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The Favorite Leading mode of Mosul Universities Coaches of Bat games

Ayad Ali Mahmood; Asmaael Abd Algebra; Ahlam Dara Aziz

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 861-880

The study aims at identifying the players, point of view of the favorite leading behavior of their Colleges coaches .The society of the research consisted of (60 ) bat games players, three players from each college participating in the universities championship ( 2009 – 2010) . The players were deliberately chosen ,and (15 )players were excused for not answering that :do the scale. The data were dealt with statistically . The researchers have concluded :
1- The mode of training and guiding was the best to the universities coaches.
2- Failure of the justice mode it is the least one used by the coaches .
The researchers recommend that :
1- it is necessary to develop the mode of training and guiding by coaches as it is the best in developing the sport activities .
2- Holding courses to refine coaches and concentrating on the most important leading modes that lead to achievements.
3- conducting similar studies on other games .

Psychological Hesitation of the players of Mosul university colleges teams for individual games and it's relation with players achievements level

Thamer. M. Thannoon

College Of Basic Education Research Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 569-593

1- having a clear idea about the psychological hesitation's degree of theplayers of Mosul university college's teams for individual games.
2- having a clear idea about the relationship between of the degree psychological hesitation for individual games players for Mosul university colleges teams and the achievement level.
The descriptive method was used with survey and correlation style which is appropriate to the study , and the population of research included the players of Mosul university colleges team for individual games, who participated in Mosul university championship for the academic year (2010-2011 ) which consisted of (480) players representing (20) colleges from Mosul university colleges , and the sample of research was selected randomly from the population of the research, consisting of (209) players from individual games, at the rate (% 43,5) from the population of the research, dividing on (20) colleges from mosul university colleges, consisting of (9) players from each college, the researchers used the psychological hesitation scale prepared by ( Abed. Al – hussian-1999 ) as a tool of the research, after the application of the scientific ways on it, the following statistical: ( arithmetic mean, standard deviation, spearman brown formula, T-test for one sample, percentage, and Alfa for reliability and rank correlation ) where used. And the researchers concluded the following:
1- There is a relation between the degree of psychological hesitation and the achievement level for individual games from mosul university colleges teams.
2- The sample of the research have an acceptable degree of psychological hesitation which is validated by the results differences between the responses of the sample research on the scale and hypotheses mean that is used as a motive and to motivate psychological power for the players to make them do their best psychologically, physically, skillfully, and mentally to have better athletic achievement's level.
3-Some players of Mosul university teams suffer from a high degree of psychological hesitation which is reflected negatively in their performance level.