Keywords : Perfuming

Perfuming and Healing Using Plants of India Ibn al-Bitar is book "Al-Jami'a Le mofradat Al-Adwiyah wal-aghthiyah”

Sufyan Yasen Ibrahim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 413-444

The research aims at identifying the most significant Indian plants in the book of Ibn al-Bitar Al-Jame'a Le mofradat Al-Adwiyah wal-aghthiyah and how to make use of them in healing and perfuming in an attempt to define the characteristics and kinds of Indian plants and trees and the way of using them, moreover, the research deals with whether medicine and perfume exist in those plants without preparation or by mixing them with other materials, and whether the root or stem of plant or tree are used or the branches and leaves or by extracting their gum or cooking them to make a medicine or perfume besides making use of them in other aspects. The study adopts the historical display approach. The research includes three topics: The first topic deals with ( Ibn al-Bitar’s biography), the second deals with (A historical summary for healing and perfuming), and the third topic focuses on (Healing and perfuming by using Indian plants ). The research, in addition, based on many Arabic and translated sources and references.