Keywords : Qura

Rhetoric of Omission in the Holy Qura'n

Basheer Mahmoud Fattah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 435-484

Omission is an obvious phenomenon in Arabic regarding grammar and meaning because it requires two things: the existence of clue that refers to the omitted and the existence of the probable. The first thing is back to grammar that omission is never true unless the clues are availabile. The other thing back to meaning because there is no omission without compatibility and both things are studied in this research. The case endings may be an important clue of the omitted noun or verb that all of this has a relation to meaning and an effect in speech. Grammarians have not differentiate between noun and verb but between a verb and another regarding semantics and meaning explaining the linguistic system which requires mentioning the grammatical structure and if something is dropped from it depending on the circumstance or speech evidences: There are expressions which are used together and no one exists without the other like construct noun phrase, modified and modifier, conditional sentence and apodosis, that needs estimation when omitted .
Whatever the situation is, we will study omission in the Holy Qura'n regarding grammar and meaning in four sections: the first section: the central omission which will be disussed in length in this research, the second section: omission of some accompanying elements, the third section: omission of what is left, and the fourth section: omission of letters. Before these sections , there is a brief preface that studies the meaning of omission regarding language and expressions, the proofs of omission and its conditions and qualifications, the research has a conclusion in which a summay of will be presented.