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The expressions of human attributes narrated on the authority of al-Kisa’i in the book Gharib al-Hadith by Abu Obeid, a semantic study

Tariq Qassem Muhammad; Salah Al-Din Salim Muhammad

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2022, Volume 18, Issue 2, Pages 172-188
DOI: 10.33899/berj.2022.174487

The current research is concerned with studying the words that indicate human characteristics in the Gharib Al-Hadith book by Abu Obaid (d. 224 AH), which was transmitted by Abu Obeid on the authority of Al-Kasai (d. 185 AH),as  a semantic study. It is based on the extrapolation of the expressions narrated from Al-Kisa’i, and then counting and arranging them according to their linguistic roots alphabetically. Then, the researchers identified of the honorable hadiths, and the hadiths of the Companions and the Followers (May Allah Be Pleased with Them) in which such expressions were mentioned from the hadith books. After that, the researchers mentioned the lexical significance of each expression from the different dictionaries.
The researchers adopted the dictionary of language standards for Ibn Faris (d. 395 AH) on those who preceded him as it traces the origins of such expressions and their various derivations. Moreover, and after completing the lexical significance of each expression, the researchers searched for semantic shades to show the impact of the context in determining the significance of the word in use.  The study is supported by mentioning the nobleQur’anic verses and poetic verses in which these expressions are mentioned. The descriptive-analytical approach is adopted which is based on the semantic field theory. Finally, the number of expressions of human characteristics narrated from Al-Kisai in the Gharib Al-Hadath book by Abu Obaid is sixteen