Keywords : Human nature Sometimes imposes certain systems or Patterns or a Kind of norms or traditions which people adopt

Used Language in formal and Informat setting

Younis Hamash Khallf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 183-240

Human nature Sometimes imposes certain systems or Patterns or a Kind of norms or traditions which people adopt. Same Can be applied on language. Language is like a System which has its rules and systems happens as a result of the nature of human beings.
What draws my attention when I was reading a book is the explanation of language and its Mystery by Al-Tha'libi. In this book he talks in a Complete chapter about this Subject. He deals With Some Private and common cases.
Al-Seyotti , Who is another Writer , refers to this in another Chapter in another book Which is Al- Muzhir. This author increases Some terms, Cause Some of these terms Were Studied somewhere else. So it is repeated here or there. This itself Creates What is So-Called tautology Which has nothing to do With the Work itself.
I already gathered the materials from Language dictionaries and Some books Which explain the meaning of the Holy Quran Which are available here and there.
After showing the derivations of the Word linguistically which show the readers the Symantic implications ,I did this also in this paper. Sometimes I give a synonom to the word which were already explained in some poems. This research consists of 20 points. I arranged those points alphabetically which are all common and talked about them in details and Privately in the language itself in general.
These points where different in language – Studying. I made also an introduction showing the linguistic implication forth term privately and commonly and how they are developed.
These Ways of pronouncing the words cover a great space in the daily life of man. Some expressions can't be got their exact meanings Such as " Fark " which means hate ad later it is used to express metaphorically to show the state of anger between the husband and the wife.
This effort I did to arrive the fact , if I succeed to arrive it is due to the help of the Almighty God , if not(God forbid) ht is due to the devil and evil inside any human being. But in all cases I did my best to achieve My aim.