Keywords : Trade

Economic Communication between Civilizations in the Holy Quran (Surat Quraish as an example(

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2020, Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 217-242
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2020.167212

Today, the international community is increasingly interested in supporting efforts in all levels to enhance communication and dialogue between civilizations of different cultures, and peaceful coexistence between peoples, out of keenness to build a new world prevailing in the values ​​of tolerance based on mutual respect, and on a basis and approach that organizes these international relations, It is represented by the principles of right, justice, equality and mutual respect. Therefore, civilizational communication between countries has become of the utmost importance for all, especially in this critical stage that is not without intellectual, cultural, economic, political and strategic conflicts, and humankind is floundering in it because of the problems, crises and tensions that exist today and threaten peace and security in the world, until the need for dialogue has become a requirement It is necessary to pave the way for communication, to establish and support the approach of rapprochement and acquaintance between different civilizations and to contribute to research to find a civilized framework that is based on the elements of strength drawn from the summary of the ancient civilizational experiences of all humankind. Hence the importance of civilized communication between countries as an important element in establishing and supporting world peace through a vision of a global strategy that believes in the dialogue of civilizations and their communication at all levels, as it is a strategic choice that leads to stability and the establishment of strong and firm foundations for human acquaintance in our contemporary world.
As economic communication is one of the important means of civilized communication - which is the basis for building human understanding between peoples - this topic was chosen to highlight the civilizational vision in the Holy Qur’an for communication between nations as a concept that enhances modern concepts related to peaceful coexistence between peoples, which must be based on Solid of shared human values, because economic communication between different countries through foreign trade can be reflected in communication in other aspects of civilization for those countries, which is the most important cultural, scientific and social aspect, thus strengthening the social ties between those countries and their peoples, and the dialogue is achieved And acquaintance without canceling each other, which will inevitably lead to achieving social, peaceful and nutritional security for these countries.