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Mu'tazilis Elders and their Beliefs In the Book of " Siyar Aalam Al-Nobala" by Al-Thahabi ( Died in A.H. / A.D.)

Nayef M. Shabeeb

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 483-504

The books of layers are important in that they are unique in giving details that haven't been mentioned in general history books. These books are, therefore, indispensable for researchers in Islamic heritage. Among these books is "Siyar Aalam Al-Nobala"( or "Biographies of the Best Nobles) by Al-Hafez Al-Thahabi (T A.H./ A.D.). This book is important because its author is one of the best scientists of the nation. The author, furthermore, studied the writings of the previous authors in the same field. His book, therefore, becomes more complete. Additionally, he transferred for us happenings from books that didn't arrive to us due to his interest in this field from his childhood. He also translated to a lot of writers with different associations including (companions, positions, successors, princes, caretakers, narrators, jurisprudents, those with discrepancy, poets, etc.)
There are ( ) translations in his book. They shed light on the life of the most prominent nobles from the first starting point of Islam till A.H.. His book has been divided into thirty-five layers. He didn't follow one order in that the last layer comprised eighty-six years whereas the average of layers was between fifteen and sixteen years. Some layers were only nine years such as the sixteenth layer. Al-Thahabi has translated to some kings, prices, their brothers and sons in one position even if they were from different layers to make the reader following up with events which were normally interrelated. He also followed a special style in formulating the translation. His name started with a "translator" then his nickname, surname and then he mentioned his birth date. After that he mentioned his teachers, students, writings, and his scientific effects. He also mentioned his scientific status by stating what scientists said about him. At last, he stated his death date. This book has contained a lot of types of criticism. It wasn't confined to one field, it was concerned with the criticism of the nobles that he translated their works explaining their status. He also judged them.