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Subjunctive Mood on Avulsion of the Object in the Holy Quraan A New Reading and Applicative Study for Chosen Quranic Evidences

AbdulJabbar Fathi Zeydan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 123-204

The verb which takes more than one object in Arabic, eather takes the object by itself, or by a preposition which might be omitted before the noun in certain positions which makes the noun in its subjunctive mood. So, this noun is to be parsed as subjunctive mood on avwsion on the objective. Such kind of subjunctive mood is mentioned in the language and Holy Quraan, and it is called, in the grammar books, the subjunctive mood on avulsion on the object, this research is prepared by the researcher to study this linguistic phenomenon in the Holy Quraan but in away different from those tackled in other studies

Inclusion in the Holy Quraan ANed Reading and Applicative Sstudy for Chosen Quranic Evidences

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 263-304

In the name of Allah, thanks for Allah, blessing and peace be upon his messenger, on his family and his companions and his followers.
What was written by modern researchres on the subject of inclusion in the Holy Quraan , had increased on the basis of treating it as on original grammatical subject and imitating the old grammarians In fact , it is a fabricated subject , and it was followed in the analysis and explaining of the Holy Quraan .
The research included four section and a conclusion, the first section dealt with the definition of the inclusion and its aims The second one included presenting and explaining some chosen Quranic evidences. In the third section , the researcher tackled correlating inclusion with the Holy Quraan eloquent. As for the fourth section, it dealt with the relation of inclusion with the subjenctive mood saying on avulsion of the object .