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Effect of music in learning some motor skills in a Gymnasics lesson for girls

Majda Hammeed Kambesh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 635-650

Objective of this research is to try to identify the following:
The impact of music in the performance of motor skills in the game of gymnastics. The significant differences between the two samples (control group and experimental group) at the speed of learning some motor skills in gymnastics for the experimental group. The researcher used the experimental method. research community divided in two groups (control group and experimental group) the number of each grope (10) students. To evaluate the motor performance art of the two groups was use a set of tests. following statistical methods was used (mean and standard deviation and t-test). the most important findings of the research was that music influence in the level of acquisition of motor skills in land movements and devices in gymnastics as well as stirring spirit of fun and thrill when exercise to accompany the music.