Keywords : literary

Literary Journalism in Mosul

Wail Ali A. Al-Nahhas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 537-576

Mosuli journals, in general, paid special attention to matters related to literature and education through the publication of stories and poems. Of these journals are Al_Ummal (labors) , Al_Balagh , Fata Al_Iraq , Then specialized literary journals appeared , most prominent of them is Al_Majjala , Al_Jazeera , Al_Jadawil , Al_Rawafid , , Al_Fajr , Al_Mithal , Sada Al_Rawafid , Fata Al_Iraq , Al_Asifa and Al_Raid .
Literary journalism in Mosul dealt with contemporary educational literary issues concerning Iraq and Arab states, in addition to focusing on international publications and media through essays , studies about international and Arabic literature in addition to publication of stories and poems dealing with real life situations . In this way, literary journalism served Arabic language and literature and created a literary and ideological movement which suits the reputation of Mosul and its literary and educational past resulted in generation of youth who participated in literary journalilm and became literary and educational prominent figures in Mosul and Iraq . The researcher tries to make this work the first research which tackles the" literary journalism" in Mosul analytically and academically.

The Literary Genre between Criteria and Violation

Ahmed Jarrullah Yasin

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 307-320

This paper deals with the literary genre between criteria and violation modern poetry as an example of this phenomenon. Also this paper tries to list its positive and negative effects on the poetry traditions and its aestheticism. The paper also study its effects on the process of its reception and response as well as the vast learning it demands from the receiver in addition to the creative writer who is supposed to have artistic abilities , cautious talent that can risk the deviation throughout his openness on the different arts the other genres without affecting on the beauty of the literary genre from which the violation starts towards an other different literary genre.