effect of two sample for learning stimulus according to the academic time in the education collection and development of mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of collage of sport education for some academic items

Mohammad S. Najem; Ayad M. Sheet

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 589-634

The research problem is limited in this question : if the variety in using the learning stimulus with the difference of the academic time affect in the learning and mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of the collage of sport education?
The goals of this research represented by the following goals :
- The first goal: prepare learning stimulus adjustment with the lecturers of sport education(Training physiology, Tines games).
- The second goal: detection for the effect of the learning stimulus of the Training physiology for the three tested group of different academic time for their mental abilities.
The society of the research consist of second year students of the collage of sport education in the university of mousl at study year (2010-2011)who are (149) student (male and female) subdivided in to eight groups (B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and by random manner choice group (GI,HF,E )to represent the sample of research that specific for the training physiology which the count of their students respectively (39,34,22 )and by same way choice groups (B,C,D )to represent the sample of research that specific for tines games which the count of their students respectively (17, 18, 16 )and the students who are failure and do not participate in this study don't inter in this research. The two researcher used group of statistical devices like (t) test for two correlated sample and one direction analysis of variance and according to this the two researcher showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the training physiology in spite of the difference in their academic time, also the results showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the Tines games in spite of the difference in their academic time.

The Imamah of A- Mutazilah by the role of the judge – Aad Aljabbar Alhamathani (415 A.H /1024 A.D)

Shaymaa yunis Ismail

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 341-378

Al-Mu'tazilah towards the political development in Iraq in the fith century A.H/ eleventh century A.D. by studing the ideology of one of their prominent figuers at that time, the judge Abdul Jabbar Al-Hamadani who made a detailed explanation about Al- Mu'tazilah's thoughts and their political opinions, in addition to their conceptual ways. By that, he tried to solve the problem of the (Abbasi Khilafa) by supporting the basics that formed it and on which it depended to appear after some events and developments it witnessed that have been reflected upon their political situation. The study includes hints about Al-Hamadani's biograpgy as well as the situations of his age, whereas the last section focused on studying of the conception of (Al-Imamah) of Al-Mutazilah through the writing of the judge. Abdul Jabbar Al Hamadani.

The Poetic Language in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s Poetry Observed in Dreams

Mahmood K

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 249-274

The process of phenomenological consciousness tries to approach the poetic language in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s poetry observed in dreams and absent meditations in an attempt to percept their entity, origin, taking benefit from their production in the imagined world, and re-coexisting with her experience of innocence and poetical spontaneity or putting in poetry the moment of dream which forms an obsession, ascension or dreaming journeys in many texts in Nazek Al-Malaeka’s poetry revealing the phenomenological consciousness of sufferance, tortures, hopes and ambitions which present in the themes of memories, archiving, dating, childhood dreams, utopia and surrealism with which the receiver coexists and interacts in an experience gives birth to the hidden and essences presented by the poetical text of Nazek’s dream and its poetical content which opens to worlds that furnish the physical, sentimental , anthological and historical cases presented in signs and connotations that suggest salvation, freedom and optimism mixed with Nazek’s romantic tendency enriched by a case of isolation, retirement, alienation, refuse, and rebellion against reality and present time.

The Translation of Idioms in the Glorious Qur’ān into English

Yasir Younis Abdulwahid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 845-855

This research investigates the translation of idioms in the Glorious Qur'ān into English. It attempts to show how translators deal with the verses in which idioms play a significant role in understanding verse meaning, and then, based on the accredited Qur'ānic interpretations, correcting the translations of the verses concerned. The research hypothesizes that idioms have not been given attention on the part of the translators of the Glorious Qur'ān, causing translation mistakes. Based on Larson’s model of literal vs. idiomatic translation and from analyzing five translations of the Glorious Qur'ān, it has been found that, in the most of their translations, the translators under study produced inaccurate translations through translating Qur’ānic idioms literally. In order to achieve better understanding on the part of the TL reader, revising these translations to be idiomatically oriented is recommended.

The Problem of the Terminology in Film Criticism

Mohamed Salem Saad Allah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 51-70

The present paper deals with the problem of the terminology in film criticism trying to investing the model applied to visual images, which causes a revolution in the field of cognitive influence. Such visual images have created a substantial body of data on purpose to guide the receiver to a definite path also, the visual images have presented some target and solution of the progressive and sequential images. It should be noted that these visual images carry different connotations representing human activity which belongs to a particular philosophy and environment.
After stating the system of scientific terminology in relation to Film Criticism, we state the massages behind the visual images and the receptive techniques through a critical analysis of the model included in the Film entitled “ The Lord of the Ring ” is a case in point. So, the image is shown in a way of composing the concepts of both persuasion and interest without knowing the culture and the cognitive energy culture by the allusion of the Film we aim at determining the philosophical conveyed through the images in the Film.

The effect of exercise with more than one ball on a number of physical attributes of the players of youth football

mutaz Y. Thanoon; Omar S. Thanoon; Mahmood H. Younis

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 573-596

reveal the effect of exercise on more than one ball on a number of physical attributes of the young footballers (experimental group) and the differences in the number of physical characteristics between the pre and post-tests for young footballers (control group) as well as The differences in the number of physical characteristics between The experimental and control groups in the post-test.The researchers used The experimental method for the suitability and nature of the research, it was carried out on a sample of players from the youth in the bright future club for football for the football season ( ), who are ( ) players and who aged ( years), thay have been selected by the intentional manner and divided randomly into two groups (experimental and control) and by ( ) players per group, homogeneity in the variables the (age, height, weight), were achieved as well as an equivalence between the two sets of research in the physical variables were identified by the a panel of experts and specialists. The experimental design the called the design of the control group of random selection of pre and post-tests has been adopted. The researchers used the following statistical means:(arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, percentage, test (v) of the samples associated with, test )c) for independent samples. The researchers found that the exercise with more than a ball that carried out by the experimental group has achieved a development in most of the physical attributes except for the attributeof transition speed, by comparing the results of physical tests, before and after, done by the players of the experimental group, the control group achieved a development in the strands of agility and flexibility and did not achieve a development in the physical attributes, speed transition, and explosive power of the two men, by comparing the results of physical tests before and after of the players of the control group. The experimental group achieve that carried out the exercises with more than aball adevelopment better than the control group in most of the physical attributes by comparing the results of the tests for the two groups.

Originality and Creativity of the Arab Geographers

ed R Kasim Al-Juwar

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 455-466

The Islamic Arab civilization is considered one of the civilizations that has a contributed in the development of the geographic thought through its great heritage in this field. This civilization has preceded many civilizations like Mesopotamia, Nile Valley in addition to the Indian, Persian and Greek civilizations. There is no doubt that the Arabs, during their intellectual rise, had acquired a lot from those who had preceded them. Yet, the Arabs must have had their additions in the field of geography. The aim of the present research is to study and reveal the originality and creativity of the Arab geographers.
The importance of the present research is to document and ascertain the originality added by the Arab geographers to the science of geography. This is accomplished by comparing a number of geographic thoughts that had emerged in the ancient civilizations with the modern Arabic civilization and geographic sciences. The research problem is in collecting the geographic thoughts in the ancient and Arabic civilizations by resorting to their original resources.
The most important conclusion of the present research is that the Arabs’ influence was not confined to quoting the geographic concepts from the ancient civilizations, but they had many geographic additions that reflected their originality and creativity in the field of geography, especially when modern geographic studies have verified those concepts in accordance with our present knowledge.

Place in the Poetry of the Tramps – The Desert as a Model

Amer A. Ibrahim; Salwa G. Abdel-Latif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 103-122

The desert ample space in the pre-Islamic Arabic poetry, occupied poets who have taken from the desert plenty of material for poetry. It was the space in which these poets wanders and they roam the Mujahlha and cut Mfawzha, we can rarely find a poem by poet jaahili without mention of the desert or description of it. They derived from it the meanings of life adored it and ,value of moral courage, generosity and the rescue of the ATD. It has taught and refined their nature's. The Tramps poets are the most ignorant poets who reported that desert place in their poetry as evidence to the nature of their lives and the type of environment. They described its heat cold, days, nights, the sun ,stars , the moon, compassion and joy. This research tackles the study of place in the poetry of Tramps and reveals the nature of desert in their poetry and how they see it, which represents the yard of their war, their dream and travels. Some of these poets, are Abu Khrash, Shanfari, Silaik and Urwa Ben Elward.

The Quds Armenies during the Writings, Armenian, Islamic, and Historical

Fathi Salim Humeedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 385-400

The Armenian people consider as an original people from ancient cultural history for their belief in Christianity . As a result the Armenian took care of Al- Quds for its sacred religion according to them . So that they tried to visit and go on pilgrimage to Al-MAHID church . The first group visited the City of Al –Quds in about AD. moreover, their Kings took care of this city and the holy places.
Other novels stated that the exits of the history of Armenian was before Christianity. But After the Christianity many Armenians emigrated regular from Armenia to Al-Quds. Finally they their establishing many special churches related to their own.
The Armenians role do not limit on the religion aspect only, but they play a great role in many other aspects such as their works in scientific life by setting up many schools they also took care of economical aspect and support it in their trading.
So They establish a special quarter and it remains till now. The Armenians face the Israel enemy besides their brothers from Al-Quds city defend its scarcity and original history.

Time In "The Wooden House And The Birds of Mas'ood" Novel By Faris Sa'duldeen (An analytical study)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 107-136

The Mosuli writer (Faris Sad'uldeen Mohammed Ali Alsardar) has been chosen to be the topic of the research for the various coherent artistic techniques prevailed in his novel (dedicated for children) "The wooden house and the birds of Mas'ood", as well as time interference that resulted in so many paradoxes through which the novel fulfills its private purposes through the events. Therefore, this research has emerged to study the time in this novel via analyzing the texts related to time as well as showing its artistic and aesthetic dimensions and revealing the denotations resulted from them.
The research was based on an introduction and four chapters. The introduction has included a definition of the concept of time. Topic one has been dedicated to examine (the types of time) in terms of normal time and psychological time. Topic two has studied (time coordinates) in terms of ascendant time coordinates, then descendant time coordinates and finally the sporadic time coordinates. Topic three has included a study of (time arrangement) in terms of recalling and preceding, while topic four has tackled (time acceleration) in terms of the summary or the brief, deletion or reservation.

The Armenian Issue and the West Stand towards it during the Reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hameed II

Muhammad J. Al-Alawi; Ban Gh. Al-Saigh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 447-477

The Armenians inhabited a strategic region in the peninsula of Anatolia. It was the core of concern of the neighboring states and a conflict area between the Persian and the Byzantium empires throughout history. When the Armenians established some emirates and states in this region, they mostly became under the control of the strong neighboring states.
On the rise of the Ottoman state the Armenians lived in peace practicing free doctrine and work. Despite that, Armenian revolutionary movements emerged induced by outside powers, particularly France. These movements demanded either for dependence from the Ottoman state or getting autonomy.
Caesarian Russia played an important role in raising the Armenian issue, especially after the defeat of the Ottoman state in the Russian – Ottoman war ( ). This issue gained an international importance after holding the two treaties of Berlin and San Stefano ( ). The Sultan Abdul Hamid II had a special stand from these treaties. He followed a special policy in dealing with the Armenian issue. He did not apply the decided reforms in the places inhabited by the Armenians. On this basis, some of the great states have their stands according to their special interests towards the Ottoman state.

The aesthetics of Nature in (the Mosuli poetry in the Twelfth century A. H.)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 137-172

Nature possesses a descriptive and aesthetic value in the Mosuli poetry in the Twelfth century A. H., as one of the universe aspects and rich source that enriches the poetic experience from the objective and formational point of view as well as an important component of the human life. Portraying nature poetically relies on harmony and sensual interaction which involve value and an idea because the attitude towards nature is tightly connected with life in a sensational way.
Accordingly the relationship between the Mosuli poet and nature depends on similarity, intimacy, ideas repetition, and interaction It reflects a flow of feelings notions and contemplation; because nature in the real and poetic aspects is the spring of universal beauty. As all the surroundings of the poet are considered vital part of nature which change from abstraction into vivid and conscious world, they which are characterized and driven with consciousness, language and images with metaphoric frames that have objective and artistic dimensions.
Nature in the Mosuli Poetry is characterized by independent poets and sonatas It is interrelated with other topics which gives the reader the impression that he is looking at a painting in which images are successive and meanings are changing with the change of the context and vision. Aesthertics of nature can be put under the heading of the relative structure of beauty. Each poetic text contains artistic values that holds aesthetic frameworks.

The Translation of Arabic Al-Adhdad (Opposites) in the Glorious Qur’an into English: Problems and Strategies

Ziyad A. Mahmood; Mohammed J. Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 813-828

The present paper is an attempt to investigate the nature of an Arabic semantic phenomenon called ‘Al-Adhdad’ (opposites). This phenomenon of having entirely two opposite meanings arises when an expression contains either a lexical item or a grammatical construction which can be interpreted in two opposite ways, i.e. having two opposite readings. The study aims at (1) showing how this phenomenon is realized in the TL (English). (2) pointing out some problems which may result from rendering verses manifesting this phenomenon. (3) proposing a rendering which goes along with the Qur’anic interpretation if there is none. The study hypothesizes that such phenomenon most probably goes unnoticed by the translators and that the semantic approach or even literal translation is usually opted for. The study comes up with the conclusion that ‘Al-Adhdad’, compared with English, is uniquely an Arabic semantic phenomenon which represents a problematic area for the translators who conduct their translations at a purely linguistic level without realizing that another meaning, precisely the opposite meaning, may be intended depending on the context of situation.

The Pole of Mosuli Family in Reducing Modern Technology Crimes (A Field Study in Mosul City)

Safana Ahmad Dawood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 83-106

The aim of the current research is to know the effect of Mosuli Family in reducing the crimes of modern technology specially now a days due to the changing of the social and political circumstances that our society witness. The research includes five sections ,the first deals with the method of research. The second deals with the family and crimes of information technology. The third is about the theoretical framework of the research. The fourth section is about the theoretical frame work which includes defining the sample of the research which is( ) family masters chosen occasionally throughout the regions of Mosul city with the possibility of achieving balance between both genders. The researcher used the tool (survey) after achieving reliability and stability and qualify it for application. The items were( ). The stability reached ( ) after applying it on a sample. Thus, the survey is ready for application. The following statistical means were used to collect data: (T. test. Percentage weight). One the most important results reached was the efficiency of Mosuli Family role in reducing the dangers of modern technology on a sums with high percentage weight. Which proves the positive role of the family in this field. Given these information, the researcher came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions. The fifth part of the research includes the most important conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations in order to activate the role of family in fortune - telling our children about modern technology.

The effect of Nigella sativa oil and some antibiotics on bacteria isolated from wound infection in hospitals

Sura Ibrahim Khuder

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 707-715

The study included the isolation and identification of the bacteria causing wound infection in two types of patients (diabetic and non diabetic).
(60) samples were collected from wound infection, (18) samples from diabetic patients (30%) and (42) were from non diabetic patients (70%). These samples represented different ages and both genders. The results show that all samples of diabetic patients was positive growth (100%), (32) isolate were obtained from all samples, include (12) isolate of Gram negative bacilli (37.5%) and (20) isolate of Gram positive cooci (62.5%). Non-diabetic patients samples give (38) samples (90.47%) bacterial growth. (95) isolate were obtaind from this samples. (52) isolate (54.73%) of Gram positive cooci and (43) isolate of Gram negative bacilli (45.26%) and (4) samples were negative for bacterial growth (9.52%).
The results also show that the highest percentage of these strains are Staphylococcus aureus (40.62%) from diabetic patients and (35.79%) from non-diabetic patients. While the lowest percentage shows in Proteus spp. and Streptocoous spp. (6.25% and 3.13%) in diabetic patients and (4.21% and 3.16%) in non-diabetic patients, respectively.
The study also includes assessment of the antibacterial activity of Nigella sativa oil against the isolates, using disk diffusion method compared with antibiotics used in this study.
The results showed that Nigella sativa oil have a good antibacterial activily on all bacterial types. The oil give good inhibitory effects on Staph. aureus and Streptococcus spp. Whose effective concentration reached (0.033) v/v. also the oil were more effective than the control antibiotics.

The Syntactic Formation of the Uses of Haythu (where ) in the Holy Koran and its References

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 215-238

The Research deals with the word haythu (where ) in the Holy Koran in its uses and references .This word belongs to the adverbs that receive the attention of the linguists and grammarians .So ,the research examines various means possessed by the Arabic dialects and the reason behind its uniflection ,the acceptance of joining a preposition and being added to a single word or a sentence .Also , the research shows its positions in the Holy Koran with reference to the opinions of the Koran interpreters and grammarians .

The Plant Callus of Thyme Thymus vulgaris L.

Abdullah N; Taghrid N. Ahmed; Zena Y. Kasem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 623-636

The present study managed to initiate the callus of the plant parts (leaves, stems and roots) from the sterilized complete plants of the Thymus vulgaris L. in MS medium which was supplied with various of growth regulator (BA and NAA) and (Kin and 2,4-D) which reached production on percentage 100% in the medium which included BA and NAA in all parts (leaves, stems and roots) but in various periods, the best medium is MS included 1.0 mg/L of BA and NAA 0.5 mg/L. The best part to initiate callus in short periode (7-10) days were leaves explant, next the stems part (7-14) day, and root in long periode (5-30) days.
The callus of the leaves, stems and roots of Thymus vulgaris L. had a high ability of forming green branches in the used planting medium which consisted in the same concentration 1.0 mg/L of BA and 0.5 mg/L of NAA. This is called one step regeneration, the produced plants of Thymus vulgaris L. from the plant callus were acclimatized in the conditions of the glass house after the success of the enrooting process in free MS medium.

The Parliamentary Experience Challenges in Kuwait

Waleed Salim Mohammad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 646-671

The relation between the two authorities, the legislative and executive, has been, and still, representing a harmonious dialectic sometimes and a contradictory one other time, influenced, between this and that, by the relations of conflict and cooperation. The Kuwaiti parliamentary experience does not go outside this context, as it witnesses challenges and attractions among the parliamentary scene spectra. This lies in the political dialectic hierarchy in the relation between the government and the parliament, which is based in its origins on the tribal values that portrayed the Kuwaiti society and painted its political scene.
This research tries to study the obstacles and challenges on the level of values and practices in a tribal society such as Kuwait, in which the ruling authority and political forces try to look like a democratic modern society in a region where tribal nature prevails.

The sense of social interaction of physical education lecturers at the University of Mosul

Nagam Mahmmod Mohammed Saleh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 421-446

The aims of research are :
1- Measuring the sense of social interaction of physical education lecturers at the University of Mosul .
2- Recocnizing the differences in the dimensions of the social interaction scale of physical education lecturers at the University of Mosul ,depending on the variable of years of professions
To achieve the aims of the research, the researcher hypothesized the Following: There is no significant difference in the semantic intention in the dimensions of social interaction scale , for physical education lecturers at the University of Mosul according to the career experience .
Descriptive method is used for it's suitability for the nature of the research.
The population of the study consists of the lecturers of the physical education college ,who really work as teachers in (2006-2007).
The social interaction scale, which is used by researcher, is proposed by both (Royal and Rossi),which is translated by (Hajjaj Ghnim).The researcher makes some modification in order to fit the field of sport .
The specific scientific procedures were achieved with research tool ,such as validity and reliability.
After applying the scale, the researcher concluded the following
- The lecturers of physical education in Mosul university are realized positively recording their sense of social participation .
- Decrease of lecturers , relation level , who have (11-15) years of experience with their colleagues , contrary to the increase in this degree of colleagues relation for the other groups.
- Increasing the level of lecturer relation who have (11-15)years of experience with administration , contrary to the reduced degrees for other groups.
- The lecturer of physical education are generally interested in approximate level from their relation with students.
According to the results and conclusions of this study , the researcher recommends the following :
- Taking of the care to groups which present reduced social participation level in their relation with their colleagues especially the group who have (11-15) years of experience.
- Reinforcing the social participation level through the relation with the administration for lecturer groups who have teaching experiences from (1-5) (6-10) (15 year and more) through creating suitable circumstances for it.
- Finding efficient ways for increasing social participation level through renewing and getting out from work mode.

The City of Taflees A historical study from the Islamic victory until 515 A.H 1121 A.D

Fathi Salim Humeedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 220-237

The Kingdom of Georgia has a great historic rank because of its geographical position in two aspects naturally and economically . It is considered the cause of the rising of many georgian civilized centers which throughout the ages had changed into many great cities and capitals . It became also a center for population accumulation, and economy ; the dynamic center of the kingdom, especially after it becoming its political, economical and historical capital . It is located at the top of the valley of " Al-Kir" river (Kura) . This river divides it into two parts . It is surrounded by wide plain lands which have a fertile soil . This Fact led to the development of the city economically because of the great agricultural production . Consequently, the city inhabitants became wealthy . The city of Taflees is characterized with its high inaccessibility in addition to its central position in Al-Qawqaz (60 miles from the Black sea). Because of this important position the georgian kings made it their capital. As for its name, it has many names like Tafleesi or Tableesi . This Word is Georgian Whach is taken from the word "Tafli" which means "hot" . This name may be taken from the hot springs of Tfilis . In Armenian language, it is known as " Tfikhis" and in Arabic, it is known as "Tfilis" which is not an Arabic word but it is called So depending on its Georgian origin . The same is done also by some historians when they call it " Tfilis" . This city has a great role in the political events at that time. For this reason, the present study deals with it from the Islamic victory 272 A.H 886 A.D until the Georgian occupation, who made it their capital, in 515 A.H 1121 AD .

The contemporary Islamic Movement in Iraq . The Organization of Islamic Action AL Iraqa As a Case Study

Mejwal Mohammad Mahmood AL-Augidy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 199-229

At The beginning of its modern marking, Iraq witnessed secret Islamic Organizations founded by group of early Islamic pioneers . During the fifties and sixties of the past century the Iraqi scene saw the appearence of Islamic Famous parties , among them is the Isamic Work organization about which the sources did not give specific date of foundation . Yet , this organization regarded 1967 as the date of its foundation after the june setback in 1967. It did not hold its current name until 1979 which witnessed the rise of the Islamic revolution in Iran . Among prominent figures are Mohammed Mahdi Al-Shirazi , and Mohammed Taqi Al-Mudrisi. It Possessed organizational system and branches in other countries . Also this organization faced many internal splits . It had relations with Iraqi Islamic groups which were characterized with Iraqi Islamic by tension and oscilation in different periods .Beside it had relations with Iran and was known as one of the Iraqi opposition geoup during the eighties and nineties of the past century .
The present study tackpes a number of issues , preceded by a historical introduction of the Islamic partisan action in Iraq .The study comprises the following axes : the foundation of the organization of the Islamic Action ,The major leading figures and the organization structure of the armed action adopted by it , the divisions within and the branches Other axes include its relation with Iraqi Islamic movements and its forgein relation . Finally , the study focused on its attitudes towards the political system in Iraq through its role in the Iraqi opposition .

The Closed Horizon "A Study of Semantic of Closed Imagination in Models of Mosulian Story

Abdustar Abdullh Saleh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 115-122

Awareness of message represents a value which enhances and develops the scope of insight in its gathering forces of performance for creating an image based upon a concept that violates the dominance of maturity resulting in the reality of writing. Starting from the interaction movement between the reader and the text , the present study set out to tackle with the imagination of narration which is considered an area of mutual effect between the thinker and the environment whether this environment is locational , imaginative , or linguistic extracting its uniqueness from its pontentiality to Motivate a strategy in which the expectations of the other 's actions participate just like any other strategy . consequently , endeavors to penetrate into the memory of the text read from different corners ; thus , this study may provide its open windows a legitimate command of the text in order to disclose its interrelations net through the phenomenon of closed imagination which is considered a semantic marker forming it self through the world of stories and charging itself with all its companion markers which are usually connected with an era where a definite culture or a specific global view dominates

The Attitude of Ascetics towards the Financial System in the Abbasid State during its Early Period

Abdul Wahab Khidir Alyas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 203-230

The present work does not aim at providing a historical presentation for asceticism and ascetics in the first three centuries of Hijrah ; it aims at dealing with an important ascetic issue namely the attitude of the ascetics towards the financial system of the Abbasids state in its early period esteeming from the Islamic theory : Cleary forbidden, Clearly permissible and suspiciously hateful
The research tries to answer an important question: why did the ascetics of the early Abbasids period forbid taking from the state finance while in the early Islamic period they permitted taking from the state money?

The Lebanese Stand In the Arab League Towards the Palestine Issue 1945-1948

Jassim Mohammed al-Juboree

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 76-106

The Palestinian question drew the attention of the Arab League establish on March 22, 1945 in which protocols Palestine occupies and essential part, besides its pact which contains a special appendix for Palestine where the historical right of independence of Palestine was emphasized and Lebanon being a founding member of the Arab league, which endeavored to help in the achieving of the goals of the league and has an important role in all the sessions of the political committee of the league.
Lebanon rejected the Jewish immigration to Palestine and also rejected the establishment of a national state for the Jews in Palestine.
It also rejected the report issued by the Anglo- American committee on Jewish immigration.
Lebanon took part in tow conferences Anshas and Bludan in 1946 on the Palestine issue, where the halting of the Jewish immigration was stressed and prohibiting the transfer of the Palestinian land to Jews.
Lebanon did its best in the courtrooms of the league in opposing the international separation law issued in 1947.
In 1948 the Lebanese delegation requested the rejection of the truce with Israel and supporting the Palestinian resistance by money and weapon and establishing a unified independent Arab state in Palestine.

The Role of Sheikhs of Islam in Taking Decisions in ottoman State

Emad AbduAzez Yosef; Maher Hamed Jasem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 327-344

The research deals with the important role of sheikhs of Islam in taking decisions in ottoman state. Owing to their high status in society, sheikhs of Islam a great effect on different matters, In fact, they are not only concerned with religious affairs but also with political and social ones.

The Conqured of Bekand until the Samaneeds Era

Tarek Fathe Soltan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 175-214

This research deals with the city of Bekand , showing its position. For its situstion between Transaxonia and Khurasan. The Turks paid more attention to this town and supplied with arms and weapons, in addition to its great wally castels and citadels.
Many Arabs campaigns marched toward this city, and many treaties were signed with Bekand, which then were sometimes refused.
The Muslim leader Qutaiba Ibn Muslim Al- Bahily changed this policy against Transaxsonia , and begun to settle Arabs in this area as in Bekand.
Bekand become shining centre for Islam and Islamic civilization , which most of its people now are muslims .

The Real Dimension of Unambidexterity movemement in The Islamic Message age

Riadh Hashem Hadi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 187-210

The unambidexterity movement was one of the dangerous movements in the history of the Islamic message age, which the prophet of Allah (P.B.U.H) have been suffered and his companions to much and they are about to dangerous to the Islamic nation in Medina. So this study came to show the role of this group of Islamic people which they have the leadership and fellowship external and internal communications and try to build location in order to arrange their works against the nation.
In spite of this, the Holly book (Quran) warns the prophet (P.B.U.H) from the dangers of this group, but is it truly that the prophet (P.B.U.H) punished this grope fore their works whish become about kill during the Tabuk invasion. Finally, this study draws the light to this movement and their methods.

The Fatimid Fleet The peak of Islamic Maritime Superiority

Ahlam Hassan AL-Naqeeb

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 211-224

The Fatimids paid attention to the maritime fleet and the burlding of porsts to achieve their goals in establishing agreat empire in the mediterranean , especially after their seizing of sicily and making it abase for agreat feet which would realize the execution of their maritime plans .
The Fatimrd fleet stated its early activity west of the mediterranean by supporting the Fatimids dominion over north Africa and controlling the coatal ports . The Fatimid vessels could invade the south of France and Genoa city and over take the Italian city of Biza . Consequently , the Fatimid fleet was in control of the Mediterranean , its power had undergone tremendous progress and its danger to the Byzantine fleets aggravated , because it doubled its raids on them from ports and outposts of Morocco .. It succeeded to defend the Islamic Morocco by repulsing the attacts of the Romans .
The Fatimid experience had another sigificance in Morocco and Egypt later in the reign of callph A-Muiz lideenil lah who made the west of the Meditrranean aFatimid lake . He , therefore , took Al – Mahdiya , susa , Al – Mansouriya and other ports as refuge to his vessels .
The Fatimiid fleet is considered the greatest factor in the Fatimids maritime victories , and to it goes the cred it of providing Jawhar of sicity with supplies during his invasion of Egypt . The Fatimids attached geat importance to the fleet and its men in Morocco and even after their depature to Egypt . The vessels of the Fatimid fleet which were built in the Egyption industrial workshops in thereign of calip Al – Muiz were estimated at more than 600vessels of different kinds and sizes . The men of the fleet occupied a high statas among the employees of the army court , an the manager of the army court was the fleet admiral .

The Effect of Prophet s Directions in Adapting Individuals Behaviour

Bashar Shaalan Al-Nuaimi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 38-56

This research deals with the effect of prophet directions in adapting individual behaviour focusing on children and educating them the best of everything and to be patient during the whole process. This direction begins from the rituals to the best morals needed in a person. The research also talks about the effect of prophet directions on the behaviour of youth, taking care of them, how to deal with the mistakes that occur and their amend ment to adjust their behaviour.

The Education Task of Islamic Media Against the Western Media Attack on the Islamic World

Abdulkadir Ali AL-Kablan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 57-78

This research deal with the Islamic Media role and its function in building individual and then the society. The research speaks about the concept of Islamic media, comparing it with the western Media and its effect on Muslims behaviour and finally explained the way of fighting back against this hostile media and the way to make our Islamic media to enhance the prophet message.