Keywords : Sulfur

Mineral Springs Wells and Sulfur in the Province of Nineveh and the Possibility of their Investment in Tourism (Health tourism)

Emad A. S. AL-Sultan; Thamir S. B. AL-Hayaly

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 347-366

Health tourism is one treatment of the tourist demand factors important for its role in increasing the national income, which is reflected in the welfare of the community. More over is one of the factors of hospitalization and treatment of skin diseases and arthritis, as well as achievement of entertainment, relaxation and health clinics to large and important segment of society.
Natural resources are the cornerstone of this type of tourism that are available in some areas of Iraq, including Nineveh province.
The research aims to attract the attention of those interested in the domain of tourism to the type of tourism that despite the availability of natural resources and related accessories and without any cost, but it did not receive the attention required, especially in the province of Nineveh, which includes a significant number of locations of springs and wells and mineral sulfate hospital which has not been used or invested in tourism or the competent authorities of the private sector. One of the main conclusions is that one of the more sites valid for the investment and development is the sites bathroom fresh and eye sulfur (center connector) as well as the possibility of establishing a tourist complex in a bath and fresh which includes requirements of other types of tourism to diversify sources of income ; in addition to the establishment of nature reserves in the site to be an additional attraction of tourist attractions for all types of tourism including health tourism.