Keywords : Bahrain

The struggle of Bahrain's Garmida with Bueyid Authority

Omar Ahmad Saeed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 761-778

The Garamida appeared in Bahrain from ( ) and they undertook confronting Buwaid who came from Faris land directed to Iraq, and controling it They wanted then to extend their authority to Bahrain regions the stronghold of Garamida. The Buwyid look forward towards Bahrain, for many reasons, such as extending their borders after they captured the land of Faris and Iraq so they thought of join the costs of the Arab gulf to their properties after it faced so many attacks by Bahrain's Gramida, specially the raid onthe pilgrims Caravans exploiting diteiorated the relations between the Abassid caliphat and Buwyids. The second reason was the wish of the Buwaids to gain anabandance share of the Arab Gulf costs trade. The princes of Buwyids were carachtorized by loving the wealth and collecting money. The research is divided into two sections, the first one dealt wih the Gramida in Bahrain before the Buwyids domination ( ), as for the second one, it deals with the Garamida in Bahrain at the Buwyids domination ( ).