Keywords : can never be considered complete without the domain of childhood

The Child And Childhood in Alsayyab's Poetry

Prof. Mohammed Salih Rasheed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 163-173

Childhood is the key of AlSayyab's character and to his literary work and each attempt to understand him - as a human and as a literary man - can never be considered complete without the domain of childhood.
The poet was always bound with the words "child" and "childhood" and their denotations in a way that reflects his excessive sensitivity towards a hard period of his life that its influences continued with his life.
The first poems of AlSayyab were directly sentimental because most of their images were from his life environment in his village. These poems embodied his sufferings when he was a child because of his frequent losses of kindness and as a result of being an orphan. But, after he read the poems of the western poets and after having a wider horizon of thinking, he employed the childhood in a high artistic forms, which made him – in addition to other uses he employed – one of the great poets in whose products each meaning or idea changes to be a great symbol and denotation.