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The Semantic Connection between the word "the idiot" and the Words Used in ( Almuhkam wa Almuheet Alaa'dham ) by Ibn Seedah

Masood Sulaiman Mustafa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 63-84
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.148060

There is no doubt that the study based on semantic fields is the focus of attracting the attention of scholars and care increases the Arabic lexicon is its field of study, for it depends on the arbitration of the meaning of words returning to their semantic fields. The Arabic lexicon is full of meanings that give the ability to select semantic fields in terms of words that share one meaning. We have chosen the Arabic lexicon which is (Almuhkam wa Almuheet Alaa'dham) by Ibn Seedah as a field for the study of the idioms "foolishness" because of the large number of words used and we have been careful in the selection of semantic fields which fall under each set of words after reading and compared with most of the Arabic dictionaries. Our work then was seeking the semantic connection between the meaning of idiocy represented by the lack of reason and weakness and the words that Ibn Seedah said by pointing to foolishness.

The effect of teaching some basic skills in volleyball two styles of brainstorming and command for the development some of the Kinetic creative abilities of school children fifth grade primary

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 79-110
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.159197

The research aims to study the effect of teaching basic skills in volleyball style brainstorming and Prince in the development of some of the creative abilities of the kinetic for pupils fifth grade , to detect the difference in the post test between the two approaches Prince and brainstorming in the development of some capacity creative motor to the pupils the fifth grade . Selected sample random method of schoolgirls fifth-grade primary school Barakat alRahman Girls Primary for the academic year 2012-2013 and the total number of respondents (50) schoolgirl , has been divided into two groups , considering the experimental group style brainstorming and was Division ( a ), while the control group was considering a way Prince and was Division (b ) , as an educational program has been prepared according to the method of brainstorming and Prince to teach some basic skills in volleyball and for the purpose processors data were statistically use the arithmetic mean , standard deviation, t-test , has left a number of the study results was the most important The curriculum prepared by the researchers in a manner brainstorming a clear impact on the development of some creative abilities in tests of motor on the fifth of primary pupils , achieved the experimental group that studied the style of brainstorming differences of significance in the post tests for some creative abilities kinetic compared to the control group , who studied the manner Prince ..

The effect of Mastery learning strategy on the development of Academic Achievement for Sixth Primary Class pupils

Wasf M.Y. Al-Khafaji; Bushra K. Mohammed; Naktal J.Y. Al-Khalidi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 307-330
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2018.146400

The current research aims at defining the effect of Mastery learning strategy on the development of Academic Achievement for Sixth Primary Class pupils in science. The limit of the research was Sixth Primary Class pupils for the academic year 2013-2014) in Nineveh governorate. The sample was (43) students divided into two equal groups ( experimental and control ). To achieve the aim of the research , the researchers made lesson plan for both groups and academic achievement scale as tool of the research.
The results showed statistically significant difference in the development of academic achievement and in favor of experimental group.

The poetic of description in the ra' rhyme of Umar bin Abi Rabia' The argument of ego and the other

Asst. Prof.Dr. Salih Muhammad Hasan Ardaini

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 271-292

The research investigates the poetic of description in the ra' rhyme of Umar bin Abi Rabia' represented at three levels : Dramatic , narrative , and descriptive for one of his night adventures with his girl friend ,Nu'm . His ability and skill in employing description is obvious . Description was not static and ordinary , it was expressive connected with feelings and sensation . It was inspiring and gives the described objects clear dimensions and implications for enriching the events .

Objects , times , places and personalities acquire specificity from the descriptive language which does not depart away from narrative language , description becomes directed by narration or what we call description poetic which is achieved in the Umari text and represents the case of disruption and departing away from prevailing conventional values . It embodies the state of struggle between what is holy and corrupted love .

Woman, in an enticing way made his poetry strange and suprising . This is what we are going to analyse, because we believed that description poetics has resulted in the departure away from conventions.

Finally, we have to confess the difficulty to draw a border line separating between the three descriptive levels because they are interrelated wholly or partially in the poem . The levels are arranged to serve the ideas and sequence of the poem as follows:

1.Dramatic description .
2.Narrative description .
3 .Illustrative description .

The impact of strategic modeling in the development of some of the skills of reading aloud and chaotic behavior modification with special

Ghoson Khalid Sherrif

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 47-94

The research aims to find out the impact of strategic modeling in the development of some of the skills of reading aloud and behavior modification chaotic with students of special education , the researcher used the experimental design The experimental and control groups , and the limited sample of the research on the fourth grade students of special education in the province of Nineveh, for the academic year 2013 - 2014 , the sample consisted of (16) students divided into two groups (7) students in the experimental group and (9) students in the control group , and to achieve the objectives of the search requests , and tools to measure my skills ( health reading - reading speed ) researcher has chosen the text of a book to read to the class fourth primary was not studied by the students , which ( told us seriously ) component of (84) the word , and has prepared a measure of the behavior of chaotic for students in special education , and confirmed the veracity of instruments through submission to the group of arbitrators , was extracted stability for them in a way retesting the value of persistence (0,82) skills of reading aloud , while the stability of scale disorderly behavior (0,84 ) , and applied to the experiment and after the conducted tests on two sets of research, and after processing the data statistically using test ( Mann - Whitney )

The Effect of Using Kimp Model on the achievement of fifth primary class pupils in Islamic Education and develop their skills thinking

Lubna Yousuf Hassan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 95-148

The current research aims at defining the effect of using kimp model on the achievement of fifth primary class pupils in Islamic Education and develop their Para knowledge thinking skills , The researcher used experimental design of two equivalent group one is experimental and other is control , The sample reached (45) representing division (A) and control group (24) representing division (B) , The researcher made an achievement test in Islamic education made of (32) items of multiple choice as well as to tool to measure para information thinking skills made of (33) items.
Reliability and stability was extracted , the experiment lasted (7) weeks, After treating statistical date , the researcher concluded the following :
1. Statistically significant differences between experimental and control groups in achievement and in favor of experimental group.
2. Statistically significant differences in the experimental group in pre and post tests to measure Para information thinking skills and in favor of post test.
3. Existence of Statistically significant differences between control and experimental group in measuring Para information thinking skills and in favor of experimental group.

Given these results , the researcher made a number of recommendation and suggestions.

The availability of Quality Requirements in the Educational Organaizational A case study in the Foundation of Technical Education

Samar Mare Hassan; Nawal Hazem; Sultan Ahmed Khleaf

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2018, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 213-236

Led the changes that have swept the whole world to influence the Dynamic of the organization , which will be paid to the need to search for the principles and concepts keep pace with these changes in a positive spirit was the quality of those concepts and trends they reflect attention to the customer as it takes into account the changes and seek to compete as much as it conjures up complicated cases uncertainty so demonstrated the importance of the availability requirements of vision and realism of the curve strategically and that's been the subject of research and investigation by a number of studies under the directions of differentiated and placements different application , prompting the researchers to conduct their studies current within the scope of the educational organization / Iraq was launched problem of the study of questionable effect. Is available with the educational system of the study sample indicator of quality requirements and in a manner which makes it into the top of the front of the competitors ?
The study adopted the current resolution as a key tool to collect data on this phenomenon through paragraphs expressing the requirements of the availability of quality have included the current study sample deliberate department heads and aides deans and deans formations concerned has researchers used a number of statistical tools ( frequencies , percentages , standard derivation, analysis cluster ) .
The study found , among other conclusions , most notably the presence of the availability of satisfactory quality requirements for those in the organization as well as the study made a number of recommendation .

Uncovering the Mask of Bestowng the Sucklings Right

Abdul Muhsin Taha Younus

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 569-600

This is a nice treatise in Hanafi Jurisprudence entitled "Kashf alkina'a 'an Mas'alat altabarru'a bima yastahiqqul radhie'e" which means (uncovering the mask of bestowing the suckling's rights), authored by the scholar sheikh Hasan Bin Ammar bin Ali al Sharanbalali. The sheikh answered a question about a man who divorced his wife, and a trivial amount of money was assigned to his ex wife in return of her breast feeding and taking care of his suckling. The man wanted to stop this allocation by claiming that he found another woman who was ready to wet nurse his son for free in addition of his being a poor man.
This treatise, although short, is worth to be considered. It is old , of unique subject, of few versions and its author is well known and estimated. The author was called the Lantern of the Azhar and its shiningt planet. It was said that if the man who wrote the book of al Siraj al Wahhaj saw him, he would quote some of his light and if the author of al dhahira saw him he would disappear at his appearance. He was the master of disputed matters, the one whose treatises and presentations surpassed the most beneficial means.
Allah, be He exalted, bestowed upon me the means to find two hand written copies after long search and much effort. I strained myself to scrutinize it according to accurate scientific scrutinizing, to serve those who seek to learn jurisprudence, I amended the text, classified the ayas, defined the terms and gave a biography of figures as well as a preface of the author's life.

The impact of School on the life of Justice and Administration in the Ottoman Empire until the year of 1520 A.D.

Emad Abdulaziz Y

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 803-814

The scientific and intellectual life of the Ottomans is considered one of the most issues that has been neglected and received no interest in terms of deep investigation , although scientific and intellectual life in the Ottoman region is an integral part of the history of the science and thought of the Islamic world in that this subject constitutes a great importance in understanding the scientific and intellectual contribution that the Ottomans introduced in general.
In this context, the study of the Ottoman School and its role in the life of Justice and Administration is a very important issue, where the Ottoman School was a civilized foundation with a private nature established for graduating generations that hold the Islamic thought , follow its concepts and perform their role in the Ottoman society . Therefore, it can be said that the Ottoman School has performed a prominent role in shaping the mind and knowledge of the Ottoman State.

Rhetoric of Omission in the Holy Qura'n

Basheer Mahmoud Fattah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 435-484

Omission is an obvious phenomenon in Arabic regarding grammar and meaning because it requires two things: the existence of clue that refers to the omitted and the existence of the probable. The first thing is back to grammar that omission is never true unless the clues are availabile. The other thing back to meaning because there is no omission without compatibility and both things are studied in this research. The case endings may be an important clue of the omitted noun or verb that all of this has a relation to meaning and an effect in speech. Grammarians have not differentiate between noun and verb but between a verb and another regarding semantics and meaning explaining the linguistic system which requires mentioning the grammatical structure and if something is dropped from it depending on the circumstance or speech evidences: There are expressions which are used together and no one exists without the other like construct noun phrase, modified and modifier, conditional sentence and apodosis, that needs estimation when omitted .
Whatever the situation is, we will study omission in the Holy Qura'n regarding grammar and meaning in four sections: the first section: the central omission which will be disussed in length in this research, the second section: omission of some accompanying elements, the third section: omission of what is left, and the fourth section: omission of letters. Before these sections , there is a brief preface that studies the meaning of omission regarding language and expressions, the proofs of omission and its conditions and qualifications, the research has a conclusion in which a summay of will be presented.

The Academic Role of the Ommiad in the Abbasid State (A.D 945-750/334-132 A.H)

Muhammad H. Ismail

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 683-712

It is well known that studying the history of the Ommiad is an exciting topic . It makes the hearts shiver before the pens . On the one hand , their history forms many achievements in the Islamic state, on the other , their history is engulfed by whims and dispositions of their narrators in which the historian may find himself surrounded by fabricated facts . These facts had impact on the viewpoints that were held by the parties which were opponents of Ommiad . In order to give a sightful picture about the Ommiad family under the reign of the Abbasid , this study investigates the academic and cultural role of this family whose members were prominent as scientists and men of letters

The Development of the Political Movement in Bahrain 1992-2002

Sawsan Jabar Abd Al-Rahman

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 777-802

Bahrain gained its dependence in 1971 and a new political stage has been started which was represented by issuing the constitution of 1973 beside forming the council of ministers and the national council. However, that had not continued only for two years where the constitution was suspended and the national council was dissolved; that situation was as an early retrogression for the state where the country experienced the growing of national movement that opposed the government's decisions and emergence of parties and societies such as (the constitutional movement).
After the second Golf war (1990-1991) the opposition movements stressed on the importance of the constitution as a sole and accepted base for politics and focused on restoration of the previous representative bodies like the Bahrain national council through the petitions that have been submitted to the ruling regime. They were concentrated primary on enlarging the range of political participation and considering consultation the main base for democracy. In spite of the positive developments that enhanced democracy and which have been occurred precisely since taking waters of governance by Sheikh Hamad Bin Issa in Bahrain in 1999, the political stability has not been achieved; so he issued a new constition in 2002 that aimed to adapt to internal pressures which were encountered by the country. The country remained to suffer from the traditional problems especially the political sectarianism that had spread in the country beside the absolute control by the government over the political bodies.

The Structural Organization the Ministries and Directorates Related with School Education in Iraq from 1919 to 1992

Reyadh Ahmed Ismail; oud Abdul-Muhsin Khalil

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 905-922

The research aimed at revealing the following :
1. The administrative divisions of the general directorate of physical education in Iraq and their organizational engagements and structures from 1919 to 1992.
2. The names of general directorate of physical education from 1919 to 1992.
3. The relations general directorate of physical education with the ministries from 1919 to 1992 .
The researchers have adopted the historical methodology with content- analysis method. The analysis was connected with the administrative research variables related to the divisions, major organizational engagements and structures of the general directorate of physical education in Iraq.
The researchers have concluded several results ,like :
1. The political and intellectual changes played an effective role. The organizational map of the general directorate of physical education witnessed a motor administrative developments and divisions according to the new objectives and activities whose administrative division was concentrated on the functional base , the basic purpose of the activity and the nature of its beneficiaries.
2. The occurrence of five changes in the name of the general directorate of physical education from 1919 to 1992 .
3. The connections of the general directorate of physical education were limited to the ministry of education and the ministry of youth from 1919 to 1992 .
The researchers have recommended the necessity of :
1. Adopting the scientific authentic rules in constructing the organizational structure of the general directorate of physical education. The accuracy should be taken into account in recognizing its organizational reality besides exploring the future changes in a way that the construction did not expose to the repeated essential construction changes which may obstacle it.
2. Preventing the political effects and their cultural and philosophical related matters from the obligatory and pointless intervention in making substantial amendments on the bases and pillars of the administrative divisions of the general directorate of physical education.
3. The general directorate of physical education should keep its organizational personality aiming at developing schools physical activity.

The importance of thought Alsheikh Abdessalam Yassine in the Prophet's Curriculum theory

Fatin Younis Mohammed Al-Maatheedi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 609-632

Foundations Abdessalam Yassine reform movement emerged reaction to the circumstances of the crisis that has gripped the country and its various dimensions of political, economic and social, have contributed to his call and through application of the theory of curriculum prophetic call to (correct Islam) and Islamic renewal and alert to cons political systems,but after reconsideration and change inmethodology Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine and openness that was the result of a desire valuable political participation for the application of the principle of democracy, which form later one principles movement Adl wal Ihsan, and turned the movement of a reform movement into a political party has the power of thought and popular, was able to attract young people and the poor through religious discourse which holds, and build a large fan base made the movement more able than others to build a real force with a large following with the potential vulnerability in the movement of reality, and try to change what is in everyone's interest.

The position of Oman sultanate from the Gulf wars, the first and the second

Ali Hamza Abbas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 505-536

In July sultan Qaboos bin – Saied became a leader of Oman, then Oman became a state which had a great role in the Arab – international fields. This happened because of the foreign policy of sultan Qaboos, which concentrated upon Non– allied country, good relations with the states in addition to the co-operation between the Islamic, African, not-Allied countries.
During the war between Iraq – Iran ,( ), Oman adopted afixed possession during the invitation to find peaceful formula to put an end to the war by ingestions between Iraq – Iran . At the same time, Oman refused the Iraqi occupation to Kuwait, also Oman participated in the war of Liberating- Kuwait during . At the same time , the a diplomacy adopted by Oman was the peaceful delegation to solve the Iraq – Kuwait conflict andbring Back the legal authority to Kuwait.

The Relationship Between Al-Foqahaa' with the Authorities

Faiz Ali Bkheet

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 653-668

This research deals with the relationship between Al-Foqahaa' with the Authorities of the first & the second Mamlukia State, which is sometimes characterized by likeliness and respect and other-times it is marked with tension and congestion. This was the outcome of following the religious-politician theory throughout legal opinions (fatwas) of the Al-Foqahaa by the of authorities of Mamlukia Stata'. That’s why Mamaleek Authorities thought that the (Fatwa) is considered as a part of the political theory of the state, Which contributed in the closeness of the Mamaleek Authorities from Al-Foqahaa', attempting to be involved in the political operation and reality, and adding religious pigment to their ruling in-front of the citizens, that they are depending on the legal source that enables them to rule Egypt and remaining in it.

The Cultural sides in AL-Tabari,s (the Hisrory of prophets and Kings) died at A.H from the period between ( )

Ahmad Obiad Easa Al-Gubori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 631-652

The subject of This study is "The Cultural sides in AL-Tabari,s (the Hisrory of prophets and Kings) died at A.H from the period between ( ).
There will be many parts in this subject such as:
Administrative that is in section one. section two includes the economical, social , intellectual and urbanic part in addition to, these chapters many contain some of sub- divisions.
The researcher has depended on a number of references besides AL-Tabari, Ibin AL-Taqtaqi who has" AL-Fakhri in the Sultanic Arts", AL-Mawrdi who has" The Sultanic rules", and AL-Saqi who has "The Ministers". There are other references in this domain such as: "Islamic regimes" for Abdul Azeez AD-Doori, the book of "studies in Arabic Islamic regimes' for Tawfeeq sultan AL-Uzbaki and other references and sources that have a relation with the subject.

Relations between the European Union and the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States: The Evolution and The Development A Historical Study

Mohammd Salim A. Al-Kawaz; Manhal A. Aqrawi

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 591-630

Relations between the Cooperation Council of the ArabGulf States and the European Union historically governed by several factors, the most important of the interests is Member States, civilization, and cultural heritage. The colonid backgrounds played large role in determining the extension and development of foreign relations between the two regional organizations, and to study the relationship of contemporary relationship between the GCC and the European Union. The resarchers made the most important cornerstone keys to those relations between the two sides among the economic aspects were the foundation on which the emergence of political relations relied as well as the cooperation in the field of security, especially since the EU is keen on security and stability in the Gulf region which is one of the priorities for its relations with the country, in order to preserve their mutual interests.

Insights from the Iraqi – Algerian Relations

Qais Fathel Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 719-734

The relations between Iraq and Algeria were very good during the period 1968-1978 Even they become the best when they support each other in their political and economical issues. And this appeared form their mutual constant thy visits of their delegations. And also their attitudes toward the Arabic affairs, Specially the Palestine issue and refusing the UN resolutions which were against the Arab affair and Palestine case. This was very clear from their reaction. When they refused the Israeli – Egyptian relations when the two countries signed the camp – Devid agreement in 1978

The System of Agricultural Lands Ownership in the Kingdom of Ugaret During The (First half of the Second Thousand B.C.)

Saad Ommer Mouhmed Ameen

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 735-760

Saad Current Research aims to know the impact of using Assignment Method in acquiring the Skills of Preparing Scientific Research by Third year Students / geography Department / College of Basic Education. The society of the Research included third year Students at the Department of Geography / College of Basic Education for the Academic Year 2011/2012. The sample consisted of ( 43 students divided randomly into two groups, the experimental reaching (21) students taught using Assignment Method and the control group reaching (22) students taught traditionally. Both groups were equalized in (age, intelligence , gender and pre – test)variables. The researcher made a tool to measure the skills of preparing scientific research. Then showed it to a pannel of experts in Education and psychology to find surface reliability for the tool . Stability was found and using re – test by (pearson conjunction factor reading 0.79 . Statistical treatments were also saad.

Pattern of Arguementation and its Functions in the Quranic Story The Stories of the Cave Sura as a Model

Yousif Sulaiman AL-Tahan

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 373-388

The choice and study of the cave sura stories is to be a model for the analysis of the dialogue in the Quranic story because of what these stories have from dialogues at the level of patterns and functions in the cave four stories: the people of the cave, the two men, Moses (PBUH) the good slave of Allah, and Thi-AL-Qarnain. The aim of this work is to analayze the models of dialogue to show the artistic and asthetic dimensions and the significances resulted from them. The research is divided into a preface and two parts . The preface includes the specification of concepts and terms of research, like dialogue, Quranic story to get the impression on which the analytical study in based on. The first part includes the study of arguementation patterns, i.e the outside dialogue (complex dialoge and symbolic dialogue) and the internal dialogue (the monolog). The second part discuses the functions of dialogue, i.e to develop the events and personalities in the story.

Identify the goals of life of university students

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 1-24

This study aimed to identify the goals of life of university students and see if there were statistically significant differences in the goals of life according to the variable gender and educational grade, the research sample consist of (420) students (male/female) from the University of Duhok , and to achieve the aims of the research life goals scale has been building at University Students includes eight fields (academic, personal growth, family, social relations, healthy, spiritual, financial, entertainment) , as has been extracted psychometric properties from reliability and validity of the scale and in multiple types, and after applying the scale on the sample of the research the data have been treated statistically using one sample t-test and two independent samples t-test ,the result showed that the research sample individuals have goals for life in general, and though the fields of the eight scale the results showed that the sample individuals have goals related of study field, personal growth, family, social relations, spiritual ,and entertainment, and not having goals related to healthy and financial field , but for difference goals of life according to the gender (male/female),the results has revealed existence of statistical significant differences in the two field of life goals , first the spiritual field and the difference was in favor of females and the second is the financial field and the difference was in favor of males, and for the differences in the stage variable study , showed there are differences in life goals relating to study, family and financial field, and the difference was for the benefit of students in the fourth stage.

The active role of the headmasters on reducing the suicide phenomenon from the students" points of view

Shahrazad Mohammed Shihab

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 25-54

The study aims to investigate the active role of students from their point of view and the role of the headmaster on reducing the suicide phenomenon in the preparatory schools in the city center of Nineveh according to the sex, specialization, and birth ranking variables. To achieve the aim of the research, a questionnaire is prepared by the researcher. It is applied on (150) female and male students from two specialization (scientific and Literary) in the center of Nineveh.
The results reveal that some students (male and female) are highly ready to commit suicide: According to sex variables, the results reveal that the female are readier than male for committing suicide. As far as the specialization (scientific - Literary) is concerned, the results reveal that there are no differences between their readiness level in committing suicide.
The results also show that there are no differences between the birth ranking (first- last) in their readiness level for committing suicide.
In a view of the findings obtained, the study ended up with a number of recommendations and some suggestions.

Minerals of Bilad al-sham During the Crusades

Saad Ramadhan Mohammaed AL- Joboori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 425-454

It is quite obvious that the period of crusades had negative effects on the minerals in Bilad Al-Sham. However, this does not mean that these minerals were considerably neglected or not employed in the economic fields; but some people would rather view it as a historic economic event between the Islamic East and the European West, especially when we know that these countries have different kinds of minerals–conventional or precious. The former included iron, copper and lead, while the latter included gold and silver. The minerals were used in various industrial, civil and military fields. The Shami craftsmen were creative in the production of various artifacts which became well known in different parts of the world known at that time and influenced the European West considerably. Museums around the world still have some of these priceless artifacts. Minerals trade also witnessed a remarkable circulation between the European West and Islamic East. This undoubtedly was due to the huge demand on different kinds of minerals to meet both the needs of war against the crusaders and the local industries. The Ayoobi princes and sultans as well as the Mamlukes exerted great efforts that contributed to the development of mineral-based industries through encouraging many craftsmen, particularly those from Mosul city known by the art of Takfeet , to emigrate to Bilad Al-Sham.

The Prelude of a Poem in the Mosuli Poetry in the 12th Century A. H.

Shareef Basheer Ahmed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 221-256

This research deals with the prelude of a poem which is a poetic section. It comes at the beginning of a poem and precedes the subject-matter. It has gained a considerable importance by Mosuli poets since they dedicate themselves to pave the way for the readers to guess what the poem is about. The introduction in the Mosuli poetry in the 12th century A. H. differs in its subjects and in the number of its lines. This makes it a special subject in that it acquires its own artistic elements in the context of building a poem as a whole. Hence, it becomes coherently and cohesively clear and keeps the unity of its subject.

Description in "A palace on the Nile" Novel By Tharwat Abdullah Abatha

doon; Nabhan Hassoon Alsa

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 177-194

Description in the novel acts to constitute a new reality in accordance with the laws of literary language not the laws of similarity with the reality. Thus, description is the process of converting reality to the recipient mind from a materialistic image into a literary one. And since "A palace on the Nile" novel by the Egyptian author Tharwat Abatha has been characterized by many descriptive texts varied in forms and expressions; this research has been conducted to study it through analyzing the descriptive texts, demonstrating its artistic and aesthetic dimensions as well as revealing the different significations that resulted from.
The research was based on an introduction and three topics. The introduction has included a definition of the concepts of research title terms. Topic one has been dedicated to examine (the description restricted by narration) in terms of descriptive narration, oriented description from narration in three types: simple, compound and extensive description. Topic two has included a study of (the free description) in terms of internal – emotional denotative description, event – initiating description and event – denotative description. Topic three has been dedicated to examine the (classifying description) and the (enlightening description) in terms of describing the character, the event, the place and the object.

Identifying the Basic Teaching Competencies of the Teaching Staff Members of the Education College at AL-Aqsa University in Gaza

Faraj abu shammala

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 69-110

This research aimed at identifying the basic teaching competencies of the teaching staff members of the education college at AL-Aqsa university in Gaza, and identifying the level of these competencies from the students' point of view and their relationship with other variables like: sex (male or female), the specialization (scientific or literary),the academic level (third year or forth year). The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and a questionnaire as a research tool consisted of (82) items, in front of each item there are five choices as the competencies related to personal traits are (27) items and the competency items related to the profession and specialization are (55) items. The research sample is consisted of (284) male and female students of the third and forth years. The researcher used the (spss) in conducting the required statistical analyses for the research.
Some of the most important results are as the following:
1. The level of possessing competencies by the teaching staff of education faculty at AL-Aqsa university in Gaza from their viewpoint with a mean of (3.329) out (5) and with a relative weight of (66.585%) and it is a high degree.
2. The level of possessing the teaching staff of the teaching competencies related to the personal traits with a weight of (71.268%), related to the profession and the specialization with a relative weight of (61.901%) and they in both of a high degree.
3. There are significant statistical differences at the level of (α≤0.05) in the average estimates of students at the level of possessing competencies of the teaching staff due to sex for the sake of female.
4. There are no significant statistic differences at the level of (α≤0.05) in the average estimates of students at the level of possessing competencies of the teaching staff due to the academic level at the faculty and due to specialization. In the light of the research results the researcher recommended many recommendations, some of which are:
Taking care of the basic teaching competencies related to the profession and specialization and which are related to the personal traits of the teaching staff in the faculty and encouraging them to conduct teaching curricula and lesson planning with its implementations and evaluation based on the basic competencies.

The Effect Of Using Different Concentration Of Soluamine and NaCl On the Growth and Yield Components Of Two Kinds Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Aatika Mohammad Noory Mohammad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 703-722

This experiment has been done in the green house in the Department of Biology / College of Education for Girls / University of Mosul , in order to study the effect of spraying plant with two different concentration of seaweed extract (Soluamine) 3,6 mL/L at 3-4 leaflets stage and appearance Spikes stage under effect of NaCl in concentration of 3000 ppm , and to study their effects on some growth characteristics and yielded contents of two cultivars mild Wheat (Abu Ghraib 3 , Ibaa 99). These different concentrations of seaweed extract (Slouamine) lead to increase in both height of plant and the length of internodes . The height of plant at concentration 6 mL/L reached 42.62 cm in comparison with control treatment in which the height of plant reached 30.68 cm and height ratio reached in length basal internode at concentration of 6 mL/L 55.67% and the same thing in the length of apex internode , when the ratio of height reach at concentration of 6 mL/L 60.91% in comparison with control treatment , and the concerning to characters of yielded content , there was an increase in the one hundred grain weight , when it reached at 6 mL/L concentration , 2.09 gm in comparison with control treatment 1.37 gm , in addition to increasing in tillers number , grain number in the spike and the same was found in the yield character , when the increasing ratio at concentration 6 mL/L 32.04% in comparison with control treatment . But by the treatment of NaCl , there was a negative effect on the plant height . The plant height reached 33.92 cm in comparison with the plant that is not under NaCl effect which gave character range around 38.43cm , and the same thing in the length of internodes . Also , the NaCl gave negative effect on the yielded content , when it decreases in grain number per spike , grain number in the plant , one hundred weight and the same thing in the yielded and in the cultivars effect , Ibaa 99cultivar appears to better than Abu – Ghraib cultivar in mostofthe characteristics , like the height , internodes length , grain number per spike and final yield.

The Translation of Idioms in the Glorious Qur’ān into English

Yasir Younis Abdulwahid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 845-855

This research investigates the translation of idioms in the Glorious Qur'ān into English. It attempts to show how translators deal with the verses in which idioms play a significant role in understanding verse meaning, and then, based on the accredited Qur'ānic interpretations, correcting the translations of the verses concerned. The research hypothesizes that idioms have not been given attention on the part of the translators of the Glorious Qur'ān, causing translation mistakes. Based on Larson’s model of literal vs. idiomatic translation and from analyzing five translations of the Glorious Qur'ān, it has been found that, in the most of their translations, the translators under study produced inaccurate translations through translating Qur’ānic idioms literally. In order to achieve better understanding on the part of the TL reader, revising these translations to be idiomatically oriented is recommended.

Promises in the Glorious Quran Linguistic Analysis

Wayees Jallud Ibrahim

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 821-844

The research deals with the linguistic analysis of promises in the Glorious Quran. Keeping promises is an important aspect of human life and Islam lays great emphasis on the fulfillment of promises. Breaking a promises is a bad manner as they facilitate social coordination and cooperation. A promise is a declaration that one will or will not do something. It is either explicitly or implicitly used in the Glorious quran. In this study, promises are identified in (106) verses and classified into nouns, verbs and adjectives. Types of these nouns, verbs and adjectives are also identified and interpreted. Characteristics of the promises in the Glorious Quran are linguistically described. Finally, conclusions concerning promises are provided.

The effect of two sample for learning stimulus according to the academic time in the education collection and development of mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of collage of sport education for some academic items

Mohammad S. Najem; Ayad M. Sheet

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 589-634

The research problem is limited in this question : if the variety in using the learning stimulus with the difference of the academic time affect in the learning and mental abilities and motivation of learning for the students of the collage of sport education?
The goals of this research represented by the following goals :
- The first goal: prepare learning stimulus adjustment with the lecturers of sport education(Training physiology, Tines games).
- The second goal: detection for the effect of the learning stimulus of the Training physiology for the three tested group of different academic time for their mental abilities.
The society of the research consist of second year students of the collage of sport education in the university of mousl at study year (2010-2011)who are (149) student (male and female) subdivided in to eight groups (B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and by random manner choice group (GI,HF,E )to represent the sample of research that specific for the training physiology which the count of their students respectively (39,34,22 )and by same way choice groups (B,C,D )to represent the sample of research that specific for tines games which the count of their students respectively (17, 18, 16 )and the students who are failure and do not participate in this study don't inter in this research. The two researcher used group of statistical devices like (t) test for two correlated sample and one direction analysis of variance and according to this the two researcher showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the training physiology in spite of the difference in their academic time, also the results showed that there was no significant statistical differences between the three tested groups that specific for the Tines games in spite of the difference in their academic time.

The Effect of a Counseling Program on Reducing the Level of Depression among Depressed Students

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 31-68

The research aims to identify a guidance program on reducing the level of depression among depressed students,the sample consisted of (16) students at the third class / college of Education /, who are suffering from depression according to the scores on a scale of depression.The grades of these students were considered a pre-test, and then distributed randomly into two groups: an experimental group who received a guidance program according to the cognitive-behavioral therapy through collective guidance and by (14) sessions, and a control group who did not receive it's any training. After Using Wilcoxon test for dependent groups and Mann_ Whitney independent groups, the results show statistical differences between the experimental group and the control group at (0, 05) and in infavour of the experimental group after its members received training on a program in accordance with the cognitive-behavioral therapy. In the light of those results, a number of recommendations and suggestions were given.

Food Provisions for Military Campaigns and Expeditions during the Prophet's Era

Waleed Mustafa Mohammed Aljubory

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 467-494

The study titled " Food Provisions for the Troops and Military Campaigns and Expeditions During the Prophet's Era " attempts to elucidate the method of food provisions for Muslims troops on the one hand and the infidels troops from the other and how the provisions are distributed to their armies' during their battles against the other party by following the chronological order of the military campaigns and expeditions during the life of the prophet and the duration of the message. The study describes how the infidels provided for their troops during the battle of Badr and the provision of food by Muslims to their troops in their battles the rationing of these provisions during the battles .The study also considers the most important military expeditions in which food provisions were documented starting with the Asheera campaign and ending with the campaign of Tabook which was the last expedition led by the prophet (God's blessing and peace be upon him) besides the campaigns led by his followers and the details of food provisions that were distributed among the Muslims during the campaigns. The study was concluded with a description of what food was allowed to be consumed by the troops in enemy territories according to strict disciplines and the prohibition of slaughtering animals in the routes of campaigns for food during the campaigns led by the prophet (God's blessing and peace be upon him) unless otherwise allowed because he considered it plundering and looting. Finally, the study discuses the failure in the Taiff siege as the inhabitants stocked the city with food that could have sustained them for years after taking refugee behind the walls of the city.

Exceeding the Sorrow of Remains Through the Praised Person and Wine in the Poetry of Abi Nuaas

Sahira Mohammed Al-Hubeiti

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 37-50

This research tries to show the exceeding of the Abi Nuaas for the tragic feeling that viewer remains generates actually or poetically since the remains are considered as pole that witnesses the crispness the existence and the absurdity of human activity and the plan of the research was made on a preface that ensures the change of the critical approaches the old and new ones for the presence of this tableau and the function it performs then we have suggested a flash about the poet's situation, Abi Nuaas, poetically hesitative from stopping at the remains, then we have suggested the most important opinions that the remains of Abi Nuaas in the performative side of the research and we have presented the reading for two poetic samples for the mentioned poet, and each of them were on the top of a remaining tableau and the most important purpose was for praise, where we find the poet never to dominate its vision for the black sign of sorrow after reaching to its praised person and he never care about the condition of becoming and change which were dominating the vision in the remaining tableau. While the second subject was formed from two tableaus; the first was remaining and the second was wine and we have found him calm and quiet during his speaking about wine forgetting what remains produced like the grief in his self. From our reading, we have reached that the poet and throughout his speech about the praised, Al-Ameen Caliphate that had given supernatural qualities, while wine, the poet found in it a shelter from feeling sad since wine never affect time motion and it is as much as proceed in time becomes more good as if it was timeless, and thus its dipsomania would be out of the condition of becoming, change and death inevitability.

Establishing a Scale to Evaluate the Trainer’s Management for Special Tactical Situations in Light of the Point of View of the Players participating in Iraqi Elite Tournament of Handball

Ahmed M. H. Al-Enezy

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 639-660

The present study aims at :
- Establishing a scale of evaluating the trainer’s management for the tactical situations relating to handball in light of the opinions of the players of the elite tournament clubs of handball.
The researchers have adopted the descriptive method with a survey style to obtain the results for its convenience to the nature of the present study.
The research community includes the players of the elite tournament clubs of handball for the season 2011/2012 who are chosen randomly to achieve the objectives .They are (216) players representing (12)clubs. The researchers attempt to use the comprehensive restriction style in selecting the community individuals to achieve the study objectives and establishing a well-done scale.
The sample has been represented by the players of the clubs participating in the Iraqi elite tournament of handball for the term 2011/2012.(170) answers have been obtained from the players after excluding the sample of reliability and survey experiment of the scale (the players of Al-Fitwah Mosul club of handball ) ,as well as some incomplete forms. Thus, the proportion of the sample is (78,70%) of the total community of the research.
The researchers have adopted the correct scientific style in establishing the scale like preparing the primary form of the scale and forming the items in their primary form. Thus, (56) items have been formed in the primary scale.
The scale in its final form involves (44) items after omitting (12) items according to the two styles of both terminal groups and the internal harmony.
The researchers have concluded the following :
- establishing a scale to evaluate the trainer’s management for special tactical situations in light of the point of view of the players participating in Iraqi elite tournament of handbag;ll The scale includes (44) validated and reliable items.
The researchers have recommended the following :
- Adopting the prepared scale in evaluating the trainers’ work during the suspension times relating to the matches of the Iraqi elite tournament and the extent of the trainers’ goodness in their management of those special situations during the matches.

The Positive effect of Forests on the Environment in Iraq

Thamir S. B. AL-Hayley

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 2, Pages 515-532

Research was to examine the relationship between forests and the environment, an attempt was intended to highlight the significant role that forests play in influencing and improving the development and the development of the environment and make it perform its duties toward nature better than without it, through the findings of the researcher to prove a positive role that forests play towards environment, where The forests around environmental model suitable for human life on earth as the largest factory producer of oxygen is useful and necessary for life and the biggest consumer of carbon dioxide harmful to life, and keep the soil from water erosion in river basins and the erosion and collapse of the hillsides and the battering ram winds to protect and purify the natural air of dust and dust and polluting gases outstanding and provide a climate of moderate temperature and relative humidity in summer and winter as well as provide a refuge for wild animals and other organisms as well as a place and location of a preventive and health and tourism, and aesthetic and entertainment suitable for individuals and society.

The Impact of Inflection on Translating Some Verses in the Glorious Qur'ān into English

Yasir Younis Abdulwahid

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 829-839

يَتَحرّى البَحثُ أَثَرَ الحَرَكاتِ في تَرجَمَةِ آياتٍ من القُرآنِ الكَريمِ الى اللُّغةِ الإنكليزية ويُحاوِلُ دِراسَةَ كَيفِيَّةِ تَعامُلِ المُتَرجِمينَ مَعَ الآياتِ التي تُؤدي الحَرَكَاتُ فيهَا دَوراً كَبيراً في تَغييرِ المَعنى، ثُـمَّ تَصحيحَ هذهِ الآياتِ إعتماداً على التَفاسيرِ القُرآنيةِ المَوثوقَةِ.
يَفتَرِضُ البَحثُ بأن مَسألةَ الحَركاتِ لَمْ تُعطَ اهتِماماً مِن قِبَلِ مُتَرجمي القُرآنِ الكَريمِ مُسَبِّبَة ً الوقُوعَ في أَخطَاءٍ في التَرجَمَة . وَبِتَحليلِ خَمسِ تَرجَماتٍ للقُرآن الكَريمِ وُجِدَ أَنَّ المُترجِمينَ خَرجوا بِتَرجَماتٍ غَيرِ دَقيقَةٍ على قَدرِ تَعَلُّقِ الأَمرِ بمَسأَلةِ الحَرَكاتِ،ولِتَحقيقِ فَهمٍ أَفضَلَ لَدى القَاريء/الهَدفِ يُوصَى بِتَنقيحِ هَذه التَّرجَمَات.

Psychological Hesitation of the players of Mosul university colleges teams for individual games and it's relation with players achievements level

Thamer. M. Thannoon

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 569-593

1- having a clear idea about the psychological hesitation's degree of theplayers of Mosul university college's teams for individual games.
2- having a clear idea about the relationship between of the degree psychological hesitation for individual games players for Mosul university colleges teams and the achievement level.
The descriptive method was used with survey and correlation style which is appropriate to the study , and the population of research included the players of Mosul university colleges team for individual games, who participated in Mosul university championship for the academic year (2010-2011 ) which consisted of (480) players representing (20) colleges from Mosul university colleges , and the sample of research was selected randomly from the population of the research, consisting of (209) players from individual games, at the rate (% 43,5) from the population of the research, dividing on (20) colleges from mosul university colleges, consisting of (9) players from each college, the researchers used the psychological hesitation scale prepared by ( Abed. Al – hussian-1999 ) as a tool of the research, after the application of the scientific ways on it, the following statistical: ( arithmetic mean, standard deviation, spearman brown formula, T-test for one sample, percentage, and Alfa for reliability and rank correlation ) where used. And the researchers concluded the following:
1- There is a relation between the degree of psychological hesitation and the achievement level for individual games from mosul university colleges teams.
2- The sample of the research have an acceptable degree of psychological hesitation which is validated by the results differences between the responses of the sample research on the scale and hypotheses mean that is used as a motive and to motivate psychological power for the players to make them do their best psychologically, physically, skillfully, and mentally to have better athletic achievement's level.
3-Some players of Mosul university teams suffer from a high degree of psychological hesitation which is reflected negatively in their performance level.

Detection of the ability of isolated Enterobacter sakazakii from powdered milk for enterotoxins production

Adeeba Y. Shareef; Najlaa A. Fathi; Hanan S. Noori

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 692-706

This study includes isolation & identification of bacteria from (35) different kinds of powdered infant formula milk involoved (Dialak 1-2, Celia 1, Hery 1-2, Biomil 1-2, Albadees 2, Nido 2, Kikose 2, Nictalia 1-2, Cerilak). The results show (10) different isolates of germs at apercentage of 28.57% distributed as 8.57% for Escherichia coli & 5.71% for each Enterobacter sakazakii and also for Klebsiella pneumoniae reguensee, while the isolates of Aeromonas veronii, Aeromonas hydrophilia, Shigella desentri was 2.85% for each one of them.
We detected toxins of Enterobacter sakazakii in eather cell free culture supernatant (CFCS) and also in lysate supernatant (LS) by used suckling mouse test which gives apositive result for Rapid & Delayed permeability test by appear non keratinize blue aerea on Rabbit skin for detection of Heat -Stable Enterotoxin and also used pow Oedema test for detection of Heat-Labile Enterotoxin for Enterobacter sakazakii which gives apositive result by appear biymp in anterior and posterior hand of mouse compired with the control.

The Translation of Arabic Al-Adhdad (Opposites) in the Glorious Qur’an into English: Problems and Strategies

Ziyad A. Mahmood; Mohammed J. Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 813-828

The present paper is an attempt to investigate the nature of an Arabic semantic phenomenon called ‘Al-Adhdad’ (opposites). This phenomenon of having entirely two opposite meanings arises when an expression contains either a lexical item or a grammatical construction which can be interpreted in two opposite ways, i.e. having two opposite readings. The study aims at (1) showing how this phenomenon is realized in the TL (English). (2) pointing out some problems which may result from rendering verses manifesting this phenomenon. (3) proposing a rendering which goes along with the Qur’anic interpretation if there is none. The study hypothesizes that such phenomenon most probably goes unnoticed by the translators and that the semantic approach or even literal translation is usually opted for. The study comes up with the conclusion that ‘Al-Adhdad’, compared with English, is uniquely an Arabic semantic phenomenon which represents a problematic area for the translators who conduct their translations at a purely linguistic level without realizing that another meaning, precisely the opposite meaning, may be intended depending on the context of situation.

The reflections of the delay of conducting census in Iraqi on social development. An analytical social study

H. H. A; F. A. F

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 520-544

Population studies are based on some variables including ( sex, age, living status, and educational levels). They are the same variables on which the process of social development depends. Due to this close relationship, the population data, provided by dynamic statistics , should be at the disposal of planners so as to achieve the objectives of the comprehensive development.
In order to know the role vole and the disadvantages which consequences of delaying the census in Iraqi and which constitutes a real gap between the figures and the variables of the previous censuses on one hand, and the predictions which became an alternative to the census data which was supposed to be conducted in 2007, this research tries to show the effect of this delay.

Abdumuttalib the prophet’s Granfather A study in his Biography and General activities

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 401-434

In spite of his uncle’s competition, Abdulmuttalib was able to become chief in Mecca. As he was born AL-madina, his relatives from al-Khazraj supported him also. His uncle، al-Mutalib brought him and was raised in Mecca when he was still a child. He was even named Abdulmutalib instead of his real name Shaiba Al Hamd. Abdulmutalib gathered Kurysh's houses round or near Kaa’ba when Qussay was unable to do that. He was able to control, Al-siqaya and Rifada (giving food and drink). When Hashim came after him, he achieved Al-Eyllaf and made alliances with other tribes and states like Persia. That made trade prosperous and moving on safe roads.
Zamzam was well re-dug again during Abdulmutalib's time, though the work was difficult and the other Meccans blamed him severly. So Zamzam became the main source of water in Mecca. Abdulmutalib challenged Abraha when he wanted to destroy Kaa’ba. Allah failed Abraha and saved Kaa’ba.
Abdulmutalib was a man of peace and tended to take roles of judgment in cases of disputes.
He also made a vow to slain a boy if he was given ten boys to be a sacrificed to Allah. But later he sacrificed a hundred camels though he was poor. He was monotheist and was not satisfied with people's beliefs.
He was content when the prophet was born and Haleema was to breast-feed and take care of him. He always expected good future for the prophet، and as Saif Ibn thi Yazin predicted.
Mecca made progress in culture and economy in his time.

A Study of Al-TaϚajjub (Exclamation) in the Glorious QurɁaan with Reference to Translation into Arabic

Muhammad Tahir Sattam

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 786-812

This paper aims at studying the phenomenon of ‘al-taϚajjub’ (exclamation) in The Glorious QurɁaan. It sheds some light on the different forms and meanings of ‘al-taϚajjub’ following a rhetorical approach. It also pinpoints areas in the QurɁaanic ‘aayaat’ (verses) posing difficulties to translators. Renderings by five Moslem and non-Moslem translators have been chosen as samples for analysis. The renditions are discussed with the aim of showing the most appropriate areas of success and proposing slightly modified renderings when necessary.
The study hypothesizes that ‘al-taϚajjub’ does not stand as equivalent to ‘exclamation’ in English. It also hypothesizes that there is no one to one formal correspondence between the forms of ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic and their counterparts in English. Consequently, translators use different devices to transfer the forms and meanings of ‘al-taϚajjub’ to English.
The procedure followed in this work involves a description of the phenomenon of ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic, its forms and functions, and its counterpart in English, as well as analysis of renderings by five well-known translators chosen as subjects in order to discover the areas of success or failure they adopted in their transferring the Glorious ‘aayaat’ involving ‘al-taϚajjub’. Proposed renderings have been provided when necessary. The main conclusion the study arrived at is that there is no
one – to – one formal correspondence between ‘al-taϚajjub’ in Arabic and their counterparts in English which can be attributed to different devices used in Arabic as well as English.

On the Independent, Restrained, Total and Connected Domination Number of Musical Graphs

Aihan A. Khalil

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 731-737

A set S of vertices in a graph called a dominating set if every vertex either is in S or is adjacent to at least one vertex in S .The domination number of a graph G denoted by is the minimum size of the dominating sets of G. In this paper we studied the domination number, independent, restrained, total and connected domination number in Musical graphs.

Al-Shareef Al-Edreesi’s Efforts in the Geographic Arabic Thought (493-560 A.H./ 1100-1160 A.D.)

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 366-386

Al-Edreesi is considered one of the pioneering Arab geographers who appeared in the 6th century A.H. (the 12th century A.D.), and who had their great impact on the Arabic civilization and on the development of the science of maps (cartography) during the middle and modern ages. His writings have a great influence on modern researchers who have examined many of his books. The objective of the present research is motivated by the status of Al-Edreesi’s writings, the aim being to uncover part of his knowledge through studying his efforts in the geographic Arabic thought (493-560 A.H./ 1100-1160 A.D.).
Since the geographic concepts are scattered in Al-Edreesi’s books, it is required by the researcher to collect those concepts in a unified study. The significance of the present research is revealed in documenting and investigating those concepts by tracing them back to their original sources.
The construction of the present research shows that Al-Edeesi had great influences on the Arabic geographic thought. Those influences were demonstrated by many of his geographic ideas which emerged in the different fields of natural, human, regional geography and maps; these fields had constructed in the middle ages, along with other sciences, the pillars of the tower that the Arabic civilization has been built on.

Britain and the Levy Troops in Iraq: 1920-1932

Amar Yousif Abdulalah

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 162-175

Levy troops played an important role in serving the authorities of the British Mandatory of Iraq 1920-1932. In order to shed light on this subject, the research is divided into five axes. The first axis tackled the role of the authorities of the Mandatory in establishing the Levy troops. The second axis handled the contribution of Levy troops in the British military services. As for the third axis, it tackled the attitude of the Mandatory authorities towards merging the Levy troops with the Iraqi armed forces. The fourth axis dealt with the attitude of the Mandatory authorities to the two events of Mosul and Kirkuk. The fifth axis handled the demobilization of Levy troops.

The Attitude of Ascetics towards the Financial System in the Abbasid State during its Early Period

Abdul Wahab Khidir Alyas

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 203-230

The present work does not aim at providing a historical presentation for asceticism and ascetics in the first three centuries of Hijrah ; it aims at dealing with an important ascetic issue namely the attitude of the ascetics towards the financial system of the Abbasids state in its early period esteeming from the Islamic theory : Cleary forbidden, Clearly permissible and suspiciously hateful
The research tries to answer an important question: why did the ascetics of the early Abbasids period forbid taking from the state finance while in the early Islamic period they permitted taking from the state money?

The issue of the Iraqi- Syrian Borders Tribes in the Relationship between the British Mandatory Authority and the French Mandatory on: 1920-1932

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 203-220

The tribes of the Iraqi-Syrian borders played an important role in the relationship between the British mandatory authority in Iraq and the French mandatory one in Syria between 1920-1932. in order to throw light on this subject, the research was divided into three axes. The first axis tackled the borderline between Iraq and Syria during Iraqi Syrian borderline tribes with regard to their geographical distribution to the two sides of the borders. The second axis handled the disputes among these tribes between 1920-1932 concerning their causes and political sides. As for the third axis, it tackled the attitudes of the British and the French mandatory authorities to the dispute of the Iraqi-Syrian borders tribes; especially the tribal conferences held during the period.

the sacred stick of Religious thought in Ancient Iraq

Saed Omar Mohammed

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 6, Issue 2, Pages 361-375

The research focuses to shed light for one of Religious thought in Ancient Iraq, by offering views to Gods. So, the sacred stick was one of offering material which took place in Ancient Iraq.
The research explains the content of manuscripts in Ancient Iraq history, and the symbolic relation of those sacred sticks with Gods, in addition to the form and the core of those sacred sticks.

In the name of God , the Most Beneficiary , Most Mercful

Karima Aboud Jabr

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 36-68

Praise belong to Allah , peace be upon the soul of our prophet mohammad and his followers :
Abortion is not a new issve , many of our authorities in islamic legislation (may God bless their sovls) emphasized such case , specially if the pregnancy was in his middle to late phases , Regarding the early months of pregnancy , debate is still on whether to prohibit it or legalize it . This is not issve dealt with in this research , rather , it is the case of deformation of embryo . Such researches are rare in our library due to lack of scientific abilifies and delicate devices available nowadays .
The reasons for such deformations may be a disease the mother caught , during her first three months of pregnancy , or using some medicines , going under chemical therapy , or radiation , or having sexually transmitting disease , or having X ray during the first months of pregnancy or if the mother was addicted to alcohol , drugs and cigarettes , leading to infect her child with some germs breaking .
Deformation may be genetically . The infected genes may not come from parents , but from the grandparents , or may be the reason is an incomplete division of the egg during ferilization process when the woman is having a twin due to activating medicines which resulte in a baby with additional limb .
The call to abort deformed embryo began in western world before east on two bases :
First : such a child may not live , he may die in his mother's womb , during giving birth process or aftermath , and even if he lived he would be a burden on society .
Second : why a mother should endure nime months of pregnancy for a deformed child ?
Thus , the research is in two chapters followed by conlusion reached the researcher stating the prohibition of aborting deformed embryo either in the first , middle and last periods of pregnancy , even if he was born with deformed limbs due to the researcher belief that it is against God will and his saying " Does't he know , he who knows everything "

Plato's Effect on the Greek Geographical Thought

Raed Rakan Qasem

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2007, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 118-138

Plato is considered one of the pioneers of Greek Philosophy Who appeared in the 4th . C.B.C. and who had participated greatly to the development of the Greek civilization . Those Philosophers opinions had affected greatly the ancient as well as the modern worlds.
Since Plato's writings have had their impact the present research aims of uncovering an aspect of Plato's cognitive effect through studying his opinions on the Greek geographical thought .
Plato's geographical concepts are scattered in his Philosophical books and this required gathering these concepts in one comprehensive study. Here lies the importance of this research in documenting and verifying those concepts by going back to their original sources.
The structure of the research Shows that Plato had a great effect on the Greek geographical thought ; an effect that is apparent in many of his geographical ideas which appeared in the branches of human and natural geography and which represented at that time (a long with the other Philosophical sciences) the pillars on which the Greek civilization was built.