Keywords : Phosphate Fertilizer

The Effect of Phosphate Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Quality of two Mungbean (Phaseolus aureus L.) Varieties

I. A. AL-Romey

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 679-691

A field experiment was carried out in the seasons 2006 - 2007 and 2007 - 2008 in the field of Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry University of Mosul, and use two types of mungbean black and green with four levels of phosphate fertilization (0,30,60,90 kg.p/ ha). the experiment was carried out by using R.C.B.D. design with three replications. The studied characteristics: plant height cm, the number of main branch/ plant, number of pods / plant, number of seeds / pod, weight of 1000 seed (g), Total yield of seed kg/ha, leaf area cm 2, leaf area index, biological yield kg / ha, the percentage of protein, harvest index. Significant differences have emerged between the first and second categories in the first season of the attributes of leaf area, leaf area index, The point is diversity, and the total sum of the seeds, and harvest index. While the difference in the character of moral categories of plant height and seed weight of 1000 and the total sum of seed and leaf area for the second season. The effect of fertilization has been observed over the fourth level of fertilization to the attributes of the number of main branch/ plant the seeds for winning the overall winner and diversity in comparison when it surpassed the treatment of harvest index in the character of the spectrum in the first season. In the second season and the treatment of 90 kg phosphorus to the attributes of winning the overall plant height and total seed yield Diversity and the comparison treatment, and 30 kg phosphorus harvest index. Showed overlap between species x fertilization in the first season and a clear superiority for the Treatment of comparison, 90 kg phosphorus in the strands of plant height and harvest index of the first class. And the treatment of 90 kg phosphorus to the number of pods / plant and leaf area and leaf area index and evidence of biological-yield product was shown the second with 90 kg phosphorus than is evident in the overall winning recipe for the seeds to the rest of the transactions. In the second growing season there was a clear superiority for the treatment of the comparison and 90 kg of phosphorus recipe guide leaf area. While over at fertility 30 and 60 kg phosphorus in biological winning the first class. The second class there are more than 30, 60 and 90 kg phosphorus in the character of plant height, while more than 90 kg phosphorus in the qualities of weight of 1000 seed and winning the overall seed and 30 and 60 kg phosphorus in the character-winning Diversity and showed the treatment of comparative superiority is evident in harvest index.
Key words: Mung bean, Phosphate fertilizer