Keywords : fudha

Evidence hadith in AL-fudha AL-mudheya shrh AL-shathra AL-thahabeya book from Abo-zayd AL-ateki the grammatical study

Rehab Jassim Essa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 243-268

The research plan is based on showing the main grammatical chapters and, then, mentioning the grammatical problems cited by the prophetic traditions with taking into consideration their documentation from the adopted books and references indicated in the book " Al-Fudha Al-Mudheya Sharh Al-Shathra Al-Thahabeya" and following the presence of this citation in the grammarians' books, the books of hadith parsing and the books that dealt with treating hadith problems .
The book "Al-Fudha Al-Mudheya fi Sharh Al-Shathra Al-Thahabeya" represents a great scientific enrichment in the field of grammar. It is characterized by presenting the grammatical opinions and questions in a clear and accurate phrase to be understood . The book adopted a group of Qur'an, poetry and parable quotations to clarify the grammatical topics . The hadith quotations had great availability in illustrating the general grammatical problems and the odd ones .The book accepts this absolutely to make the learners be acquainted with recognizing the odd or rarely-used in the hadith language. Its hadith recitation was about to clarify the grammatical problems.