Keywords : disease

Cancer disease from asocial medical Perspective Analytical Social study

Abdul Fattah M. Fathi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 545-568

Cancer is A dangerous disease, catches the human being and other creations. It is regarded as the Second most spread disease after heart disease in the World . It is also the main reason of children death. Cancer disease is the main cause of death in the world From a total of (58) million deaths worldwide cancer deaths account for (7,6) million (or 13%) of all deaths.
The medical statistical studies shows that the most deaths in 2005 occurred in low and middle income countries.
Cancer disease in the world is projected to continue rising, with an estimated (9) million people dying from cancer in 2015 and (11,4) million dying in 2030.
The national and international medical statistics point that cancer disease is set up in the first step among the whole diseases in Iraq at the present time, due to wars and economical sanctions and the types of weapons used by America and its allied against Iraqi people, for the period of 1990_2003.
The Study is a participation for the introduction of cancer disease and its hazards against man and society, and try to illustrate the main factors affecting it, and the geographical distribution of cancer disease around the world .
The study also shows that there is a correlation between Social environment, and cancer disease like habits, customs and malnutrition , smoking at last, some of social researcher described cancer as being " Social disease".