Keywords : it is attracted by various colours

Colours Meaning in the ltoly Qurraan

D . Abdulkader Abdulha Fathy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 162-182

Eye is the direct medium of communication with the world, it is attracted by various colours. This affects man where pleasure is achieved sometimes, and other times melancholy and sadness are achieved. To express meanings through colours, the subject matter of this study, is strongly connected to the Quranic expressions. Many Ayat mention various colours which have different connotations. This study follows an analytical curriculum for some Ayat in addition to presenting the connotations of colours in other Ayat. There are some connotations of expressing meanings through colours in the Quaranic expressions. Colour is connected with a specific connotation according to the context. Expressing meaning through colours with yellow expresses pleasure on one hand and destruction and corruption on the other hand.
It also refers to fire. White refers to the colour of the faces of the pious and also to the absence of black of the eye as a result of sadness. Black refers to regret and sadness. Green refers to the paradise and the dresses of its dweller sin addition to fertility and growth. Thus the use of this technique is not a matter of decoration but it is a means of expressing some intended meanings.
The study consists of an introduction and two other sections. The introduction presents some definitions of this term and the functions and connotations of colours. The first section deals with the direct colour in the glorious Quran while the second section is devoted to the indirect colour. The study come to a result that the colour is a good means of expressing meaning. It needs further investigations in addition to the possibility of studying it from other aspects. However, coulor is regarded as a unique phenomenon of aesthetic expression which has different functions in addition to the functions of expressions which the Quran contains.