Keywords : weightlifters

Building a sample of Force-time index shape for Iraqi weightlifters in the Jerk part

Wadie Y. Al-Tikrity; Thair Gh. Mala Alow; Sammad M.Redha

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 877-904

The research aims to:
1. Identify the values of some Force-time index variable in the Jerk part for Iraqi weightlifters.
2. Identify the shape of Force-time index in the Jerk part for Iraqi weightlifters.
3. Build the sample of Force-time index in the Jerk part for Iraqi weightlifters.
4. Evaluate the Iraqi sample in the Jerk part of Force-time index with the international sample.
The researchers used the descriptivemethod to suit the nature of the research. The sample was 7 elite Iraqi weightlifters chosen intentionally.
The researchers used test, measurement and technical observation to get the data by using 3 cameras it speed (25 fps).
Then we get the Variables of Force-time index.
The data analyzed statistically by using calculated mean, standard division and percentage
The conclusions:
1. The Iraqi Force-time index has the same shape of international weightlifters in the Jerk part with some difference in the value of force and time, because of thedifference in level of the weights of the international weightlifters and the weight they lifted.
2. The force in phases of the changing position from standing to bending legs to preparing to the Jerk part is very clear in Force-time index.
3. The phases of impact and transmition were very clear in the part of split during the Jerk.
4. There was the same difference in percentage value in Force-time index between Iraqi and international weightlifters to eulogize of international weightlifters.