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The poetic of description in the ra' rhyme of Umar bin Abi Rabia' The argument of ego and the other

Asst. Prof.Dr. Salih Muhammad Hasan Ardaini

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 271-292

The research investigates the poetic of description in the ra' rhyme of Umar bin Abi Rabia' represented at three levels : Dramatic , narrative , and descriptive for one of his night adventures with his girl friend ,Nu'm . His ability and skill in employing description is obvious . Description was not static and ordinary , it was expressive connected with feelings and sensation . It was inspiring and gives the described objects clear dimensions and implications for enriching the events .

Objects , times , places and personalities acquire specificity from the descriptive language which does not depart away from narrative language , description becomes directed by narration or what we call description poetic which is achieved in the Umari text and represents the case of disruption and departing away from prevailing conventional values . It embodies the state of struggle between what is holy and corrupted love .

Woman, in an enticing way made his poetry strange and suprising . This is what we are going to analyse, because we believed that description poetics has resulted in the departure away from conventions.

Finally, we have to confess the difficulty to draw a border line separating between the three descriptive levels because they are interrelated wholly or partially in the poem . The levels are arranged to serve the ideas and sequence of the poem as follows:

1.Dramatic description .
2.Narrative description .
3 .Illustrative description .

The Leader Ali bin Yahya Al–arminy (d. 249A.H./863A.D.)

Taha Khudeir Ubaid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 324-338

The research attempts to shed light on the leader and the prince Ali bin Yahya Al –arminy who is considered one of the famous Abbasid leaders and princes. He did great services to the Abbasid caliphate in both administration and war .He ruled Egypt twice ,known by his good conduct and administration .He also became a leader of the thughur of Bilad al- Sham for thirteen years ,leading annual military campaigns against the Byzantine state , in which he kept al thughur of their administration , and he was characterized by his courage of his good military leadership .He ruled Armenia and Azerbaijan before he fell a martyr in al- thughur while defending them in 249 A.H. /863 A.D. The research concluded that his courage and his well-known administration represented an archetype for the brave leader of the good –natured ruler, he served Islam well and he embodied a really illuminating biography.