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Companion Abu Ayoub Ansari (may Allah pleased him) His biography and role

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 271-308
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159210

The purpose of the research is to know the role of the companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari (may Allah pleased him) at the time of the Islamic mission and the the orthodox caliphate and the Umayyad era. He is one of the leading believer who carried the message and struggled to spread Islam. Abu Ayyub (may Allah pleased him) Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and jihad in the name of Allah with self and money . .

Abu Marwan Ibn Hayyan Al-Qurtubi

Ghaida Ahmed Saadoun Shlash

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 209-236

Abu Marwan Ibn Hayyan Al-Qurtubi ,the critic and famous historian, lived between ( – A.H.) .He was praised by many authors for his culture ,literature and his position among the scholars of the th century A.H. in Andalusia. This study examined Ibn Hayyan's opinions published in his books and the books of other authors who transferred his writings.
Abu Hayyan was interested in registering the historical events in Andalusia and the definitions of its most important scholars since the Andalusia conquer in A.H. to his death .He examined their poetry and literary writings in various critical studies included within this study,such as: Endowment and craftsmanship, intuition and improvisation , poetry motifs, the bids of the praised to the poet, literature influence on the receiver, plagiarism, comparisons between literary men , preferring some of them to others, presenting orators before poets, the way of choosing verses, the poets' titles, time and place effect on poetry, word and meaning, preferring allusion to declaration, the ethical and religious commitment, and the length of poems with seeking for meaning. He followed in his opinions a number of critics in addition to his own view in a way that certifies his careful analytical critical view.