Keywords : Pole

The Pole of Mosuli Family in Reducing Modern Technology Crimes (A Field Study in Mosul City)

Safana Ahmad Dawood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 83-106

The aim of the current research is to know the effect of Mosuli Family in reducing the crimes of modern technology specially now a days due to the changing of the social and political circumstances that our society witness. The research includes five sections ,the first deals with the method of research. The second deals with the family and crimes of information technology. The third is about the theoretical framework of the research. The fourth section is about the theoretical frame work which includes defining the sample of the research which is( ) family masters chosen occasionally throughout the regions of Mosul city with the possibility of achieving balance between both genders. The researcher used the tool (survey) after achieving reliability and stability and qualify it for application. The items were( ). The stability reached ( ) after applying it on a sample. Thus, the survey is ready for application. The following statistical means were used to collect data: (T. test. Percentage weight). One the most important results reached was the efficiency of Mosuli Family role in reducing the dangers of modern technology on a sums with high percentage weight. Which proves the positive role of the family in this field. Given these information, the researcher came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions. The fifth part of the research includes the most important conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations in order to activate the role of family in fortune - telling our children about modern technology.