Keywords : Lombard

Lombard Speech Effects on the Production and Perception of Plosives

Esam Ahmed Abdulrahim; Wisam Saeed Abed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 1039-1050

In the presence of noise, the characteristics of speech are changed which is known as the Lombard effect. This effect is perceptually felt with an increase in intensity of speaking. These changes in the characteristics of speech production are to ensure intelligible communication in noisy environments. These changes also result in the performance degradation of speech systems like speaker recognition and speech recognition. Human speech production mechanism is affected by this phenomenon.
Acoustic and auditory changes occur when a speaker modifies his/her vocal output to increase the vocal effort and to articulate in a more precise manner for better communication. The Lombard effect increases the degree of speech intelligibility unlike other levels of noise pollution.
This study attempts to assess the effect of this phenomenon on the production and perception of plosives of English, Standard Arabic and Baghdadi Arabic. Certain acoustic tests will be conducted on English and Arabic speakers with full computerized analysis of data.
Keywords: Lombard speech, intelligibility, plosives, acoustic features