Keywords : Building

The Central Character In "Ya'qoobian Building" A novel By 'Ala' AlAswani - An analytical study -

Nabhan Hasson Al-Saadoon

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 173-188

The Egyptian writer(Ala' Alaswani) has been chosen to be the topic of the research for the coherent artistic techniques prevailed in his novel entitled(Ya'qoobian Building) in depicting reality via many characters that are existed heavily in the novel in terms of examples and dimensions. Therefore, this research studies (the control character in the novel) including an introduction and two topics.
The introduction includes a definition of the concept of the central character. Topic one is dedicated to examining (the examples of central character) in terms of the wealthy, the self-made businessman, the aberrant journalist and the student. Topic two includes a study of(the dimensions of the central character) in terms of the external dimension, the conceptual dimension and the psychological dimension through an analytical study of the various character from its aspects including the artistic, the objective, the psychological and the social aspects in order to achieve a comprehensive vision in revealing out the novel characters.