Keywords : Synchronized

Synchronized poem

Khalil Shokri Haiyas; Loay Thanoon Younis Alhasood

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 339-364

The research titled The poem synchronized, which is one of the formations building poem in modern hair Raad Fadel, as it has a special value in the contemporary experiences, the money a large section of contemporary poets it, and reported that achieved by the hair of concentration, intensity, and stir and dispense with digressions and detail by clicking all that is delicate and essential to the subject, and is the kind of importance great prose poem modern, and divided the research into two sections , taking first section poem miniaturized , as characterized by a poem miniaturized palace severe , but the content is limited to splash emotional one, as it is characterized by obsolete meet semantic and forming aesthetic for the label through functioning in lattice models problem , eat second section forming an reductionist , as it is characterized by the formation character reductionist across the width of the events in a focused manner briefly and intensify through the acceleration time of the fleeting moments of the past, and cannot summarize these events only when already receiving any when you have a piece of the past but may be a presumption that sum up the event happened or will happen in the present or in the future.