Keywords : Abdullah

The life of one of Companions of the Prophet, viz. Abdullah Bin Rawaha

Hisham Abdulkreem AL-Ekeedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 573-590

This research deals with the life of one of companions of the prophet , viz. Abdullah bin Rawaha through three themes, the first one deals with his lineage, family, education and how he became Muslim, as well as his companion to the prophet Mohammad (Allah's blessing and peace be upon him), in addition to his honest and his love to the prophet and other companions. In the second theme we shed light on his position in the battles fought by Muslims to defend on the Islamic religion such as: Bader foray and Bader foray appointment and brigade of Abdullah to Asir bin Ruzam, Uhud foray, and finally Mu'ta foray and the martyring of this companion.
The third theme deals with the companion's poetry and the prophet's position from his poetry, as well as the poetic purposes which Abdullah handled in his poetry such as: complimenting, elegizing, and lampoon. And the research ends with the most important results which we found.