Keywords : Muqtifi

Al- Muqtifi by Al- Birzali: A Source for Studying History and Biographies of Mosuli People and North of Iraq in Post- Mongolian Invasion

Dr. Yousif G. Altoni

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 309-340

Biographies of the book related to the subject amount to 128 biographies with other historical texts. Damascus came at the fore front, in which Mosuli and Northern Iraq people were settled. Cairo came second, in these biographies, a diverse and comprehensive stamp as well as an terest in the basics of biohraphies such as histories and other items. They are also characterized by precision and highigting features, abilities and status. Moreover, Albirzali was keen about his surveying these biographies where he showed deticary and impartiality in his criticism.