Keywords : Quraan

Reasonable Selective Method of Explaining Quraan by Al-Mu'tazila An Analytical Study

Abdullah Ali Abaas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 363-384

The paper discusses some of the Quraanic verses which Al-mu'tazilahavedealt with. Al-Mu'tazilay have given a false explanation their to prove mental fundamentals by exceeding the inclusive nature of the explanation process which is based on explaining the holyQuraan as one of the most important measures of acceptance in Quraanic explanation. So, most of Al-mu'tazila explain a certain verse without looking at other verses which have relation in forming the meaning and without looking at the same context for this verse. They also portioning some structures to reach a pretended meaning which is refused by the objective nature of Quraanic text. This paper has discovered that they have a distinguished procedure to reach the intended meaning. So, they extract the desirable meanings through pronouncing the Quraanic text with what does not refer to it depending in that on selecting a text without another and on the wide area that linguistic possibilities give to a certain vocabulary from an extension in meaning. Then, their selection from an extension in meaning that supports their solitude without the other meaningsis inside these texts. It is also built on selecting mental possibilities which support their situation in explaining, invention and the selection of strange readings other than the others. Although those readings are incorrect in their language and evidence,this method can be described as such because it depends on some bases in explaining although it’s the method is also described as being selective because it is not comprehensive in collecting the Quraanic evidences and exceeding the prophetic explanation of the Holy Quraan which insists on it's necessity. As such, the method is a natural procedures in directing the Quraanic text.