Keywords : Deir

Monastery "Al-Deir Al-a`la" in Mosul City Cultural Study

Mohamad Nazar Aldabbagh

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 95-122

Mosul City has characterized by existence of several monasteries, whether they were inside the city or outside of it. These monasteries had had significant impact on the religious life of Christians and the rituals, prayers, and religious practices, as well as some of them had owned schools that had a scientific role in studying and teaching the religious sciences. Some of these monasteries have also been known as being places of hospitalization for some chronic diseases due to existing several sulfur springs near of them. Moreover, they were characterized by their fresh air for being located in high areas overtopping on the city, prompted some important figures as caliphs, leaders, and masters to visit them and made residence for a period, due to their capacity, size, and charms ;This leads important figures to visit view, and promenade these places and made them a subject of poems for many poets. Thus, all that formed a cultural face for Mosul city especially Al-Deir Al-a`la, that was the subject of this study.