Keywords : Ayoobians

Al-Ayoobians in Al-yaman

Musab H.N. AL-Zeadi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 521-544

This paper deals with the Ayoobians existence in Al-yaman ( ) after the political chaos that caused by the quarrled states on authority Which led to tear the unity of the land and the spread of different religious groups exploiting the remoteness of Al-yaman from the center of Abbasian succession in Baghdad. The paper also involves the successive military campaigns that Ayoobians have sent to subguqate them under their control . And the first one was of the great king Turanshah Al-Ayoobi which is led by the king Al-Maswood binAl-malik Al-Kamil Al-Ayoobi. In addition to the achievements that AL-yaman has witnessed during AL-Ayoobian age which lasted fifty six years and ended with the establishment of AL-Rasuliastate