Keywords : etymological and linguistic efforts

Al-Nuawi's Linguistic and grammatical Efforts in Tahreer Alfath Al-Tanbeeh

Dr. Abdul Salam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 332-360

This research tries to focus on Imam Al-Nuwawi 's grammatical, etymological and linguistic efforts in his linguistic lexicon that he had made on ( Al-Tanbeeh ) book by Imam Al-Shirazi. He had put on this book a linguistic margin with great benefit which he called ( Tahreer Alfath Al Tanbeeh ) {Explanation of Warning Expressions} in which he presented many aspects of language, that made it deserves being called the lexicon of philologist's language. His work had been distributed in general into three aspects, that we have made the methodological start point of the search, i.e. grammar, etymology and language. In these aspects we have been aware of the different treatments that manifested Al-Nuwawi's efforts in this book.