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The Terms Related to Egyptians in Taj Al – a'roos Study and Dictionary

Sumya Mohammed Taher Abdulah Al-Tahan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 415-434

This research tackles the terms related to the Egyptians in (Taj Al – a'roos min Jawaher Al-qamoos) book written by Mohammed Murtatha Al-Zubaidi 91145-1205A.D.) who spent a long time of his life in Egypt. Taj Al-a'roos was one of the most old Arabic dictionaries which refers to the language of Egypt. There was only some terms (not more than 15 terms) representing the language of the Egyptians in the dictionaries that was written before this one. This was the motivating reason behind choosing Al-taj among other dictionaries .
The research included two sections. The first one includes studying the Egyptian language terms and presenting its most important characteristics and linguistic domains. The second one was represented by creating a dictionary according to the rhyme system/ followed by Al-Zubaidi in Altaj taking into consideration the linguistic origion of each term.