Keywords : criticism

Money in the ancient Arab discourse / a descriptive study

Lubna Yarob Abdul Razzaq; Muhammad Ghanem Sharif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 215-238
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2022.174489

The criticism that arose in its beginnings accompanying the emergence of poetry was naive and elementary, characterized by partial, general, and comprehensive, so it needed time to be based on technical rules and a specific methodological taste and taste The ancient Arab critics were also encycloped, so the critic was a writer, narrator, a jurist, a scholar of hadith and a grammatical linguist. Hence the coinage varied and varied, and varied in terms of origin as well, some of them dating back to the pre-Islamic era, some of them dating back to the Islamic era and some dating back to the Umayyad Some of them were completely settled in the Abbasid era.

The Problem of the Terminology in Film Criticism

Mohamed Salem Saad Allah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 51-70

The present paper deals with the problem of the terminology in film criticism trying to investing the model applied to visual images, which causes a revolution in the field of cognitive influence. Such visual images have created a substantial body of data on purpose to guide the receiver to a definite path also, the visual images have presented some target and solution of the progressive and sequential images. It should be noted that these visual images carry different connotations representing human activity which belongs to a particular philosophy and environment.
After stating the system of scientific terminology in relation to Film Criticism, we state the massages behind the visual images and the receptive techniques through a critical analysis of the model included in the Film entitled “ The Lord of the Ring ” is a case in point. So, the image is shown in a way of composing the concepts of both persuasion and interest without knowing the culture and the cognitive energy culture by the allusion of the Film we aim at determining the philosophical conveyed through the images in the Film.