Keywords : Nuaas

Exceeding the Sorrow of Remains Through the Praised Person and Wine in the Poetry of Abi Nuaas

Sahira Mohammed Al-Hubeiti

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 37-50

This research tries to show the exceeding of the Abi Nuaas for the tragic feeling that viewer remains generates actually or poetically since the remains are considered as pole that witnesses the crispness the existence and the absurdity of human activity and the plan of the research was made on a preface that ensures the change of the critical approaches the old and new ones for the presence of this tableau and the function it performs then we have suggested a flash about the poet's situation, Abi Nuaas, poetically hesitative from stopping at the remains, then we have suggested the most important opinions that the remains of Abi Nuaas in the performative side of the research and we have presented the reading for two poetic samples for the mentioned poet, and each of them were on the top of a remaining tableau and the most important purpose was for praise, where we find the poet never to dominate its vision for the black sign of sorrow after reaching to its praised person and he never care about the condition of becoming and change which were dominating the vision in the remaining tableau. While the second subject was formed from two tableaus; the first was remaining and the second was wine and we have found him calm and quiet during his speaking about wine forgetting what remains produced like the grief in his self. From our reading, we have reached that the poet and throughout his speech about the praised, Al-Ameen Caliphate that had given supernatural qualities, while wine, the poet found in it a shelter from feeling sad since wine never affect time motion and it is as much as proceed in time becomes more good as if it was timeless, and thus its dipsomania would be out of the condition of becoming, change and death inevitability.