Keywords : Lebanon

Russia stand towards the political developments in Lebanon Mount

Mahmood Saleh Sa; eed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 701-718

This research tries to shed the light on the role of Russia towards Lebanon issue developments during ( ) . This role was considered one of the most important roles in area, politically, economically, and culturelly. Lebanon Mount was one of the most important of Ottoman regions that to be exposed to such role. Russian role in Lebanon Mount was considered one of the most dangerous of European roles in this side. This danger was hidden in Russian motives towards Ottoman state in that Russia tries to tearing the lands of the Ottoman state in corporation with some of the great European states. To achieve its policy, Russia tries to claim the foundation of an administrative sectarian entity that is submssive to Russian policy and under the protection of Russian . Russia demanded to form a third administrative district in Lebanon Mount for Roman Arthodox sect. In fact, Russia played a dangerous role in political maneuvers among great European states about what was Known as the " Eastern Qustion.