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AL-Tur Sura APhonological Study

Sumayya Muhammad Tahir AL-Tahhan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 369-396

This study is aphonological modern study of AL-Tur Sura. It combines theory and application in the Quranic phonological modern study to investigate syllabic phonological structure of AL-Tur Sura and to understand its syllabic texture and to know the phonological harmony which is represented by repetition with its all types because of its importance in combining between the rhythmic and semantic function and to understand the bilingual relation between the word and its
reference which is, in its essence, the correspondence between sound and meaning. Vocabulary acquire their meaning from the sounds of words. The Quran used words accurately. It used the suitable sound for the suitable word. The sounds of threatening with their power and intensification differ from the sounds of with paradise with their softness.
The work is divided into a preface and three parts. Part one deals with the phonological structure and rhythm in AL-Tur Sura and to discover the rhythmic units of syllables. The second part studies repetition of sounds in with asingle word and Aya and the repetition of words in the Aya. The third part includes the semantic direction of sounds. The work ends with the most important conclusions.