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Relations between the European Union and the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States: The Evolution and The Development A Historical Study

Mohammd Salim A. Al-Kawaz; Manhal A. Aqrawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 591-630

Relations between the Cooperation Council of the ArabGulf States and the European Union historically governed by several factors, the most important of the interests is Member States, civilization, and cultural heritage. The colonid backgrounds played large role in determining the extension and development of foreign relations between the two regional organizations, and to study the relationship of contemporary relationship between the GCC and the European Union. The resarchers made the most important cornerstone keys to those relations between the two sides among the economic aspects were the foundation on which the emergence of political relations relied as well as the cooperation in the field of security, especially since the EU is keen on security and stability in the Gulf region which is one of the priorities for its relations with the country, in order to preserve their mutual interests.