Keywords : Shie

Texualization and Referencing in the poem of (MawsimAl-Shie'r) by the Poet BasheerIbnYamoot

Shatha Muthaffar MalAllah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 349-368

Texualization is considered a prominent phenomenon in the literal text whether it was a poetry or a a prose, as each text has its own connections with previous texts and it is totally different from the text with which it has a textual relation through Bakhtenian dialogue that is achieved between the two texts to uncover the relations between the previous and the current text taking into consideration all the external references (outside the text) and internal ones (inside the text).Thus it will generate a new text which fulfills the communication process between the sender and the recipient.
The research entitled: (Texuality and Referencing in the poem of (MawsimShie'r) by the Poet Bashar IbnYamoot) tackled the texualization that showed the relation between the title and the text and the extent to which it influences the text formally and semantically, and also tackled the format of the poetic verses through analyzing the action, shape and the meaning.
Then, the researcher moved to the reference of the places and characters in an attempt to distinguish between the two terms: textualization and reference